Nasaleze Protect Barrier Spray: Your Shield Against COVID-19 Transmission

After more than 3 years of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all know how to reduce the risk of transmitting the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Among the main prevention methods are wearing masks and respirators, thorough handwashing with soap, and using hand sanitizer after touching handles and surfaces in public transportation.

Another potential level of protection is offered by Nasaleze Protect. In September 2021, a preliminary version of a study was released confirming the effectiveness of this product in protecting the nasal mucosa from coronaviruses. This is the most common entry point for the SARS-CoV-2 virus into the human body.

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What Is Nasaleze Protect and How Does It Work?

The main active ingredient in Nasaleze Protect is natural cellulose, supplemented with extracts from wild garlic and peppermint.

When the preparation is sprayed into the nose, the cellulose powder reacts with moisture on the mucosa and creates a protective barrier made of cellulose that prevents the entry of not only viruses but also bacteria and allergens (pollen grains, dust particles, dust mite excrement, etc.).

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Studies in the past have demonstrated the potential of Nasaleze spray to protect against respiratory illnesses. Moreover, the product mitigated the course of the disease in volunteers.


Nasaleze Protect and Protection Against COVID-19

In a study whose preliminary results were released in the fall of 2021 on the BioRxiv scientific server, a team of scientists from the UK and Bulgaria examined the ability of Nasaleze to:

  • Prevent infection of human lung cells by coronaviruses
  • Suppress the multiplication of viral particles in infected lung cells (and thus alleviate the course of the disease)

In the experiment, scientists used the HCoV-229E coronavirus, which causes common colds in humans. In laboratories, it is used as a substitute for testing products against COVID-19 due to its similar properties to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

In the study, scientists conducted 2 experiments:

  • Treated lung cells with Nasaleze spray and then infected them with the coronavirus (small and large amounts of viral particles),
  • First infected lung cells with the coronavirus (again, small and large amounts of viral particles), and then applied Nasaleze preparation to them.

The amount of the product applied corresponded to the volume that a person sprays into one nostril. In each experiment, lung cells without any Nasaleze treatment were also infected for comparison.

Scientists evaluated the effectiveness of protection based on the number of infected cells and the amount of viral particles in the sample. Control measurements were taken 48, 72, and 112 hours after infection.

Study Results

Compared to the untreated sample, after 3 days, cells with applied Nasaleze showed:

  • 47.9% fewer coronavirus particles when treated before infection
  • 28.2% fewer coronavirus particles when treated after infection

The amount of viral particles is crucial. As the viral load increases, the risk of developing COVID-19 and the likelihood of a severe course of the disease (and therefore death) also increase.

The study results suggest that Nasaleze effectively protects the nasal mucosa from coronavirus penetration (and thus prevents its entry into cells). It also reduces the rate of multiplication of coronavirus particles. Furthermore, the interpretation of the results considers that it is possible to apply it up to 3 times a day (thus increasing the spray's protective efficacy).


Using Nasaleze Protect alone is not a guarantee of protection, but in combination with other protective measures (wearing respirators, frequent handwashing), it can reduce the risk of coronavirus infection.

How to Use Nasaleze?

The effect of Nasaleze starts within a few minutes and lasts for several hours, or until sneezing or blowing your nose. Follow these steps for application:

  1. Gently blow your nose, shake the bottle, and remove the cap.
  2. Place the nozzle of the product into one nostril and, while gently inhaling through the nose, squeeze the bottle.
  3. Repeat the same process for the other nostril.

To ensure all-day protection, it is recommended to apply the spray 3 times a day. However, there is no maximum limit, as the product is non-addictive.

Key Takeaways

  • Nasaleze Protect is a natural product with cellulose as its main active ingredient, enriched with mint and bear garlic extracts.
  • The product works by creating a protective film upon contact with mucosal moisture.
  • According to a new scientific study, Nasaleze Protect has the potential to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection and alleviate the course of COVID-19.
  • Past medical studies have demonstrated the ability of Nasaleze Protect to reduce the likelihood of infection with other respiratory diseases and alleviate their course.
  • Use the product at least 3 times a day and complement it with other protective measures (wearing respirators, regular handwashing, using sanitizer).


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