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shoptet nanobavlna 2
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The best way to get a good night's sleep is with this winter, anti-dust mite and allergen proof set. The nanofiber layer technology is top quality, and the pillow and duvet are...

shoptet nanobavlna 2
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Set of duvet, pillow and mattress encasement for complete protection of the bed from dust mites and their allergens. The ideal starter kit for allergy sufferers. Our anti-dust...


The best defense against dust mite allergies is prevention. Equip your bed with anti-dust mite bedding, in which mites cannot live and reproduce. Get complete sets of blankets and pillows with a 10% discount. You can tell the difference after the first night.

For allergy sufferers, we always recommend a set that also includes a mattress cover, but if you have a different mattress size, buy a blanket and pillow set and purchase a mattress protector separately.

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