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Everything you need to protect your body from viruses, bacteria, allergens, dust, smog and chemicals. Antiviral nano masks for cancer patients, respirators to work in dusty environments and with chemicals, antivirus gaiters and anti-pus patches, which speed up healing.

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1862 7 10 ks rouskohaku frees na rousky a respiratory safety nano protect

Long-term wearing of masks and respirators with rubber bands can be uncomfortable for your ears. Clips for masks made of a pleasant soft material are ideal for anyone who has...

výhodné balení antivirových šátků
€137 –14 %

anoSPACE neck gaiter with nanofiber membrane favourable set (3x) in light grey, black and pink. One-size-fits-all design Ideal for protection against smog Suitable for...

3 Pcs Set: Kid's Neck Gaiter Foxes

anoSPACE nano gaiter with nanofiber membrane in a fox pattern is suitable for children and small faces. universal size, shorter cut than the adult version. washable,...

3 Pcs Set: Vegan Natural Toothpaste nanoSPACE Cosmetics  Save the environment by brushing your teeth.

Purchase a practical bundle of our top-selling toothpastes and not only cut costs, but also contribute to environmental preservation through daily oral hygiene. Our vegan, 99%...

3-pieces Limited-Edition Pink Ribbon TePe GOOD Bio-based Plastic Toothbrush

The perfect blend of environmental consciousness and oral care. This toothbrush is made from 96% bio-based plastic and produced using only renewable energy sources, making it a...

dfd180 aa

Anti-odor shoe spray Menthol that absorbs unpleasant odours and gives your feet a fresh scent for a long day. Your feet are thus perfectly protected from unpleasant odours and...

Antibacterial Shoe Inserts StopBac X-TREME with Silver  against odour / mycosis

Antibacterial anatomically shaped and strongly shock-absorbing shoe inserts that reduce odour and destroy bacteria and are also suitable for people suffering from mycoses. They...

1736 3 opakovatelne pouzitelne breasafe filtry 10 ks

Pack of 10 reusable 10 x 15 cm nanofilters for masks with a pocket tested to capture viruses, bacteria and other sumbmicron particles. Skilled seamstresses can use them in...

Nano respirátor BreaSAFE® ANTI-COVID-19 FFP2 3 ks (Velikost balení 3 ks)
With silver
€34 –20 %

The respirator captures 99.5 to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria; the results of tests by the renowned Nelson Laboratories USA are available for download in the related files....

Respirátor BreaSAFE® PRO-MASK FFP3 černý 3ks (Velikost balení L)

The BreaSAFE® PRO-MASK FFP3 nanofiber respirator in black contains the Europe made BreaSAFE® NnF MBRANE nanofiber membrane by PARDAM NANO4FIBERS, which has been tested by the...

Respirátor BreaSAFE® PRO-MASK FFP3 bílý 3ks (Velikost balení L)

The BreaSAFE® PRO-MASK FFP3 nanofiber respirator in white contains the European made BreaSAFE® NnF MBRANE nanofiber membrane by PARDAM NANO4FIBERS, which has been tested by the...

ar face mask
from €16,90

The är Style designer nanofiber respirator with FFP2 filtration efficiency combines premium Italian fabric with ViralOff®️ antibacterial properties and hydrophobic DWR treatment...

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