Immune supplements support our body's natural defenses. They contain vitamins, minerals, extracts from herbs and plants. Especially from autumn to spring, it is necessary to supplement vitamin D, if we do not stay regularly in the sun. For comprehensive support of your immune system with vitamins D3, C and zinc, choose Immunity Complex.

Neo Curcumin supplement ODT won the Innovation Award 2020, a scientific study confirmed up to 220x increased solubility and 100% cellular absorption of curcumin. Curcumin helps maintain antioxidant balance in immune responses in the body, vitamin D contributes to the normal functions of the immune system and also participates in the process of cell division.


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Lactoferrin ODT
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Pleasant-tasting tablets with Lactoferrin and Vitamin D, easily dissolvable in the mouth, the perfect solution for children and anyone who dislikes swallowing tablets.  ...

Immuno Colostrum with Vitamin D

A dietary supplement containing a combination of colostrum of Czech origin, prebiotics, and vitamin D to support the normal function of the immune system and maintain good bone...

Vitamin C
Vitamin C
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Vitamin C significantly contributes to the normal function of our immune system and it´s also considered one of the most important vitamins in our body. 60 tablets Made in...

Immuno Colostrum Kids - Colostrum and D3 for Kids  immune system, proper bone growth and strong teeth

Simple use - add the flavored powder to white yogurt, smoothie, or cold milk drink. Let your children prepare a healthy breakfast or snack. contains colostrum, calcium, vitamin...

Immunity Complex Kids - D3, Zinc a Vitamin C for Kids  To support children's immunity.

A dietary supplement developed specifically to support children's immunity. Essential nutrients in kids-friendly form The combination of a sufficient amount of vitamin C and...

colostrum stick

Unique orally soluble Colostrum and Vitamin D, an innovative form of food supplement to support a healthy immune system. Unique user friendly dosage form, great strawberry...

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Advanced, orally soluble form of iron, microencapsulated iron AB Fortis  in orally soluble tablet (ODT), which is characterized by high bioavailability, pleasant taste and...

Vitamin D ODT (Velikost balení 30 tbl)
Vitamin D ODT
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from €9

Vitamin D3 in the form of an orally dispersible tablets, our innovative know-how to promote fast and effective absorption Especially suitable for supplementation: in periods...

2213 antioxidant booster

In today's hectic times, when we often don't get enough fruits and vegetables, our revolutionary solution is here for you. Give your health a chance and boost your immunity with...

Neo curcumin supplement ODT
from €27

Orally dispersible tablets (ODT) ensuring rapid absorption and high efficacy of curcumin by eliminating the undesirable first-pass effect Special formulation contains highly...

Immunity complex

Comprehensive support for your immune system with vitamins D3, C and zinc Dietary supplement without colouring, flavouring and preservatives The product is manufactured in a...

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