Gentle Washing Gel for Gaiters and Masks BAMBOO Gold 300ml

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Gentle washing gel designed specifically for nanoSPACE antivirus gaiters with nanofiber material. The gel can also be used to wash cotton masks.

An internal test has shown that the gel has no negative effect on the nanoSPACE branded nanofiber membrane in the gaiter.

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Product detailed description

Gentle washing gel for gaiters and masks BAMBOO Gold 300ml: is designed exclusively for hand washing of nano gaiters and cotton masks. Thanks to its composition, it effectively removes common soiling as well as dangerous viruses and bacteria. It does not damage the structure of the nanofiber and removes its clogging. Suitable for everyday washing.

Instructions for Use of Gentle Washing Gel for Gaiters and Masks BAMBOO Gold 300ml:

  • 10 - 20 ml (depending on the degree of soiling) in 5 litres of water at a temperature of up to 40°C.
  • mix the water and the product thoroughly with your hands
  • place the nano gaiter/mask in the water and leave it there for 5-10 minutes
  • wash gently by hand
  • then rinse thoroughly in clean lukewarm water
  • allow the nano gaiter/mask to dry freely
  • do not use a washing machine or dryer

Why Only Use Gentle Washing Gel for Gaiters and Masks BAMBOO Gold 300ml:

The nanofiber membrane is highly susceptible to damage. BAMBOO GOLD has been specially designed not to damage the nanofiber membrane. Its effects have been confirmed by our internal tests carried out by the membrane manufacturer BreaSAFE.

How Many Times Can an Antivirus Gaiter be Safely Washed?

It always depends on the individual use of the antivirus gaiter and the gentleness of washing, but a membrane washed in this way will last several dozen washing cycles. According to our tests, washing in BAMBOO GOLD gel does not significantly degenerate the membrane if the appropriate procedures are followed. We recommend using a nanofiber sanitizer to sterilize the gaiter on a daily basis and washing with BAMBOO GOLD as needed.


Aqua Purifica, Sodium laureth sufate, Sulfate, Propylene glycol, Sodium Chloride, Cocamine Oxide, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Citric acid, Tetrasodium EDTA, Polyquaternium-7, Magnesium nitrate, Magnesium chloride, Methylychlorosothiazolinone, Methylisothiazalinone, Ethanol denaturate, Glycerol, Bamboo oil, Hydrogenium peroxydatum, Does not contain dyes.


Keep out of reach of children. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with water and seek medical attention if discomfort persists. If swallowed, seek medical attention.

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PD Avatar of author | 14.2.2022
gentle wash
Avatar of author | 16.1.2022
I received this product recently. I have not yet used it to wash the respirators.
Avatar of author | 10.1.2022
works well

Avatar of author | 10.1.2022
I buy it repeatedly and use it for nano scarves, overall satisfaction. It dissolves well in water and the scarves are well washed.
Avatar of author | 14.12.2021
I haven't tried it yet
Avatar of author | 7.11.2021
gentle, gentle, practical packaging...
Avatar of author | 21.9.2021
Avatar of author | 20.9.2021
I don't know the downside
Avatar of author | 23.7.2021
Pleasant, fragrant liquid powder for nano masks. Just a drop and it foams up perfectly.
Avatar of author | 25.5.2021
Quality product, pleasant smell
Avatar of author | 24.5.2021
+ Extending the life of nanomasks

Avatar of author | 3.5.2021
Suitable for nanofiber products
Avatar of author | 20.4.2021
It works
Avatar of author | 16.4.2021
It works well.
Avatar of author | 2.4.2021
dobře pere.
Avatar of author | 31.3.2021
+ gentle washing, pleasant non-obtrusive smell
- I don't know about him

Avatar of author | 28.3.2021
+ The scent is just right.
+ Pleasant on the skin.
+ Tasteful packaging

Pleasant gentle scent, gentle on the skin, I wash well in it.
Avatar of author | 22.3.2021
+ Smells beautiful, pleasant

Avatar of author | 20.3.2021
Really very pleasant washing gel
Avatar of author | 12.3.2021
Avatar of author | 12.3.2021
+ not tested yet.

Avatar of author | 7.3.2021
+ good washing gel

Avatar of author | 2.3.2021
kvalita na nanno šátky

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