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100% natural nasal sprays, eye drops and nasal rinses that make life easier for allergy sufferers and at the same time do not become addictive. Read also Nasal Sprays: How to Choose the Right One for Your Needs

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Nasaleze Allergy

The 100% natural Nasal barrier spray - Nasaleze Allergy with peppermint extract is suitable for the prevention of allergic rhinitis. The cellulose powder creates a protective...

Nasaleze Protect

The 100% natural Nasal barrier spray - Nasaleze Protect with bear garlic and mint extract is suitable as a cold and flu prevention. The cellulose powder forms a protective...


Nasal lavage may aid in the treatment of COVID-19

Did you know that nasal lavage can shorten the duration of infection by an average of 1.9 days? Hypertonic seawater solution has antiviral effects across various viruses.


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