Quality guarantee and shop rating

As one of the founding members of the European  Nanotechnology Industries Association, we guarantee the quality of the products sold by us as well as the correctness of the information provided in the description of the products. All the nano products in our shop are duly certified and made in the Czech Republic. We rigorously monitor all of the manufacturers whose products we sell and we test a number of products (masks and respirators in particular) ourselves to verify the product properties declared by the manufacturers.

All of the products containing nanofibers or nanoparticles are supplied by European manufacturers, members of the CNIA.

Heuréka rating

All our customers can rate their purchase experience through the largest Czech independent portal Heureka.cz. We are long-term holders of the golden “Verified by customers” certificate awarded exclusively to shops with long-term customer satisfaction above 98%. You can read more than 4,000 independent reviews here.


Claim rating

All our customers can also rate their experience with the claim handling process. In order to process claims smoothly and quickly, we use the Retino software. Retino awards the “Hassle-Free Claims” certificate based on the customer rating. Our long-term rating exceeds 97%. You can read the recent reviews here.