How to Choose Bedding for Allergy Sufferers?

You sure know that feeling of looking forward to going to bed all day. When you are snuggled up in your duvet, ready for a good night’s rest. But when you wake up, you do not feel energised, you are tired. Your nose is stuffy, your face swollen and you’re coughing. Not to mention a chronic cold. What is behind this? It is the small creatures you share your bed with – dust mites. The allergens they secrete literally irritate you all night long.

Do not despair. You too can enjoy comfortable, undisturbed and safe sleep. Just equip your bed with nanofabric bedding that is ideal (not only) for people suffering from allergies. It will protect you perfectly while you sleep and you will feel great and rested when you wake up.

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What Is the Secret behind Successful Relief? The Nanofibers…

You must be wondering what makes nanofabric bedding so special. What is behind their success in fighting against dust mites? Look for nanofibers – very thin fibers that are just tens of nanometers (nm) in size. A nanofabric knitted of the fibers can thus perfectly capture dust mites and their allergens and prevent them from accumulating and proliferating.

To give you an idea: 1 nanometer is 1,000 times smaller than 1 micrometer. Nanofabric is like a fine spiderweb with really tine holes between the fibers. The holes are just 80–150nm in size. Dust mites are about 420 000 nm and their allergens (excrements) 1,000 nm in size.

And that is why these organisms do not have even the slightest chance to pass through the nanofiber fabric. The same goes for bacteria and viruses. Yet the material is 100% breathable and very comfortable. It constitutes a purely mechanical barrier that simply but easily protects your health and gives you a restful sleep without using any chemicals.

Why Protect Yourself from Dust Mites?

Dust mites are tiny organisms invisible to the naked eye. And yet they can be a real nuisance – especially their excrements cause unpleasant allergic reactions.

If you or your loved ones often suffer from stuffy nose, chronic cold or cough, recurrent sinusitis or nasopharyngitis, then pay attention. Because the above are some of the most common symptoms of dust mite allergy.


Although you may not like it one bit, the bed you lie down in every night is full of them. Because they love warmth, darkness and the dead bits of human skin they feed on. And they also feed on mould and yeast. However, you will also find dust mites in sofas, carpets, curtains, soft toys,… well, just about everywhere. Therefore, you should protect yourself from them at least while you sleep.

nanoSPACE® Brings Restful and Healthy Sleep without Dust Mites

Prevention is the best protection against dust mites. That is why nanoSPACE® made use of the advantages and benefits of nanotechnology to become the world’s first manufacturer of nanofabric Anti-Dust Mite Covers, Duvets and Pillows.

However, we do not rest on our laurels and we continue to develop and enhance our products with European made nanofiber membrane. This effort earned us yet another world’s first – this time thanks to the Anti-Dust Mite Bed Linen and Covers made of Nanocotton® combining the functionality of the material with high quality and very pleasant cotton satin.

Our Anti-Dust Mite Linen with Nanofiber brings restful and undisturbed sleep to everyone who likes to make meaningful investments in their health and rest. The bedding has been a very popular choice for several years now, not only among allergy and asthma sufferers, but also others who want to enjoy a great sleep.

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What Is Ideal Bed Equipment for Allergy Sufferers?

If you want 100% protection of your health and sleep from dust mites, it is ideal to protect the entire bed: the mattress, the pillow, and the duvet. That is the only way to be truly safe and to prevent dust mites and their allergens from getting to you. This is a great preventive measure that will relieve you from having to swallow allergy-relief drugs that often suppress not only the allergy, but you as well.

There are several options of how equipping a bed for a person suffering from allergy. Pick the one that suits you best.

Mattress Protection


Protecting your mattress is essential, so do not neglect it. As the mattress is not washable and cleaning it is not an easy task either, it contains most of the dust mites – meaning millions of dust mites and billions of their allergens. However, you have two options of protecting your mattress perfectly:

  • Anti-Dust Mite Mattress Encasement

The nanoSPACE® Anti-Dust Mite Mattress Encasement works as an impermeable barrier. Under the soft and breathable textile on top, there is a thin layer of European nanofabric effectively preventing dust mites from accumulating and proliferating. The encasement is available in the classic size as well as for a mattress for children.

After you have put the mattress in the antiallergic encasement, cover it with any standard bed sheet you commonly use. A great benefit of the mattress encasement is that you only need to wash it once or twice a year and yet it provides 100% protection.

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  • nanoSPACE® + Nanocotton® Anti-Dust Mite Bed Sheets

Another option is to use the Anti-Dust Mite Bed Sheet for Allergy Sufferers made of multi-layer textile with nanofiber membrane. It can fully replace the anti-dust mite mattress encasement. It just needs to be washed a lot more often as needed.

To improve your comfort even further, choose the Nanocotton® Anti-Dust Mite Bed Sheet. It perfectly protects you and your respiratory tract from allergens and in addition, it is very comfortable and breathable. It is made of cotton satin – a solid fabric with a soft, shiny surface – and European nanofabric. You will appreciate not only the protection, nut also the colour that remains vibrant even after many washing cycles.

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Pillow Protection



A classic pillow is also a home to a few million dust mites and a lot more of their allergens that you inhale while sleeping. Therefore, it is definitely a good idea not to underestimate proper protection of a pillow when taking preventive care of the health of a person suffering from allergy or asthma. And here you also have several options of preventing dust mites from disturbing your peaceful sleep.

  • Anti-Dust Mite Pillow Covers

The nanoSPACE Anti-Dust Mite Pillowcase works on the same principle as the mattress encasement – it constitutes an impermeable barrier between the allergy sufferer and dust mites. In addition to that, the nanofiber membrane prevents dust mites from accumulating and proliferating.

After you have put the pillow in the nanofabric pillowcase, put your common pillowcase over it. Wash once or twice a year.

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  • Anti-Dust Mite Pillow

However, if you want to invest in a new pillow, then it's definitely worth paying extra for an Anti-Dust Mite Nanofabric Pillow. It is comfortable, provides ultimate protection and comfort, and is 100% breathable. Its advantage is that you can wash it just once or twice a year and cover it with common bed linen.

You can choose from a number of options: a classic pillow, a quilted zippered pillow, one of Nanocotton® and even a very comfortable ‘horseshoe’ travel version. Yes, you can also protect yourself and treat yourself to undisturbed sleep while travelling.

How to choose a suitable nanofabric pillow? Read here.

  • Nanocotton® Anti-Dust Mite Bed Linen for Pillow

In addition to the options above, you can also protect your pillow with a Nanocotton® Nanofiber Anti-Dust Mite Pillowcase that will reliably protect your respiratory tract against dust mites. Also available is the Nanocotton® Antiallergic Bed Linen for Children.

We recommend buying 2 sets at least in order to alter them as needed while you wash one of them. A set contains a pillowcase and a duvet cover.

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Duvet Protection


Without any doubt, a duvet is also an indispensable part of your bed. It gives you comfort and warmth while you sleep. The problem is that dust mites love it as well – again, you will find a few million of the little creatures in your duvet. When you roll around in your bed, the duvet releases dust and if you suffer from allergies, swelling and stuffy nose will be your companions in the morning. Therefore, you should ideally think about getting a suitable protection for your duvet as well.

  • Anti-Dust Mite Duvet Cover

Similarly to the mattress and the pillow, you can buy the nanoSPACE® Anti-Dust Mite Duvet Cover also for your duvet that will keep dust mites away from you and that will prevent them from proliferating.

When you use a nanofabric duvet cover, put your common cover over it. Wash once or twice a year.

  • Anti-Dust Mite Duvet

If you have decided to get a new duvet, you might as well go for the very comfortable nanoSPACE® Anti-Dust Mite Duvet with nanofabric. You can be rest assured that it will keep dust mites away and they will not disturb your peaceful sleep. There are several options available: year-round, summer, winter, thermo, duo and also the Kid's Anti-Dust Mite Duvet.


Of course, you also have the benefit of being able to use your common bed linen and the duvet needs washing just once or twice a year.

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  • Anti-Dust Mite Bed Linen for Duvet

If you already have your favourite duvet that gives you comfort and warmth, you can get an Anti-Dust Mite Duvet Cover for Allergy Sufferers for it. The special Nanocotton® nanofiber the cover is made of provides a great level of comfort and peaceful sleep without dust mites and their allergens.

We recommend buying 2 sets at least in order to alter them as needed while you wash one of them. A set contains a pillowcase and a duvet cover.

Save with Our Sets

Already decided to treat your bed to nanoSPACE nanofiber bedding? Then you will sure be interested in our favourable sets that save not only your health, but also your money. Buying the set will save you some money while effectively protecting the health of an allergy sufferer. 

We offer the following sets for a reduced price:


Investment in Nano Bedding = Investment in Your Health

There is not a shadow of a doubt that bedding with a nanofiber membrane is a reliable choice when it comes to healthy and safe sleep for people suffering from allergies or asthma. However, its undisputed benefits can also be enjoyed by anyone seeking comfort and quality rest. It is the ideal solution without any chemicals, a solution that does not interfere with your sleep in any way, quite the contrary. Nanofabric should thus be the standard in all bedding.

Treat yourself to safe, undisturbed sleep. Get nano bedding ›› and indulge yourself and your loved ones in a delightful rest without uninvited guests.

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Josef Handrejch from nanoSPACE

Josef Handrejch is a graduate of the Technical University of Liberec. At nanoSPACE, he is in charge of research and development of new nano products. He has extensive experience in textile production and application of nanofiber materials.