Slow Fashion for Women

Do you love pieces that not only make you look amazing, but also make you feel great? That's exactly what nanoSPACE by LADA slow fashion clothing is. Sustainable European fashion using antibacterial materials that have a UV filter and are great at moving heat away from the body. The clothing is designed by leading European designer Lada Vyvialová, one of the few women in the world working with nanotechnology enriched materials. Thanks to nanotechnology, our clothes are self-cleaning and require much less maintenance, reducing the consumption of water and chemicals.

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oslo summer monstera 1

Ultralight Oslo dress in Monstera pattern, made from a comfortable and very lightweight antibacterial material, designed by European designer Lada Vyvialová. Made according to...

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skirt monstera

A skirt made of a pleasant and very lightweight antibacterial material designed by European designer Lady Vyvialová. Made according to the principles of slow fashion....

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summer eagle monstera 1

Designer dress made of pleasant and very light antibacterial material in a design by European designer Lada Vyvialová. The dress is variable and can be tied in several ways. The...

Top Rio Monstera - nanoSPACE by LADA  Extremely lightweight

Extremely lightweight top made of a pleasant antibacterial material in the design by Czech designer Lady Vyvialová. Made on the principle of slow fashion. If you are undecided...

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Ultralight Travel Dress – Monstera – nanoSPACE by LADA  weights only 120 g

This ultra-light dress is perfect for travel. It's enriched with antibacterial silver nanoparticles that help keep you safe from odor. The fabric is also moisture-wicking and...

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NanoSPACE by LADA clothing was designed with the principle of slow fashion. The materials we use are antibacterial, have a UV filter and perfectly remove heat from the body. The clothing is designed by the leading European designer Lada Vyvialová, who is one of the few women in the world working with materials enriched with nanotechnologies. Thanks to nanotechnologies, our clothing is self-cleaning and requires much less maintenance, thus saving water and chemical consumption.


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