Slow Fashion for Men

Once you have tried a nano shirt, you won't want to wear another. This is not an exaggeration. Thanks to the material we have chosen for the t-shirts, they give you that fresh feeling for a long time. The material absorbs odours and transfers heat away from the body perfectly. You sweat a lot less in the T-shirt and you needn’t worry about that unpleasant odour in hot temperatures.

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Black Men's V-Neck T-shirt – Valdra– nanoSPACE by LADA

The only t-shirt worth wearing. The beauty of a plain white t-shirt in particular is that it goes with just about anything, even smart separates—and it doesn't detract from more...

Black Men's T-shirt with Long Sleeve nanosilver®

Black Men's T-shirt with Long Sleeve nanosilver is an excellent choice for men who want to protect their skin from the sun. The long sleeve design provides full coverage and the...

Black Men's T-shirt with Short Sleeve nanosilver®

Made with moisture-wicking and antibacterial fabric, this t-shirt is perfect for athletes or anyone who wants to reduce body odor caused by sweating. The fabric is also...

Černé pánské tričko Basic – nanoSPACE by LADA (Velikost L)

Looking for a versatile and reliable t-shirt? Look no further than the Black Men's T-shirt Basic nanoSPACE by LADA. Made from high quality materials, this t-shirt is perfect for...

Černá pánská polokošile Golf Polo nanoSPACE by LADA (Velikost L)

This shirt is made with moisture wicking fabric to keep you comfortable and dry, and also features an antibacterial treatment to help keep you smelling fresh. Plus, the built-in...

mem 1024x1365 (5)

This shirt is made with shiny, elegant and warm material making it perfect for winter. moisture-wicking warm fabric, eliminates odour. Made in Europe. By replacing 5...

Černé minimalistické pánské tričko LUKAS - nanoSPACE by LADA (Velikost L)

Simple minimalist T-shirt of a comfortable antibacterial material combining cotton and polyester in a design by European designer Lada Vyvialová. Made on the principle of...


NanoSPACE by LADA clothing was designed with the principle of slow fashion. The materials we use are antibacterial, have a UV filter and perfectly remove heat from the body. The clothing is designed by the leading European designer Lada Vyvialová, who is one of the few women in the world working with materials enriched with nanotechnologies. Thanks to nanotechnologies, our clothing is self-cleaning and requires much less maintenance, thus saving water and chemical consumption.

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