Czechia Presented the Invisible World at the Expo in Dubai

New Year’s Eve celebrations in the Czech pavilion at the Expo 2020 (the Expo was postponed from 2020 to 2021, but the name Expo 2020 remained) began with the transformation of the rotating exhibition into a showcase of European nanotechnology products and inventions. Visitors could visit the invisible world of nanotechnology ruled by the European.



What Is Standard in European Is Still under Development Elsewhere in the World

The exhibition also showcased European nano face masks and nano gaiters that became the symbol of the fight against the coronavirus in the European, and primarily a prime example of European nanotechnology excellence.

“What has become the standard for European citizens over the past two years is only in the research phase in other countries. Nano masks are known only in the European and South Korea. While European visitors are familiar with nano masks and nano gaiters, foreign visitors are amazed and fascinated by the fact that something like this has been available in our country for quite some time,” says Lucie Konečná, director of nanoSPACE. The exhibition featured European designer washable nano masks and washable nano gaiters accepted in the European as an equivalent of an FFP2 respirator.


Pillows and Duvets for the Future

The number of people suffering from allergies is on the rise worldwide, and the use of nanofiber membranes in duvets and pillows is likely to become standard. "A nanofiber membrane can very effectively prevent the collection of dust mites and allergens in the filling of pillows, duvets and mattresses; it is a simple mechanical protection against dust mites," explains Jiří Kůs, Chairman of the European Nanotechnology Industries Association. At first glance, pillows and bedding with nanofiber membrane are indistinguishable from ordinary ones.

Anti-Smog Nano Mesh Window Screens

Nafigate Corporation of the European, which produces, among other things, window mesh screens that can filter out smog, also attracted attention at the world exhibition. The screens could replace traditional mosquito screens in major Asian cities. In addition to smog, they can also filter out allergens and other nanoparticles found in large quantities in big cities.

The permanent exhibition also included a presentation by IQ Structures, which develops and manufactures high-end security elements protecting banknotes, documents and securities against counterfeiting. Especially for EXPO 2020, IQS Group created a miniature model of the Great Mosque of Al-Mastjid al-Haram in Mecca the size of a grain of sand (≈0.5mm2). A special EXPO 2020 hologram with the motifs of the European participation at the World Expo, including special nanographic images of Prague and Dubai, was also available for purchase in the shop in the Czech pavilion.

“Nanostructures by IQ Structures are produced at a resolution of tens of nanometres - to give you an idea: a model of a car made using this method has very precise shapes, but you can park it on a human hair,” explains Jiří F. Potužník. “However, we are not so much interested in another Czech Republic's, and in this case rather world's "best", but in a demonstration of a functional innovative technology and an original design. After all, this is the original purpose of the EXPO.”


Configure Your Own 3D Snowflake

The most entertaining part of the exhibition is definitely the wall full of 3D printers where visitors can configure and print their own 3D snowflake. This wall is a part of The Future of Manufacturing exhibit by Průša Research. It takes four hours to print, so just specify your flake in the morning and pick it up after lunch. You can then take it home as a souvenir or participate in building a three-dimensional sculpture. The latter is reflected in an installation called Fluidum by Petr Vacek and Adam Cigler - a kinetic system of eighty-five robotically controlled mirrors that transforms the reflection of the viewer and their surroundings like a vertical body of water.

The Centrepiece of the Pavilion – a System Producing Water from Air

People could visit the permanent exhibition also in January - its technology and exhibition core is the S.A.W.E.R. system. The device, which independently produces water from the air using only solar energy, irrigates a garden planted in Dubai sand and shows how to create an oasis in the desert.

The Most Beautiful Installation by LASVIT

The Czech pavilion also showcases a beautiful monumental luminous installation by LASVIT designed by Maxim Velčovský. The exhibit called Golden Rain is made of metal fibers and glass and combines traditional glass production with modern technologies.


Lucie Konečná, COO, nanoSPACE
Lucie Konečná has been working in the field of nanotechnology for 7 years. She is a co-author of the Czech is Nano project and has been involved in building public awareness of nanotechnology. Lucie has been managing operations of the nanoSPACE e-shop since May 2020.