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Want to grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables at home without spending a lot of time? The Click & Grow Smart Garden is a unique way to cultivate fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables in the comfort of your own home. The smart soil maintains evenly distributed water within its nanostructures, ensuring that plant roots always have access to water.

  • This package includes 3 seed pods.
  • Perfect for absolute beginners looking to grow organic produce and herbs.
  • The smart soil is inspired by NASA technology.
  • Design has received the international RED DOT AWARD.
  • Available also in these colors:grey , beige.
  • Available also in a larger size.

Detailed information

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Product detailed description

Experience all the benefits of having your own garden at home, regardless of where you live. The Click and Grow Home Garden works like a capsule coffee machine, but instead of coffee, it grows plants. The environmentally-friendly soil capsules, which contain nutrients and seeds, are used instead of coffee capsules. Enjoy your own home-grown produce all year round.


The Advantages of Cultivating Fresh Herbs, Fruits, and Vegetables with the Click and Grow Smart Garden

  • Perfectly calibrated automatic watering, lighting, and nutrient delivery
  • Homegrown organic fresh produce and flowers grown without pesticides
  • Free set of 3 basil seed pods
  • Mobile app that makes you a plant expert
  • Over 50 different plants to choose from or the ability to grow plants from your own seeds.

Self-watering planter with an LED lamp that supports plant growth, allows you to easily grow 3 fresh plants with no effort. The stylish Nordic style planter will be a great addition to your home decor.


  • Height: 21-47 cm
  • Length: 30 cm
  • Width: 12 cm
  • Weight: 1.2 kg


  • Automatic watering
  • Perfect amount of light with growth-supporting LED lights
  • Perfect amount of nutrients and oxygen at root level
  • Takes care of your plants all year round
  • Mobile app that makes you a plant expert
  • Choose from over 60 pre-seeded capsules or use your own seeds

Getting Started:

Just follow these 3 simple steps.

  1. Insert seed capsules
  • The Click and Grow soil capsules are biodegradable and contain no harmful substances.
  1. Add water
  • The Smart Garden has a water reservoir with a capacity of 1.2 L/40 oz, which can hold enough water for up to 3 weeks.
  1. Plug in and enjoy
  • The energy-efficient LED lighting system consumes only 8 W of energy.


The Click and Grow Smart Soil Does All the Work for You

  • The Smart Soil, inspired by NASA technology, creates the perfect environment for plants to thrive.
  • The Smart Soil maintains evenly distributed water within its nanostructures, ensuring that plant roots always have access to water.
  • It also provides the perfect pH value for optimal water, oxygen, and nutrient composition for the plants.
  • The growing medium is made from renewable natural materials and contains no pesticides, fungicides, hormones, or other harmful substances.

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Click and Grow is a brand of unique planters for effortless cultivation of herbs and other plants at home. The smart planter allows for growing herbs without the need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Specially designed soil, constructed in collaboration with NASA, maintains an even distribution of water in nanostructures and provides the necessary nutrients for the plants. With integrated LED lighting, the planter can be placed anywhere without requiring additional lighting. The result is that fresh herbs can be grown year-round.

 The variations of the planters are:

 The refills for Click and Grow planters.