Proper skin cleansing is essential for maintaining the health and beauty of your skin. It's important to use suitable cleansing products that are appropriate for your skin type.

If you use makeup, start by removing it with an oil-based makeup remover, and then cleanse your skin thoroughly with a water-based cleanser. If you don't use makeup, try cleansing your skin with a solid "non-soap" cleanser with prebiotics from the French brand Gallinée, which has balanced pH and is suitable even for those with sensitive skin. If you have oily skin, it's advisable to cleanse your skin in the morning as well. You can try a cleansing gel, toner, or foam. For deep cleansing, we recommend using a cleansing mask once a week to remove any remaining dead skin cells.




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Set of 2 pcs of nanoSPACE Cosmetics Toothpaste with TePe Toothbrushes  Save the environment by brushing your teeth.

This set includes: 2x Vegan Flouride Free Natural Whitening Toothpaste 125 ml nanoSPACE Cosmetics 1x Limited-Edition Pink Ribbon TePe GOOD Bio-based Plastic Toothbrush

3 Pcs Set: Vegan Natural Toothpaste nanoSPACE Cosmetics  Save the environment by brushing your teeth.

Purchase a practical bundle of our top-selling toothpastes and not only cut costs, but also contribute to environmental preservation through daily oral hygiene. Our vegan, 99%...

9 pack

The revolutionary dry sheet nanofiber face masks for professional at-home skincare. This cutting-edge mask is a favorite among beauty salons and provides a powerful dose of...

Vegan Flouride Free Natural Whitening Toothpaste 125 ml nanoSPACE Cosmetics  99 % organic

Introducing our environmentally friendly vegan whitening toothpaste! Our formula is designed to give you a brighter smile without harsh chemicals. We use hydroxyapatite, a...

rozjasnujici maska predni

Introducing the revolutionary Brightening Dry Sheet Nanofiber Face Mask [n]fibrecare - the ultimate solution for achieving a radiant and even-toned skin. This dry sheet...

Gallinée Foaming Facial Cleanser 150 ml  sensitive skin, allergy sufferers

Ultra-gentle facial wash – the perfect daily cleanser. Your skin is left fresh, clear & healthy. Combination of prebiotics & lactic acid to support your skin’s good bacteria....

Gallinée Hair Cleasing Cream 200 ml  for people with atopic eczema

A revolutionary sulphate-free cream shampoo. The non-foaming cleanser leaves hair clean, healthy & shiny, and scalp soothed Perfect for all hair & scalp types, even...

Gallinée Cleansing Bar  suitable for atopics and allergies

Gallinée Cleansing bar is Award-winning no-soap cleanser. The Cleansing Bar is not a soap. This dermatological bar is non-stripping & ultra-gentle, formulated at ph 5.8 to...

Gallinée Prebiotic Cleansing Bar Parfume-Free

An ultra gentle, soap and fragrance free pH balanced cleansing bar. It hydrates, repairs and cleanses. Safe to for use on both face and body. Rich in lactic acid So gentle,...

Acne Mask 50 ml

The Acne Mask 50ml is a gentle mask specifically designed for acne-prone skin. It utilizes natural polymer P3HB to absorb impurities from the skin pores and regulate sebum...

Bamboo Charoal Mask 50 ml

Dive into a detoxifying skincare experience with NAFIGATE's Peel-off Cleansing Bamboo Charcoal Mask. This expert blend harnesses the power of Bamboo Charcoal to extract...

Skin Recovery Cream 50 ml

A moisturizer for mature skin that softens wrinkles and provides your skin with the necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It promotes collagen production and fights...

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