FN NANO® AQUA Environment Friendly Pool Cleaner

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Eco-friendly product for chlorine-free water treatment based on nanotechnology. FN® AQUA functional suspension is gentle to human skin, suitable for the treatment of pools where allergy sufferers, children and people with sensitive skin bathe. It is specially formulated to prevent the growth of green algae, bacteria and fungi. It actively eliminates toxins, grease and dirt. Works at any pH.

  • Suitable for pools with filtration
  • Suitable for natural swimming ponds (crystal clear water after 2 applications)
  • Suitable for ponds with fish

An eco-friendly solution without chemicals - FN® AQUA Functional Suspension has been based on a purely physical effect and is activated by light. FN NANO can completely replace or significantly reduce the use of chemicals in swimming pools. If you need advice, call our hotline 377 311 311 or email info@nanospace.cz

Detailed information

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Product detailed description

FN® AQUA is a Special Suspension that Is Added to Pool Water to Reduce the Consumption of Chemical Products.

FN® AQUA is the result of our many years of research and development in the use of photocatalytic phenomenon to purify water from harmful substances and to protect against the overgrowth of microorganisms. The minerals contained in the suspension effectively prevent the overgrowth of unwanted microorganisms in the water of swimming pools with access to daylight or with a UV lamp filtration system by physical and mechanical influences. This allows to reduce the amount of chemical agents used for pool water maintenance while maintaining its good quality. 

Day 1: Before use of FN® AQUA

Day 3: Third day after aplication of FN® AQUA

Day 7: Water in the pool has cleared up, mikroorganisms covered in minerals contained in FN® AQUA have sunk to the bottom like a sludge.



FN® AQUA is suitable for home swimming pools with a fine sand filtration system. It can be used for outdoor pools with direct access to daylight as well as for pools with a roof and UV lamp.

FN® AQUA can be used simultaneously with chemical agents or active oxygen (ozone) and their dosage can be gradually reduced. With a suitable composition of the pool water, a lower frequency and intensity of use of the pool and following the recommended procedure, the pool can be operated without the use of chemical agents.

In terms of current legislation, it cannot be used in public swimming without perfect and regular maintenance.

Product Description:

It is a special aqueous suspension of inert minerals to reduce the consumption of chemical products in the maintenance of pool water. The substances contained in the suspension, through the use of the physical phenomenon of photocatalysis and other mechanical influences, effectively prevent the overgrowth of undesirable microorganisms in swimming pool water. It is a patent-protected formula with mineral binders and a high content of photoactive titanium dioxide (TiO2).

It is a must for the function of protecting against the overgrowth of undesirable microorganisms:
Access to as much ultraviolet daylight as possible, spray application in accordance with the instructions for use.

Effects of FN® AQUA Suspension

  • Provides protection against overgrowth of undesirable microorganisms - prevention of green algae, bacteria and fungi
  • Actively eliminates toxins, grease and dirt
  • Works at any pH
  • Reduces the use of pool chemicals and eventually replaces them completely - gentle on human skin, suitable for allergy sufferers, young children and people with sensitive skin
  • Eco-friendly solution without chemicals - purely physical effect

How Does FN® AQUA Work?

  • It envelops micro-organisms with an inorganic film that prevents access to ultraviolet radiation and thus stops their physiological processes based on the use of photosynthesis (cyanobacteria and algae).
  • Activated by daylight or artificial ultraviolet light, microscopic crystals of photoactive titanium dioxide (TiO2) are physically removed from the water by molecules and microscopic particles of organic impurities that serve as a source of nutrients for microorganisms
  • Photocatalysis results in the breakdown of the cell walls of bacterial molecules or spores.

Disadvantages of FN® AQUA

  • If you want to completely reduce the use of chemicals, pool maintenance is more laborious. You have to check the pool more often. That is why our customers most often choose the path of significantly reducing the use of chemicals in combination with FN® AQUA.
  • The water is milky after application.
  • In indoor pools, a UVA lamp is required for activation.

Advantages of FN® AQUA

  • Easy application
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers and sensitive children's skin
  • Gentle on skin and nature
  • The use of chemicals can be completely eliminated or significantly reduced
  • Provides protection against the overgrowth of unwanted microorganisms - preventing the proliferation of green algae, bacteria and fungi
  • Actively eliminates toxins, grease and dirt
  • Works at any pH
  • Reduces the use of pool chemicals and eventually replaces them completely
  • Eco-friendly solution without chemicals - purely physical effect


FN® AQUA is a white aqueous suspension with a tendency to sediment the mineral components it contains. This sedimentation is not detrimental to the functionality of the product.


An aqueous suspension of unsurfaced titanium dioxide and proprietary inorganic binders. It contains high concentrations of 80- 100 g/l of the photocatalyst TiO2 (chemically identical to the food dye titanium white, a substance that is massively used in the food industry and cosmetics).

The suspension does not contain any organic compounds in accordance with European and world trends (ISO 16000-10, ISO 16000-11). The suspension is completely safe, on a purely inorganic basis.

The minerals contained in FN® AQUA encapsulate the cyanobacteria and prevent ultraviolet radiation from entering their bodies.

This stops the photosynthesis process and the cyanobacteria die within a few days (tube on the left).
In water without FN® AQUA, the cyanobacteria survive successfully (tube on the right).

Where Is It Appropriate to Apply FN® AQUA?

Outdoor Exposed Pools

FN® AQUA is suitable for outdoor, covered pools with a fine sand filtration system. For outdoor pools with a roof, it is important that the roof can be opened or moved back to allow sunlight to penetrate.

Outdoor Roofed Pools

FN® AQUA is suitable for roofed pools with fine sand filtration and a UV lamp that is part of the filtration system and is used regularly. The possibility to open the pool in summer for direct sunlight is an advantage.

Private Pools Inside the Buildings

The requirements are the same as for outdoor covered pools - a UV lamp in the filtration system is a must.

FN® AQUA can be used in parallel with chemical products. With a suitable composition of the pool water, correct and regular dosage, the pool can be operated for a long time without chemical agents.

Never cover the pool with a tarpaulin for long periods of time - this prevents light and the ability of FN® AQUA to photocatalytically clean the pool of microorganisms!

In terms of current legislation, it cannot be used for public swimming pools without perfect and regular maintenance.

Application Procedures and Principles:

Always apply in daylight!

Ideally in the morning or in the morning so that the FN® AQUA suspension can act quickly and immediately.Before each application, the suspension must be shaken very thoroughly in the container in which it is supplied! Perfect shaking is necessary to achieve even mixing of the insoluble TiO2 nanoparticles in the suspension. This is essential to ensure the proper function of the FN® AQUA.

 FN® AQUA is applied to the pool diluted and freshly mixed! PREPARATION OF FN® AQUA AND ITS APPLICATION TO THE POOL WATER:

Preparation before Use

a) Preparation of FN® AQUA for Dilution:

Shake FN® AQUA thoroughly in the original container - pour the required amount (depending on the size of the pool) for dilution into a larger container for mixing. Here, blend it thoroughly in the bottom of the container with a stick blender for a total of about 3 min (intermittently to allow the blender to rest). Alternatively, we can already add a little water to thin it out so that it blends well.

b) FN® AQUA Dilution:

Step 1. Gradually and steadily add water to the blended FN® AQUA until diluted at a ratio of 1 part FN® AQUA: 2 parts water. Mix again with a stick blender throughout the dilution. Total time 3 min. - occasionally let the mixer rest.Step 2. Gradually add another 7-8 parts of water to the container of diluted and blended FN® AQUA and keep blending with the stick blender for about another 3-5 min.


Application of Diluted FN® AQUA in the Pool Water

a) At the First Application or When the Water Becomes Cloudy during the Season:

Switch off the filtration. Spray the perfectly mixed and diluted suspension of FN® AQUA evenly with a garden sprayer (for small pools, a hand-held pressure sprayer is sufficient) on the pool water surface and allow it to disperse for approximately 6-8 hours to ensure that the micro-organisms are perfectly enveloped in the volume of the entire pool. The next day, release the filtration and operate the pool in the normal way.

b) In Normal Operation (after the First Application):

We gradually pour the perfectly mixed and diluted FN® AQUA suspension into the place where the outlet through which the filtered water flows into the pool - i.e. to the nozzles, or we use a ""counterflow"" to mix the suspension in the pool water. After the suspension has been dispersed in the pool water (manifested by its uniform milky clouding), turn off the filtration and let direct daylight for 6-8 hours to ensure that the microorganisms in the volume of the entire pool are perfectly enveloped. The next day, turn off the filtration and operate the pool in the normal way.

Note: After the application there is always a slight whitening of the water, which is gradually lost thanks to the sand filtration and the water remains crystal clear.

The water is alive after FN® AQUA treatment, it does not contain toxic chemicals (chlorine).The FN® AQU Asuspension has a physical effect (without chemistry) only on microorganisms, so that even a diver can appear in the pool.It is friendly to animals and plants - it is also used in aquarium keeping.

The minerals contained in the FN® AQUA suspension are gradually bound in the filtration sand and their concentration in the pool water gradually decreases without leaving any harmful residues in the water.

The Provision of Light Is Necessary

 FN® AQUA purifies the water and regulates the proliferation of microorganisms in it on a physical basis (without the use of toxic chemicals). To ensure this function, it is essential that as much of the ultraviolet component of daylight as possible enters the pool water, or that the filtration system used includes a regularly used ultraviolet light lamp.


Glass and plastic used for transparent pool roofing do not transmit sufficient ultraviolet light. Therefore, to ensure the cleaning function of the FN® AQUA, it is advisable to retract or open the roofing to allow free passage of daylight to the water surface.

In the case of highly polluted (green) water, the following example shows the effect of the FN® AQUA. The microorganisms that coat the minerals from the FN® AQUA sink to the bottom as sludge and must be removed from the pool by vacuuming.

Consumption and Dosage (Dilution):

FN® AQUA (hereafter FN® AQUA) is supplied as a concentrated suspension. For ongoing maintenance to reduce the amount of pool water maintenance chemicals, 0.1 litres of FN® AQUA concentrate per 20m3 of pool water is used, i.e. 0.005 litres of FN® AQUA concentrate per 1m3 of pool water.

The application of FN® AQUA is carried out in the prescribed amount at regular intervals of 14 days according to the condition of the pool water.

In case of more activity in the pool or clouding of the pool water, it is better to make the application immediately.

Cleaning of Tools:

With water - as soon as possible after use.


Plastic bottle: 1 litre


2 years from date of manufacture at 10-25°C, in unopened original packaging. Before use, the mixture must be mixed very thoroughly by shaking in the original packaging. After mixing thoroughly in the bottle (canister), mix the suspension with a stick mixer.It must not freeze!


Observe the safety precautions in accordance with the safety data sheet and the applicable occupational safety regulations. Keep out of reach of children.

Waste Disposal:

Take used empty packaging to a packaging waste collection point. Follow the rules in the MSDS and local ordinances.


The information given herein represents the current state of knowledge and experience and has been compiled to the best of our knowledge, but in no way can be considered a legal guarantee of any kind.

Patent Owner and Manufacturer

Advanced Materials - JTJ s.r.o.

273 01 Kamenné Žehrovice 23

Czech Republic

Frequently Asked Questions

Does light have to penetrate my pool every day for the product to work i.e. do I have to remove the canopy every day if I have a roof?

You should allow daylight to penetrate the pool if you have applied FN® AQUA ideally for 3-5 hours. Ideally apply in the morning and have the filtration turned off. Once you have started the filtration and the pool has separated there is no longer a need for daylight to penetrate the pools.

How long does it take to get rid of the pool fouling?

It depends on the performance of your filtration. The more powerful your filtration, the sooner your pools will be free of cloudiness.If you use Zelbrite as a filter cartridge instead of sand, you will increase the efficiency of your filtration and therefore your pools will be free of cloudiness faster.

Can I swim in my pool even if it is milky?

Yes, milky discolouration is not harmful or detrimental.

Is the product harmful or does it have any adverse effects for animals or humans?

FN® AQUA is in no way harmful to humans, animals or other animals. SZU has also carried out tests on aquarium fish where 1l of FN® AQUA was added to a two litre aquarium and even this concentration was not harmful to animals.

What to do if my water is dirty and already completely green?

In case of really green water try shock cleaning - (for already green pools) 1 litre per 10-20 m3 of pool water or repeat the whole process. However, this method is not very economical and we recommend to use a chemical product or if the chemical does not work to change the pool water.

Does the FN® AQUA work even when it is hot and the water temperature rises above 30°C?

FN® AQUA works at any temperature. The hotter the pool water, the more susceptible it is to the spread of microorganisms and bacteria in the water and can shorten the application interval to as short as 7 days. We need to keep a visual eye on this and if the water quality does not seem good apply immediately.

What should I do if I go away for a month? Should I cover the pool or leave it open? Nothing will happen to it, not even a filter. Will the water last?

Microorganisms and bacteria will form in ANY water where you don't have filtration running. If you don't maintain the water regularly we recommend using chemicals.

I have a swimming pool in a so-called conservatory where there is a lot of light. I don't have a UV lamp in my system. How should I proceed?

Our technology already works at 20 micro watts/cm2 but we know from experience that conventional double glazing can screen out up to 80% of UV radiation so we always recommend measuring the daylight penetration into the space or having the option to open the conservatory and let the daylight in naturally.

I have a swimming pool in the basement of my house with only conventional filtration. Can your product be used here as well?

If daylight does not penetrate the pool, which contains a UV component, or if you do not have a UV lamp our technology is not suitable for you. If you do not use sand filtration but cartridge filtration, the water will remain softened, which is not harmful, but we do not recommend this option.

I have a UV lamp in my pool system. So can I have a covered pool and not have to uncover it when I apply FN® AQUA?

Yes, you can use FN® AQUA, however, it is essential to have a UV lamp permanently installed or to have a roof that transmits UV radiation.

My walls and stairs are starting to turn green in small places, but the water is otherwise clear. Is it too late to apply?

Not too late, but it is high time to make an application to prevent further spread of microorganism and bacteria in the pool. We recommend cleaning such greenish algae from the bottom of the pool with a broom before application and applying FN® AQUA.

How long will FN® AQUA last in my pool?

Our mineral suspension can be recognised in the pool by the fact that you have a whitened pool. Once this whitening disappears it is a signal that we no longer have mineral suspension in the pool and the fine sand filtration has caught everything and the pool is free of microorganisms and bacteria again. In any case, the bleaching is not harmful and it is possible to swim even with a bleached pool.

What happens to the FN® AQUA when I turn on the filtration?

In case you have a sand filtration, the material contained in FN® AQUA (TiO2) starts to pick up on the silica which is contained in the sand of the sand filtration and gradually picks up on it until all of it is picked up by the fine sand filtration. This will bleach the pool. The sand filtration is not contaminated by this process!

What is the ideal time and conditions for application?

Ideally in the morning or in the forenoon, so that the FN® AQUA suspension can act quickly and immediately. Always apply in daylight!

I keep my pool covered all year round so that no heat escapes. Do I need to uncover when applying? And if so, for how long?

Ideally, apply FN® AQUA in the morning and allow daylight all day, or at least 3-4 hours with the pool uncovered and filtration off. Then turn the filtration on and the pool can be left open to allow daylight to continue to penetrate the pool.

Can the suspension also be used for salt water?

Our FN® AQUA suspension works with salt water.

What is the easiest way to apply your product? I have a counter-current.

In case you have a counter-current, you can apply by pouring the prepared and thoroughly mixed FN® AQUA suspension into the pool at the outlet of the counter-current, which will thoroughly mix the suspension evenly in the pool. Remember to keep the filtration turned off!

How does FN® AQUA work?

FN® AQUA purifies the water and controls the growth of microorganisms in the water on a physical basis (without the use of toxic chemicals). To ensure this function, it is essential that as much ultraviolet daylight as possible penetrates the pool water or that an ultraviolet light lamp is regularly used as part of the filtration system used.

What is the dosage? And how long does it last?

a) Shock cleaning - (for already green pools) 1 litre per 10-20 m3 of pool water.

b) For ongoing maintenance to reduce the amount of chemicals in the pool water, use 0.1 litre of FN® AQUA per 20m3 of water (50 ml FN® AQUA/m3)

As for how long the water stays clean, it depends on many aspects. FN® AQUA eliminates the overgrowth of organisms in the pool water by physical means and again it depends on when they overgrow in the pool and you will visibly observe it.

How often must FN® AQUA be applied?

Normally we recommend applying at a 10 - 14 day interval or if microorganisms and bacteria start to multiply in the pool we apply immediately and we can even shorten the interval to 7-10 days.

Can pool chemicals be completely replaced by FN® AQUA?

With the right composition of the pool water, correct and regular dosage, it is possible to run the pool for a long time without chemicals.

Can FN® AQUA be used with other products?

FN® AQUA can be used simultaneously with chemical agents.

Does FN® AQUA  interfere with hard water?

No problem.

Do I need to keep an eye on the pH of the water?

There is no need to watch the pH. FN® AQUA works at any pH.

Is it also suitable for small inflatable pools without filtration?

The FN® AQUA is suitable for inflatable pools but a fine sand filtration is required.

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Avatar of author | 18.8.2021
+ I was pleasantly surprised by the product. The water (already quite advanced green) became completely clean (I used the method of juice = splash on the surface + some sun). After spraying, a milky colored layer was formed on and slightly below the surface. After about 8-10 hours of exposure to the sun, I started using filtration. The water was cleaned gradually (probably really well depends on the performance of the filtration and the frequency of the cycle). After about 3 days (including the first when you actually spray only the surface), you could see up to about half of the depth of the pool, after 5 days completely to the bottom - 120 cm). I understand that for some it is probably an unimaginably long time (it could probably be shortened by more frequent filtration), but you can bathe already the next day after spraying the surface, but the milky water does not look very good visually. I preferred to wait a bit rather than bathe in 'Mendelej's table', which in my opinion represents the latest chlorine-based products. In addition, it is a Czech product, which I value!

TH Avatar of author | 14.7.2021
As with any eco cleaner, it's more work than putting chemicals in there, but it's worth it. I used it on and on the natural lake, after the second application crystal clear water. The problem is that now our cats are hunting fish because they are visible :-D So we will probably only use it for the pool.

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L Avatar of author aplikace 23.4.2020 13:44
Dobrý den, jakým způsobem se přípravek aplikuje? V popisu píšete že se jedná o nátěr. Jaké je množství prostředku na 1 m3? Jak by se nátěr stěn a dna nanášel když je v bazénu voda (do které se na jaře nedá vlézt). Při jaké teplotě vody je účinný?
N Avatar of author aplikace 23.4.2020 13:59
Dobrý den, jedná se o suspenzi, dno se jimi nenatírá. Viz návod, který je v popisku: Aplikace naředěné fna do bazénové vody a) Při první aplikaci nebo při zakalení vody v průběhu sezóny: Vypneme filtraci. Dokonale rozmixovanou a naředěnou suspenzi FNA nastříkáme rovnoměrně zahradním postřikovačem (u malých bazénů stačí ruční tlakový rozprašovač) na hladinu vody v bazénu a necháme ji rozptýlit přibližně 6 – 8 hod. aby došlo k dokonalému obalení mikroorganismů v objemu celého bazénu. Druhý den pustíme filtraci a provozujeme bazén běžným způsobem. b) V běžném provozu (po první aplikaci): Dokonale rozmixovanou a naředěnou suspenzi FNA postupně naléváme do místa, kde ústí výstup, kterým do bazénu proudí přefiltrovaná voda – tedy k tryskám, nebo k promíchání suspenze v bazénové vodě využijeme „protiptoud“. Po rozptýlení suspenze v bazénové vodě (projeví se jejím rovnoměrným mléčným zakalením) vypneme filtraci a necháme po dobu 6-8 hod působit přímé denní světlo aby došlo k dokonalému obalení mikroorganismů v objemu celého bazénu. Druhý den pustíme filtraci a provozujeme bazén běžným způsobem. Poznámka: Po aplikaci vždy dochází k mírnému zabělení vody, které se díky filtrování pískovou filtrací postupně ztratí a voda zůstane křišťálově čistá. Voda je po ošetření FNA živá, neobsahuje jedovaté chemické látky (chlór) suspenze FNA působí fyzikálně (bez chemie) jen na mikroorganismy, takže se v bazénu může objevit i potápník. Je přátelská k živočichům i rostlinám – svoje využití nachází i v akvaristice. Minerální látky obsažené v suspenzi FNA jsou postupně navázány v písku filtrace a jejich koncentrace v bazénové vodě se postupně snižuje bez toho, aby ve vodě zůstávaly nějaké škodlivé pozůstatky.

The FN NANO company develops and manufactures nanotechnological functional coatings and self-cleaning water coatings that eliminate microorganisms (including algae), organic impurities, allergens and odors.

The effectiveness of FN NANO products was confirmed by independent studies conducted by the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, the Technical University in Ostrava and other research organizations.

How do FN NANO coatings work?

The main effective component of FN NANO products are photocatalytic crystals of titanium dioxide (TiO2). After exposure to sunlight, they are activated and – in cooperation with oxygen – create a strong oxidizing environment in their surroundings, which decomposes organic molecules into oxides of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and water.

The high efficiency of coatings in the form of coatings is ensured by a patented binder that increases the functional area of the TiO2 crystals to the maximum. It prevents the further settlement of microorganisms and at the same time protects the substrate on which they are applied from UV radiation.

FN NANO preparations do not contain any organic substances and are not dangerous for the environment.

Which FN NANO product to choose?

Choose the coating according to the material of the wall and the intended function.

Exposed concrete, plaster, and masonry in exterior with the aim to preserve most of the original color (transparency 60 to 65%) - Photocatalytic coating FN NANO®1 for outdoor  use (suitable also as a base layer for other types of FN NANO coatings)

► Concrete, plaster, stone masonry in exterior and interior with the goal of ensuring higher effectiveness of air cleaning (transparency of coating 50%) - Photocatalytic coating FN NANO®2,

► Plaster and concrete masonry in interior with the goal of maximizing air cleaning (white color of coating, transparency of coating 30 to 40%) - Photocatalytic coating FN NANO®3.

► Stone and natural cladding in exterior with the goal of preserving the maximum original color (transparency of coating around 80%) and structure of the substrate - FN NANO® Transparent functional coating.

► Plaster and concrete masonry in interior with the goal of maximizing antimicrobial and biocidal function (transparency of coating 60 to 65%) - FN NANO® BioMax Functional coating.

► Wood and wooden cladding in exterior and interior with the goal of preserving the appearance and structure of the material and preventing its degradation (transparency of coating around 80%) - FN® WOOD functional coating

For cleaning the pool without chemical products, choose the eco-friendly pool cleaner FN® AQUA, which is gentle even to the skin of allergy sufferers and people with skin problems.