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FN NANO® Roller
FN NANO® Roller
In Stock (5 pcs)

Recommended roller specially developed for the application of nanocoatings FN NANO®. Makes the application significantly easier and simpler. The coating does not drip from the...

Protiroztočový povlak na polštář pro alergiky | Nanobavlna® (Rozměry 70x90cm)
from €67

If you suffer from dust allergies, you know how important it is to keep your bedroom clean and free of allergens. But even if you vacuum and dust regularly, your pillowcase can...

Pigmented Penetration Coating FN® Primer Acrylic

Pigmented penetration coating FN® Primer Acrylic for interior and exterior By painting the wall with a penetrating paint, you strengthen the base before applying FN®...

Fotokatalytický nátěr FN NANO®1 pro venkovní použití (Objem 3 litry)
from €58

Photocatalytic coating FN NANO®1 for outdoor use (facades, walls, concrete structures). By painting the wall with a photocatalytic coating, you will create an invisible nano...

Colostrum Pet
Colostrum Pet
In Stock (>5 pcs)

Colostrum Pet is a purely natural powdered feed ingredient, consisting of bovine colostrum with high levels of immunoglobulins, vitamins, and minerals. Suitable for both young...

5139 protiroztocovy anatomicky zdravotni polstar prosity se zipem nanospace

Do you wake up with neck, back, or head pain? Your physiotherapist likely recommended an orthopedic pillow for you. The Anti-Dust Mite Anatomical Orthopedic Pillow with Memory...

3-pack Rosemary Plant Pods for Click & Grow

Replacement cartridges with rosemary seeds for home growing in Click and Grow planters. Rosemary is an aromatic herb that is widely used in Mediterranean cuisine. This popular...

3-pack Coriander Plant Pods for Click & Grow

Do you love Asian or Mexican cuisine? Then you definitely have a high consumption of coriander. Try growing coriander using a smart flowerpot and you will always have enough...

3-pack Green Lettuce Plant Pods for Click & Grow

Replacement lettuce head seed cartridges for home growing in Click and Grow Smart Garden. Leafy vegetable offering a great variety of combinations with other foods. It is a rich...

3-pack Chives Plant Pods for Click & Grow

Do you love chives in spreads or do you like to put them on potatoes? Thanks to the smart garden, you can have enough chives all year round. Replacement seed cartridges for...

3-pack Blue Petunia Plant Pods for Click & Grow

Grow colorful Blue Petunia at home! Related to tomatoes, tobacco, and chili peppers, petunias have the power to brighten up any space. Place them somewhere that needs a little...

3-pack Grow Anything Plant Pods for Click & Grow Smart Garden

Grow any plant you want at home with the Grow Anything Plant Pods for the Click & Grow Smart Garden. These capsules contain an advanced version of the Smart Soil that will boost...

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