Urinary Tract Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements that help fight urinary tract problems. Urinary tract problems are manifested by frequent urination, burning and cutting when urinating, pain in the lower abdomen or shoulders, more often afflict women, but they cannot be avoided by men either. Cranberry extracts are the most popular supplement against urinary tract problems. Cranberries have an anti-adhesive effect, they peel bacteria from the bladder mucosa. This speeds up the elimination of pathogenic bacteria from the body and can help reduce the duration of antibiotic treatment. The combination of standardized Canadian cranberry extract Urophenol®, highly bioavailable curcumin, obtained from standardized long curcuma extract (95% curcumin and other curcuminoids), D-mannose and vitamin C, which is available, for example, in powder form for instant drinks, is very effective.


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Uro help forte
Uro Help Forte
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Prostate Support – Prostate Health Supplement

Effective combination of saw palmetto extract, standardized highly bioavailable extract of curcuma longa and zinc specifically formulated for prostate health. Reduction of...

Uro help forte

A potent combination of Urophenol®, a standardized extract of Canadian cranberry, highly bioavailable curcumin, derived from a standardized extract of Turmeric Long (95%...

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