Nano Socks with Silver

Nanosilver® brand socks for everyone who is looking for socks that will last and are suitable for everyday use and for top sports. The socks use antibacterial and anti-odor treatment, which also has an antifungal effect. The socks are therefore suitable for people who want maximum comfort and European quality.

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Experience ultimate freshness and style with our Anti-Odor Knee High Compression Socks in Reflective Green. These innovative socks not only provide targeted compression to...

Společenské ponožky modré s barevnými puntíky

Antibacterial everyday socks containing silver with antifungal and anti-odor effect in blue colour with coloured polka dots. They have a comfortable hem that does not wrinkle...

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Letní trekingové ponožky se stříbrem šedo/zelené (Velikost L 43/46)

High quality European socks for summer hiking. Trekking socks nanosilver® contain silver nanoparticles, which have an anti-odor effect. The silver contained in...

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cyklo světlé se zelenou

Special cycling socks with Coolmax® material and antibacterial treatment to reduce odour and mycosis. The shape and reinforced footbed of the socks allow for long-lasting and...

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