3 Pack of FFP2 Nanofiber Neck Gaiters

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nanoSPACE neck gaiter with nanofiber membrane favourable set (3x) in light grey, black and pink.

  • One-size-fits-all design
  • Ideal for protection against smog
  • Suitable for running, skiing, snowboarding and cycling
  • Nanofiber membrane with filtration efficiency of 97-99.9% against bacteria, viruses, pollen, and other submicron particles
  • Made with Coolmax material for efficient sweat-wicking
  • Manufacturer's declaration of conformity.
  • The gaiter is classified as a community nano mask with embedded nanofiber filter.
  • Not suitable for children under 2.5 years of age – otherwise the child must be continuously monitored by a responsible adult.

The manufacturers of the product anf the nanomembrane are members of the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association.

Detailed information

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Czech production
We manufacture nanoSPACE brand products in the Czech Republic

Product detailed description

Most dust, smog, pollen, mould spores, viruses, infections and airborne allergens will not pass through the membrane. The gaiter is therefore suitable for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and all immunocompromised individuals who need to protect themselves better. It is not suitable for children under 3 years of age - if necessary, the child must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

Key Benefits of Cutting-Edge FFP2 Nanofiber Neck Warmer

  • Proven Filtration Efficiency: The nanofiber membrane provides a filtration efficiency of 97-99.9% against bacteria, viruses, pollen, and other submicron particles.
  • Comfortable Wear: Made with Coolmax material, the neck warmer efficiently pulls sweat away from the skin, ensuring you stay cool and dry all day.
  • Convenient Design: With a washable and replaceable nose clip, you can use this neck warmer daily without any hassle. The one-size-fits-all design makes it suitable for all.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: The environment-friendly packaging adds to the product's sustainability.
  • Antimicrobial Protection: Nanoparticles of silver provide added antimicrobial effect for extra protection.
  • Quality Assurance: The manufacturer's declaration of conformity ensures you receive a high-quality product.
  • Member of Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association: The manufacturers of the product and the nanomembrane are proud members of this association, ensuring you receive the best in nanotechnology protection.

Universal Fit Neck Warmer: Breathable, Adjustable, and Secure

  • One size fits all face shapes
  • Adjustable and replaceable aluminum nose clip
  • Specially designed cut for complete face and neck coverage
  • Adjustable elastic band for a secure fit
  • Double-spring brake for a snug and secure hold
  • High breathability for comfortable wear during physical activities.


Enhanced Protection with Silver-Infused Nanofiber Membrane

NanoSPACE Neck Warmer features a state-of-the-art nanofiber membrane infused with silver nanoparticles (Nanosilver®). This unique combination provides unparalleled protection against microorganisms, preventing their growth and survival within the structure of the gaiter. The membrane is strategically placed in the nose and mouth area, offering complete coverage and peace of mind.

How the Nanofiber Membrane Technology in the FFP2 Nanofiber Neck Warmer Works"

The nanofiber membrane technology in the FFP2 Nanofiber Neck Warmer works by using nanofibers that are spun into a very dense mesh or filter. This membrane has microscopic holes that are so small that air molecules can pass through, but viruses, bacteria, and allergens are trapped with 97-99% efficiency. The nanofiber membrane from PARDAM NANO4FIBERS has been tested to trap particles between 0.1-0.3 um (100-300 nanometers), which includes the sizes of most bacteria (200-1000 nanometers) and viruses (20-400 nanometers).

In addition, the membrane's ability to trap particles is not limited to the sizes that have been tested. The nanoscale of the fibers allows for atomic forces to come into play, making particles smaller than 200-300 nm even easier to trap. This is because smaller particles are affected by Van der Waals forces, while larger particles, like bacteria and viruses, are often attached to other aerosol or dust particles in the air. The FFP2 Nanofiber Neck Warmer also contains silver nanoparticles, adding an extra layer of protection against microorganisms.


Unmatched Durability and Hygiene: The nanoSPACE Gaiter's Nanofiber Membrane Explained

The nanoSPACE Gaiter sets itself apart from other face coverings with its cutting-edge nanofiber membrane. Unlike other membranes that lose their effectiveness after just one wash, the nanoSPACE Gaiter's membrane has been tested and proven to maintain 95% efficiency even after 15 washing cycles. Additionally, the membrane is infused with silver nanoparticles that keep microorganisms at bay, ensuring maximum hygiene. Experience the difference of a truly durable and hygienic face covering with the nanoSPACE Gaiter.

Protect Yourself from More Than Just Epidemics: The Multipurpose Neck Warmer

With smog linked to over 5.5 million deaths annually, it's important to protect ourselves from polluted air. The effects of inhaling smog for extended periods of time can lead to serious health issues such as headaches, skin irritation, eye irritation, liver failure, asthma, and even cancer. That's why a neck gaiter can serve as a versatile solution for not just epidemics and pollen season, but for shielding against polluted air as well. Here are some of the key scenarios where wearing a neck gaiter can make a difference:

  • In smog-ridden cities, particularly during outdoor activities and exercise
  • During allergy season for those with allergies and asthma
  • When traveling, especially to highly polluted Asian cities like Bangkok
  • During outdoor sports where airways are fully open and vulnerable to absorption of harmful particles
  • In public transportation where the risk of transmitting infections and viruses is high
  • In various outdoor activities where protection from external factors is necessary (fishing, shooting, climbing, motorcycling, etc.).

Why Choose Micro-Mesh® for Our Neck Warmers?

Our gaiters are made from premium Italian Micro-Mesh® which combines the perfect blend of 90% polyester and 10% elastane, resulting in a lightweight material with a weight of 115 g/m-2. This advanced microfiber material is crafted using state-of-the-art fine knitting machines, producing a knit with 42 stitches per inch (2.54 cm), providing a smooth, soft and comfortable texture that conforms perfectly to the contours of the face. The micro-holes in the knit ensure optimal breathability during even the warmest summer months. With Micro-Mesh® as our material of choice, you can be assured of a neck gaiter that not only looks great, but feels great too!

How to Properly Wear the FFP2 Nanofiber Neck Gaiter for Optimal Protection

  • Start with Clean Hands: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or use an antibacterial gel before putting on the gaiter. Repeat after removing it.
  • Roll and Slip Over Head: Roll the gaiter up and carefully pull it over your head.
  • Secure Nose Clip: Press the nose clip to the root of the nose and shape it gently.
  • Adjust Fit: Use the adjustable elastic cord at the back to tighten the gaiter, ensuring a secure and snug fit.


Instructions for removing the FFP2 Nanofiber Neck Gaiter:

  • Start by loosening the nose clip and elastic cord to gently remove the gaiter.
  • Ensure to wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer.
  • Properly clean or sterilize the gaiter.

Note: FFP2 Nanofiber Neck Gaiter should fit properly without covering the ears for adults. Avoid folding the nose clip while wearing, maintaining or storing the gaiter.


Care of the Wire

Before washing

Always remove the wire before washing. It is made of aluminium and could be damaged in the washing machine.


Do not fold

Never fold the gaiter in half at the wire area. The wire is made of aluminum and can break under extreme stress.



Instructions for Caring for the nanoSPACE Nanofiber Neck Gaiter

To maintain the effectiveness of the Nanofiber Neck Gaiter, it's essential to follow proper care instructions.

  1. Wash: Clean the gaiter using a chlorine and phosphorus-free washing gel or powder, core soap is recommended. Avoid tumble drying and opt for hand washing or a gentle cycle in the washing machine.
  2. Disinfect: After each use, sterilize the gaiter with a disinfectant suitable for nanofiber products.
  3. Drying: Allow the washed gaiter to air dry for 12 to 24 hours, spreading it out on a drying rack or on a heater. Avoid using clothespins in the filter area.
  4. Caution: Do not use bleach, fabric softeners or other harsh products, and avoid ironing or tumble drying the gaiter.
  5. Replacement: Over time, the nanofiber filter in the gaiter may lose its effectiveness and the entire neck warmer will need to be replaced.

Eco-friendly Packaging 


Environment protection is a top priority at our company, which is why we have decided to invest in a more eco-friendly packaging solution. Our neck gaiters come in boxes made of grass paper, sourced from unused agricultural compensation areas. This paper is produced mechanically using grass pellets and recovered paper, and no fertilisers or chemicals are used in the process.


Please note that this product is not suitable for children under the age of 3 or for those with clothing size 110.


The neck gaiter measures approximately 32 x 27 cm (width may vary by up to 1 cm) and the filter dimensions are approximately 15 x 21 cm. These are handmade products, so dimensions may vary.


The neck gaiter is made of 100% polyester knit material, and the filtering nanofiber material is composed of 95% polypropylene and 5% PA6.


This product is manufactured by nanoSPACE s.r.o. located at Rohova 98, Domažlice 344 01. It falls under the category of FFP2 neck gaiters.


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The Czech company nanoSPACE has been operating on the market since 2012 and focuses primarily on products where nanofiber textiles are used. In 2012, it became the first manufacturer to use a nanofibrous membrane in barrier covers for allergy sufferers. Since then, it has expanded its portfolio to include nano duvets and nano pillows, which are especially suitable for people with dust allergies.

In 2016, it was the first in the world to present functional bed linen that can fully replace barrier coatings. This product line, which bears the name Nanocotton®, was able to combine the functionality of the material with organic cotton and is suitable not only for allergy sufferers, but also for atopic patients.

During the coronavirus epidemic in 2020, nanoSPACE used its long-term knowledge in the field of nanofiber materials and started the production of anti-virus neck gaiters  and protective masks made of nanofiber. From 2021, it also produces designer washable nano masks.

In 2021, the nanoSPACE company founded the subsidiary nanoSPACE Technology, which is dedicated to development, research and innovation in the field of nanofiber textiles.