Nanocotton® – Next Gen Bedding For Allergic People

After years of research and development, we came to the market with the revolutionary Nanocotton® sandwich fabric, which can be used to produce the first functional bed linen for allergic people in the world, which fully replaces anti-mite coatings. Compared to classic barrier coatings, it is already a top layer and it is not necessary to cover the bedding with its own colored bedding. It is made of organic cotton with nano fabric inside, which prevents dust mites and allergens from penetrating.

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Luxury Travel Set of Covers Nanocotton® (Non Fitted Bed Sheet + Pillow 50x50)  140x240 + 50x50

The luxury set of Nanobavlna® covers fully replaces standard anti-mite covers for pillows and mattress covers. Unlike classical barrier covers, they are already the top layer...

Anti-Dust Mite and Allergen Proof Non Fitted Bed Sheet Nanocotton®  Certified organic cotton with nanofiber membrane
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If you suffer from dust allergies or eczema, you know how important it is to keep your bedroom clean and free of allergens. But even if you vacuum and dust regularly, your...


What is Nanocotton® and why is it so unique?

Nanocotton® is a revolutionary sandwiched textile, a result of several years of research and development. Linen and sheets of this material are the first
in the world to fully substitute anti-dust mite covers and bedding.
The material is a unique combination of the highly popular cotton satin, one of the top materials used in bedding, and a functional nanofiber membrane. The membrane constitutes an impermeable barrier that does not let dust mites, viruses or bacteria through. You can enjoy your well- earned rest in total comfort and luxury.

Nanocotton® consists of 3 layers:

  • Cotton satin made of 100% bio cotton;
  • nanofiber membrane;
  • and 100% polyester textile

Cotton satin constitutes the top layer. It is 100% natural, pleasant to the touch and good looking. Made of high-quality cotton worsted, its structure is dense and strong, and it is characterised by amazing softness, natural shine, and excellent durability. It absorbs humidity very well and is totally breathable. The material adapts to the temperature of the environment, meaning it will cool you down in the summer and warm you up on cold winter nights.

A nanofiber membrane is spun from thin fibres of tens of nanometers in diameter. Nanometer is 1,000 times smaller than micrometer. You can imagine this layer as a sort of a spiderweb with spacing of just 80 – 150 nm between fibres. A dust mite is about 420,000 nm in size and its allergen approximately 1,000 nm, s„o they have no chance to pass through the fabric.

Openings in competitive microfibre textiles and natural materials are in the range of micrometers, while those in nanotextile only in nanometers – this is comparable to the difference between a hole punched in a wall by a ball lightning and a hole pierced in a sheet of paper by a pin.

The high efficiency of the nanofiber layer was also confirmed by tests of professional institutes:

  • The Textile Testing Institute in Brno verified an effective capture of microorganisms ≥ 99.0%.
  • The Technical University of Liberec proved an effective capture of dust particles ≥ 99.0%.
  • The State Institute of Public Health in Prague did not detect any negative reactions when in contact with human skin.

Together with the bottom layer of highly durable fabric made of 100% polyester, Nanocotton® is an ideal material that reliably protects, is breathable, strong, absorbent, has a beautiful luxurious appearance and is incredibly soft. Moreover, even after many washes, it does not lose its vibrant colors. Not only allergy sufferers and asthmatics will love Nanocotton® for these unique properties, but everyone who wants to do their best for the quality of their sleep.

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