The Czech company nanoSPACE has been operating on the market since 2012 and focuses primarily on products where nanofiber textiles are used. In 2012, it became the first manufacturer to use a nanofibrous membrane in barrier covers for allergy sufferers. Since then, it has expanded its portfolio to include nano duvets and nano pillows, which are especially suitable for people with dust allergies.

In 2016, it was the first in the world to present functional bed linen that can fully replace barrier coatings. This product line, which bears the name Nanocotton®, was able to combine the functionality of the material with organic cotton and is suitable not only for allergy sufferers, but also for atopic patients.

During the coronavirus epidemic in 2020, nanoSPACE used its long-term knowledge in the field of nanofiber materials and started the production of anti-virus neck gaiters  and protective masks made of nanofiber. From 2021, it also produces designer washable nano masks.

In 2021, the nanoSPACE company founded the subsidiary nanoSPACE Technology, which is dedicated to development, research and innovation in the field of nanofiber textiles.

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2096 2 letni antivirovy satek nanospace multicolor

The lightweight summer version of nanoSPACE gaiters with a nanofiber membrane is available in multicolor. This community nano mask has a removable nose clip and is washable...

Anti-Dust Mite and Allergen Proof Pillow Cover nanoSPACE®
from €10

If you suffer from dust mite allergies or other airborne allergies, this pillow cover is for you. It is made with a three-layer laminate with nanofiber layer as a middle layer...

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from €60

Simply cover the mattress with an anti-allergy encasement and after the first night you will see that the allergy to dust mites has been alleviated. It's that simple....

Polštář kuličkový nanoSPACE neprošitý bez zipu (Rozměry 30x40cm, Váha 300g)
from €33

It looks like an ordinary pillow, but it's not an ordinary pillow. Inside the anti allergy pillow is a nanofiber barrier that prevents dust mites and their allergens from...

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from €78

Dust mites require a few specific conditions to thrive and survive, and therefore are more prevalent in our bed sheets and bedding than anywhere else in the home. In fact, they...

polstar velky
from €23

When you lie down on our anti-dust mite pillow, no dust mite or its allergen can get to you. The nanoSPACE® anti-allergy pillow has European nanofabric in it, which...

Protiroztočový povlak nanoSPACE na přikrývku (Rozměry 140x200cm)
from €97

Perfect protection of the duvet from dust mites and their allergens. It's that simple. Underneath the soft and breathable fabric on the surface is a thin layer of European...

Set of 2 pcs of nanoSPACE Cosmetics toothpaste with TePe toothbrushes.  Save the environment by brushing your teeth.

This set includes: 2x Vegan Flouride Free Natural Whitening Toothpaste 125 ml nanoSPACE Cosmetics 1x Limited-Edition Pink Ribbon TePe GOOD Bio-based Plastic Toothbrush

3 Pcs Set: Vegan Natural Toothpaste nanoSPACE Cosmetics  Save the environment by brushing your teeth.

Purchase a practical bundle of our top-selling toothpastes and not only cut costs, but also contribute to environmental preservation through daily oral hygiene. Our vegan, 99%...

Kid's Bedding Set: Pillow + Blanket (45x60 cm, 90x135 cm)

Whether you have an allergy sufferer at home or want to give your child a peaceful sleep without mites, our anti-mite set for children is exactly what you're looking for. The...

Luxury Travel Set of Covers Nanocotton® (Fitted Bed Sheet + Pillow 50x50)  140x240 + 50x50
€3 016

The luxury set of Nanobavlna® covers fully replaces standard anti-mite covers for pillows and mattress covers. Unlike classical barrier covers, they are already the top layer...

Luxury travel set of covers Nanocotton®  140x240 + 45x60
€3 159

The luxury set of Nanobavlna® covers fully replaces standard anti-mite covers for pillows and mattress covers. Unlike classical barrier covers, they are already the top layer...

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