Water Cleaning

Nanofiber membranes, UV technology and ozone are ideal technologies for cleaning pool and tap water. With our products, you will achieve great results in chlorine-free water maintenance and filtration, which you can use not only in the pool, but also in the pond.


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UV Lamp for Cleaning Ponds and Biotopes - LifeOX Spark 110

The unique Spark lamp creates an excellent environment for fish farming or swimming. The UV + AOP Spark lamp uses dual water purification technology, which is especially...

UV Lamp for Cleaning Ponds and Biotopes - LifeOX Spark 60

The Spark UV + AOP lamp uses dual technology for water purification, which is especially suitable for aquaculture, ponds and biotopes. The UVC technology disinfects the water...

Medium Pressure UV lamp LifeUVM03

The medium-pressure UV lamp with a power of 250 W is suitable for the ProfiPure UV lamp, the ProfiPure 100 and 200 models. It is supplied with a USB key and its estimated...

ProfiPure UVM (Varianta 100)
from €1 369

ProfiPure is a new generation UV lamp using UVM technology, ideal for healthy water purification in home pools and hot tubs up to 200 m3. It does not irritate eyes, skin or...

Ekologický čistič bazénů FN NANO® AQUA (Objem 0,5 litru)
from €38

Eco-friendly product for chlorine-free water treatment based on nanotechnology. FN® AQUA functional suspension is gentle to human skin, suitable for the treatment of pools where...

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