Anti-Dust Mite Duvet Covers

The nanoSPACE anti-dust mite covers for allergy sufferers are made from a multi-layer textile with a nanofiber barrier inside. The effectiveness of this nanobarrier in capturing allergens is incomparable to all traditional textiles, providing 100% protection and thus protecting against respiratory diseases that dust mites may cause.

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Protiroztočový povlak nanoSPACE na přikrývku (Rozměry 140x200cm)
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Perfect protection of the duvet from dust mites and their allergens. It's that simple. Underneath the soft and breathable fabric on the surface is a thin layer of European...

Anti-Dust Mite and Allergen Proof Duvet Covers nanoSPACE are created with nanofiber fabric, which seal a tight barrier around your blanket. When used on existing bedding, this fabric effectively prevents dust mite allergens from entering your bedding. White NanoSPACE® Duvet Covers are to be covered with your own bed linen. If you prefer only one layer, Anti-Dust Mite Nanocotton® Bed Linen is the best option for you.
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