Quality European cosmetics in one place. Get to know the most interesting and best European skincare product brands that produce science-based cosmetics that are friendly to nature. One of the biggest European pioneers of gentle skincare is the brand Nafigate, which is known primarily for it's nanofiber eye mask, which can reduce wrinkles by up to 75%. This brand also produces skin creams and serums. A very interesting brand is the natural brand Naturetics, which is a pioneer of circular cosmetics and a manufacturer of nanofiber masks [n]fibrecare for professional skin care at home. This brand is becoming more and more popular among beauticians. The last interesting Czech brand is Franail, which specializes in hand and foot care products without fungus, a problem that affects up to 1/5 of the population. We also have one non-Czech brand in our offer, namely the French brand Gallinée, which we included here mainly because of the huge demand for a high-quality and scientifically based brand for atopic patients.

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FRANAIL Nail Bed Cream Without Fungus 50 ml

FRANAIL Nail Bed Cream, based on biocompatible nanofiber with natural extracts of Aloe Vera and Oregano. Apply the cream around the skin bed and nail fold. The cream helps...

franail nail cream
€38 –15 %

This set contains: 2x FRANAIL Antimycotic hand and foot cream 1x FRANAIL Antimycotic nail polish 8 ml

franail 3 creams
€32 –12 %

A set of 3 popular creams that take care of your skin and heal minor cracks and chapped skin. Suitable for the care of skin and nails prone to fungal infections. Contains...

FRANAIL Antimycotic Nail Polish 8 ml

FRANAIL Nail Polish, free of fungus and promoting stronger nails, is the first Czech product in the world that utilizes biocompatible nanofibers as carriers of active...

Anti Fungal Foot Care Set
€42 –14 %

Have you been suffering from fungus on your feet or nails for a longer period of time? Try a caring set for comprehensive foot and nail care and prevention of fungal infections....

cream franail

The world's first antimycotic product that uses biocompatible nanofibers as carriers for the active ingredients in oregano and aloe vera. FRANAIL Antifungal Cream is a European...

2027 franail lak na nehty proti plisnim

The world's first antimycotic product uses biocompatible nanofibers as carriers for the active ingredients in oregano and aloe vera. FRANAIL antimycotic nail polish is a...

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