Nanofiber Mask BreaSAFE COMMUNITY MASK TEENS 8 - 12 years - different color variants including different patterns, FFP2

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The BreaSAFE® COMMUNITY MASK TEENS Nanofiber Reusable Disinfectable Mask is based on the popular BreaSAFE® COMMUNITY MASK FFP2 Respirator. It is therefore a reduced version of the FFP2 respirator, but according to the legislation it is not a respirator, because the legislation does not recognize a children's respirator. It contains NnF MBRANE BreaSAFE® nanofibrous membrane,which has been tested by Nelson Labs, a global testing laboratory in the USA who officially confirmed that the nanofiber membrane captures 99.9% of viruses and bacteria (VFE and BFE tests).

  • a light and durable protective device
  • nose clip for better fit on the face
  • with proper handling, you can safely use the mask for several days
  • FFP2 membrane capture - innovative nanofibrous membrane NnF MBRANE - BreaSAFE®
  • high level of breathability and comfort
  • different color variants including different patterns
  • 1 package contains 5 pcs

Detailed information

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Product detailed description

Children's Nanofiber Mask BreaSAFE® COMMUNITY MASK KIDS / TEENS is a nanofiber reusable protective device intended for children, which contains a nanofiber membrane NnF MBRANE - BreaSAFE®, which forms the basis of FFP2 and FFP3 class respirators.


  • Contains nanofiber membrane NnF - MBRANE BreaSAFE® by Pardam Nano4fibers from Europe.
  • Reusable - the half mask can be disinfected (min. 5 disinfection cycles).
  • Nose clip for better fit on the face.
  • Lightweight and durable - put it in your pocket and you're always ready
  • Super breathable, comfortable and well fitting (various sizes)

Why Do Children's Respirators Not Exist and Cannot Be Certified as an FFP2 Respirator?

Class FFP2 and FFP3 respirators were intended for protection in paint shops or coal mines. They are tested on adult lungs, it is not tested on children at all. Children have a much smaller lung capacity. This means that these protective work equipment are not intended for children at all, because children do not work. The standard for testing respirators is not adapted to test and certify children's sizes.

How Are TEENS and KIDS Sizes Different?

KIDS - intended for children aged 5 - 7 years

Dimensions: 14 cm from the bridge of the nose to the end of the rubber bands, 10.5 cm from the bridge of the nose to the chin (bottom edge)

TEENS - intended for children aged 8 - 12 years

Dimensions: 15 cm from the bridge of the nose to the end of the rubber bands, 10.5 cm from the bridge of the nose to the chin (bottom edge) 

Why Can a Children's Mask with a Nanofiber Membrane Be Worn Repeatedly?

Internal tests have shown that the BreaSAFE® COMMUNITY MASK KIDS / TEENS children's mask retains its filtering capabilities even after disinfection treatment. The respirator has this ability thanks to the innovative nanofibrous membrane NnF MBRANE - BreaSAFE®.


After each use, we recommend applying disinfectant in the form of an aerosol spray to the outside and inside of the half mask. The respirator cannot be cleaned from dust clogging. We therefore recommend that when used in dusty environments, it should be changed after each use.

Additional parameters

Category: Nano Face Masks for Kids
Efficiency: FFP2
Intended for: Children
Size: For children
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J Avatar of author | 10.2.2022
The granddaughter is satisfied
Avatar of author | 9.2.2022
+ Czech product

Avatar of author | 9.2.2022
+ Czech product

Avatar of author | 1.2.2022
My daughter (10) really appreciates the more pleasant breathing through this respirator. The design is of course great (pink and swans are a safe bet). The size fits her perfectly and does not hurt behind the ears.

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The PARDAM NANO4FIBERS s.r.o. company is the world's leading producer of inorganic nanofibers and nanotechnology products. The company is a member of the Nanotechnology Industry Association of the Czech Republic and part of the project Czechia is nano.


PARDAM produces and sells FFP2 and FFP3 respirators with nanofiber membrane, which works 

Respirators are designed for comfortable use during demanding physical activity as well as for everyday use. They are suitable for working in a dusty environment, with organic solvents, but also for protection against allergens, viruses and bacteria.

Microorganisms, including viruses and bacteria, that get caught in the nanofiber filter will die in a short time thanks to the silver nanoparticles used. Therefore, users can use the respirator repeatedly and wait with it in health and well-being, even a possible several-week epidemic of a serious respiratory disease. 

What is "COVID-19 Certification"?

In response to the new coronavirus pandemic, the European Union has issued a recommendation that regulates the way the market (especially medical and protective equipment) is supervised in relation to COVID-19. A new official certification type (alongside the FFP series) for COVID-19 has been created to test products against the new standard. As a result, users of COVID-19 certified products can be confident that the respirators are sufficiently effective against SARS-COV-2.