Discover the Secret of Moisturizing Cosmetics with MYRAMAZE® Natural Active Ingredients

Caring for your skin can sometimes be a tough nut to crack. In the search for ways to help natural hydration and utilize ingredients derived from nature, a small miracle has been discovered. It's a blend of substances collectively known as MYRAMAZE®, with the main component originating from an inconspicuous South African shrub. What can such cosmetics do, and what makes these ingredients unique?



What Does Cosmetics with MYRAMAZE® Substances Contain?

The unique hydrating face mask is primarily based on the key substance called MYRAMAZE®. The composition is completely developed to provide maximum support for deep skin hydration. If you decide to use a cream, the formulation is tailored for regular daily use. On the other hand, a mask with the effective substance MYRAMAZE® has individual components adjusted to provide the most intensive effect. However, the essential foundation lies in the special extract from the South African shrub, which can significantly enhance the regeneration of tired and stressed skin.

Truly effective cosmetic preparations naturally include additional ingredients that support the overall effectiveness and help the substance penetrate the skin better. The combination with hyaluronic acid and similar acids, known for their beneficial effects on the skin's condition and health, is primarily used to enhance the hydration results.

The Mysterious Properties of the South African Shrub Myrothamnus Flabellifolia

A small and inconspicuous South African shrub with the Latin name Myrothamnus flabellifolia naturally occurs in regions with desert climates. And because survival in such a landscape is not easy for a plant, the shrub had to develop defensive mechanisms. One of them lies in the specific composition of its own metabolites. It contains substances that can fully utilize every drop of water. The entire survival principle of the shrub, which must rely on rainfall occurring at irregular intervals interspersed with long periods of drought, lies in its maximum ability to retain water and thus hydrate. And this particular characteristic is ideal for caring for the skin, which also appears dry and unhealthy when lacking water.

Ancient civilizations noticed these intriguing properties and used the plant in the form of oils or water. However, the primary purpose was not purely cosmetic, but rather the extract allegedly helped with coughs, flu, or pain relief. Nowadays, it is worth mentioning the impressive properties utilized for cosmetics. The effectiveness of the extract from the Myrothamnus flabellifolia shrub has been confirmed by scientific studies, which is one of the reasons why it bears the patented trade name MYRAMAZE® and transforms an average facial mask or cream into a truly hydrating product.


Quick Help for Dehydrated Skin? Intensive Hydrating Mask

There are moments when regular hydration is not enough. That's precisely when the Moisture Protect 48h 50ml Intensive Hydrating Face Mask becomes a suitable choice. The active ingredients MYRAMAZE® significantly differentiate this product from similar cosmetic preparations. The mask is particularly suitable during stressful periods and moments when you struggle with drier skin. After application, the skin feels refreshed and regains its elasticity. The hydration lasts for at least 48 hours, and for long-lasting results, it is best to combine it with other products containing this effective ingredient. Owners of dry skin prone to dehydration will especially appreciate this highly hydrating care.

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When to Benefit the Most from Cosmetics with MYRAMAZE®

It could be said that using quality cosmetics containing MYRAMAZE® is suitable for every skin type. Even seemingly perfect skin is often exposed to stress and demanding conditions, which require a proper boost with truly effective ingredients.

Deep hydration with MYRAMAZE® not only means profound moisturization of the skin through a natural way of water retention but also helps combat loss of elasticity. The combination of these properties makes it an excellent tool for slowing down aging and maintaining beautiful, fresh-looking skin even after years. The overall improvement of the skin's structure can also have preventive effects on reducing acne or similar issues. Thanks to its natural composition, cosmetics with MYRAMAZE® are particularly suitable for sensitive skin, where it is advisable to compare its effects with other well-known ingredients or complement them in various ways.

And in which Situations Is the Ideal Moment for Thorough Skin Hydration?

  • during dehydration (due to air conditioning, alcohol consumption, etc.)

  • during dryness in freezing temperatures

  • during demanding periods with a lack of sleep

  • after prolonged exposure to the sun

  • especially suitable for individuals with naturally dry skin

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Hydration is crucial for preventing wrinkles and maintaining facial contours, including their freshness and clarity. This applies not only to regular daily care but also as an intensive measure during more challenging situations. Stressed skin can be brought back to an optimal state thanks to the MYRAMAZE® ingredients. When traveling, don't forget to pack a smaller size of hydrating mask or serum because your skin will certainly appreciate it.

For owners of extremely dry skin prone to flaking and increased wrinkle formation, it should be considered an essential part of their skincare routine. Quality cosmetics with MYRAMAZE® offer a way to fully enjoy the feeling of nourished and fresh skin. Moreover, it is a naturally derived ingredient, so you mostly know what you are applying to your skin.


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