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Premium supplements that help fight premature aging. Trans resveratrol has a positive effect on the normal functions of the cardiovascular system and is one of the most popular supplements against premature aging. It is known as a highly effective antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory effects. Beauty Booster with vitamin C uses highly absorbable collagen peptides Peptan®, which acts as an elixir of youth on the skin.


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Collagen repair matrix

Collagen repair matrix for glowing skin - your new addiction! We believe that your skin deserves the best care. In each dose you will find 3,000 mg of collagen in a highly...

Mindflow Longevity 120 Capsules

Longevity is a unique product not only on the Czech market. It contains a specially selected combination of substances formulated according to the latest studies on aging and...

Ultimate Q10 Ubiquinol - Anti-Aging  strong mind and athletic muscles

The orally soluble powder with highly bioavailable Kaneka Ubiquinol (direct active form of CoQ10) and vitamin C, potent antioxidant important for heart and body cells. Potent...

Collagen Peptides Plus - Collagen for Beautiful Skin 5 in 1  Peptan, hyaluronic acid, selenium, vitamin C and vitamin B2

Unique 5 in 1 formulation - 10 grams of clinically proven, highly bioactive collagen peptides Peptan, hyaluronic acid, selenium, vitamin C a vitamin B2 in one dose to hydrate...

2213 antioxidant booster

In today's hectic times, when we often don't get enough fruits and vegetables, our revolutionary solution is here for you. Give your health a chance and boost your immunity with...

Beauty booster

Dietary supplement for your skin and joints in the form of a powder to be mixed in a drink Highly absorbable collagen peptides Peptan® - effective beauty support from the...

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