SpurTex® VS Premium Nano Masks for Children - 10 pcs

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Medical device
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Dětské nano roušky SpurTex® VS Premium - 10 ks (Velikost Junior M)
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SpurTex® VS Premium nano masks with nanofiber membrane for children, filtration efficiency equivalent to FFP2.

  • Reinforced bendable edge.
  • European made by SPUR.
  • Available in Baby (2+), Junior S (6+) and Junior M (10+) - the age for the size is only indicative, always choose according to the dimensions given in the detailed description.
  • We offer packs of 10 protective nano masks for children.
  • Elastic bands made of nylon.
  • Purchased respirators, masks and filters cannot be exchanged or returned for hygiene reasons.

The respirators cannot be returned or exchanged for hygiene reasons.

Detailed information

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The largest seller of nano products
More than 400 nanotechnology products under one roof.
Výhoda 2
Czech production
We manufacture nanoSPACE brand products in the Czech Republic

Product detailed description

Protective 3-layer respiratory mask with nanofiber membrane from the European manufacturer SPUR. The nano material has a proven 84% capture for virus-sized particles. The nano mask is suitable for all those who need a higher degree of protection (medical personnel, chronically ill, risk groups, allergy and asthma sufferers). nanofiber masks for children are disposable and have a reinforced, bendable edge that easily adapts to any face shape.

SPUR's nanofiber masks are disposable, contain a nanofiber filter and are used for professional protection against viruses, bacteria as well as smog and allergens. When filtering the smallest particles (viruses), the nano material has been shown to have a filtration capacity of 84%, which meets FFP2. For full filtration capacity, the mask needs to fit tight to the child's face to ensure proper seal. The measurement of the filtration efficiency was performed at the Institute of Chemical Technology of the CAS, the measurement protocol is dated 1 April 2020.

How Does the Nanofiber Membrane in the SpurTex® VS Premium Nano Masks for Children?

The nanofiber is 1000 times thinner than a human hair and is invisible to the naked eye. In the European, we are experts in nanofibers and were the first in the world to develop a device for the industrial production of nanofibers in 2004 in Liberec. Most manufacturers today use meltblown technology to produce nanofibers, but the European company Spur produces nanofibers using electrospinning, thanks to which they are able to produce fibres much thinner and achieve the highest filtration capabilities.

Nanofibers are spun into a nanofiber membrane, which can be thought of as a very dense network or filter. The holes in this filter are so small that an air molecule can pass through, but a bacteria, virus or allergen cannot. The nanofiber membrane has been tested to trap sub-micron particles (10 - 400 nm) and is therefore ideal for trapping a wide variety of bacteria and viruses (SARS-CoV-2 virus is reported to have a realistic size of 80 to 150 nm).

The Difference between a Common Mask of Non-woven Textile and a Nano Mask

About SpurTex® VS L2 V1

SpurTex® VS L2 V1 material, which is used for the nano mask for children, fully complies with the material requirements of the European standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009 for filtering half-masks against particles and meets the quality class FFP2. In addition, however, the SpurTex® VS L2 V1 material, thanks to the unique properties of the nanofiber filter layer, exhibits excellent capture efficiency in the ultrafine particle range (10-400 nm) and is therefore ideal for the capture of a wide variety of bacteria and viruses (the SARS-CoV-2 virus has a reported realistic size of 80-150 nm). These filtration properties are simultaneously achieved at very low pressure drops, which not only significantly increases breathing comfort when wearing the nano mask, but also reduces the pressure drop between the edge of the nano-armor and the face, thus reducing the risk of unwanted particles passing through this area.

Classification of SpurTex® VS L2 V1 according to EN 149

SpurTex® VS L2 V1 material classification according to EN 149

Description Class Filtration of 400nm partical stream

Pressure loss

Filtration of 400nm partical stream Filtration of 400nm partical stream at air flow rate 95l/min-1 Air flow rate 30l/min-1

Air flow rate 95l/min-1

Standard EN 149

FFP2 94 - 99% 94 - 99% < 70 Pa < 240 Pa

SpurTex VS L2 V1

FFP2 >97% >97% 40 - 60 Pa < 220 Pa

Measured by Lorenz, VVU Sigma Lutín

Typical nano structure of Spurtex PP L2 V11 fitler material
(magnified 5000x by electron microscope)


1 The measurements were performed on a special test rig at the Institute of Chemical Processes of the CAS using monodisperse aerosol fractions of the (NH4)2SO4 salt solution with sizes of approximately 20-400 nm (protocol issued on 1 April 2020).
2 CMD (Count Mobility Diameter) – distribution of particles by quantities.

Protecting the User from the Environment

The extremely dense nanofiber membrane captures the most common biological threats to human health known today, such as viruses, dust, allergens and smog. The disposable nano-mask is made of a unique nanostructured filter material SpurTex® PP and provides effective active respiratory protection, especially in the capture of ultra-fine particles with sizes from 10 to 400 nm (i.e. bacteria and viruses).

Thanks to the low pressure resistance, the mask remain perfectly breathable and allows easy breathing. The ergonomics of the mask have been designed to ensure not only protection from the environment but also perfect user comfort.

Benefits of the SpurTex® VS Premium Nano Masks for Children:

  • A nanofiber respirator has comparable filtration efficiency to a non-vented respirator.
  • The nanofiber hood protects the user from the environment.
  • It protects against COVID-19, influenza, as well as bacteria and allergens.
  • It is suitable for allergy and asthma sufferers.


How Long Can a SpurTex® VS Premium Nano Masks for Children Be Worn for?

Nano masks are disposable. They can commonly be worn for 3-8 hours depending on the environment.

What Is the Difference between a Mouthpiece and a Mask?

These are two names of the same product protecting the respiratory system.

No Chemicals

SPUR antivirus masks with nanofiber work on the principle of a mechanical barrier and they do not use any chemicals.

The Mask Effectively Protects Your Child Against:

  • Smog,
  • allergens,
  • pollen,
  • bacteria,
  • viruses,
  • fungi.

Sizing of the SpurTex® VS Premium Nano Masks for Children




Total length of elastic band

Baby 60 x 155 mm 115 x 155 mm 155 mm
Junior S 55 x 155 mm 120 x 155 mm 180 mm
Junior M 60 x 160 mm 125 x 155 mm 205 mm

The dimension when unfolded is measured from nose root to chin (in the centre of the unfolded mask).

Masks are handmade. Dimensions measured above may vary by up to 1 cm and are approximate. A difference in dimensions within the stated tolerance does not constitute grounds for a complaint.

Maintenance of the SpurTex® VS Premium Nano Masks for Children

The SpurTex® VS filter children's mask is categorised as disposable material. Its unique filtration properties are only retained for a very limited time depending on the environment. This is because in normal use, after 3-8 hours, dangerous particles (bacteria, viruses, etc.) become significantly concentrated in the special nanofiber filter and the mask must be changed frequently in contaminated environments. The nanofiber structure itself is not treated with any antimicrobial treatment.

How to Sterilise the SpurTex® VS Premium Nano Masks for Children

It is not recommended to wash or iron the material. The recommended method of sterilization is by germicidal (UV-C) lamps or oxidative sterilizer (20 minutes on each side). The mask can also be sterilized by light spraying with ethanol or a suitable  disinfectant, but the mask must not get wet and must be allowed to dry completely afterwards. The mask can be sterilised in this way 1-3 times. Steam sterilisation is not recommended. Other sterilisation methods must be discussed with the manufacturer.

How to Put on and Use the Mask (in Line with WHO Recommendations)?

Putting on the Mask:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water, wipe your hands with a disposable towel and use disinfectant.
  2. Remove the mask from the packaging and check its integrity.
  3. Grasp the mask so that the folded edge is at the top.
  4. When fastening with strings - hold the mask at the root of the nose and tie the top strings at the top of the head with. Then grasp the bottom strings and tie them at the nape of the neck. Shape the edge of the drape to the shape of your nose.
  5. When fastening elastic bands - grasp the elastic bands in both hands and pull them taut behind your ears. Pull the mask as high as possible to the root of your nose and shape it appropriately.
  6. Grasp the bottom edge of the mask and pull over the mouth and chin.

Removing the Mask:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water, wipe your hands with a disposable towel and use disinfectant. Do not touch the front side of the mask.
  2. When fastened with strings - untie the lower string at the back of your head, then the upper one and remove the mask holding it only by the strings.
  3. When fastened with elastic bands - grasp the bands in both of your hands and remove the mask holding it only by the elastic bands.
  4. Dispose of the mask in the mixed waste. Wash your hands with soap and water, wipe your hands with a disposable towel and use disinfectant.


The nano mask is made of SpurTex® VS, a trilaminate composed of viscose-based non-woven fabrics with grammages from 60 to 90 g.m-2 and a specially developed active nanofiber filter layer made of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) polymer prepared using the latest unique technology of polymer solution softening in an electrostatic field.

The Children's Mask Is Safe for Children and the Environment

The nano mask does not contain any highly fragile borosilicate microfibres commonly used in standard respiratory protective equipment, which have negative environmental, but above all health properties (their use may result in the separation of sharp needle-like particles, which have potentially carcinogenic effects).


The seller accepts no liability, whether direct or indirect, for damages (including loss of profit or loss of reputation) caused by improper application or use of SpurTex® VS.

About SPUR

The Zlín-based nanotechnology company Spur has been operating on the market since 1992, when it was mainly engaged in the production of plastic products. After several years of intensive research in the field of nanotechnology, we presented our results to the public for the first time at the NANOTECH 2012 trade fair in Japan.

During the presentation, the emphasis was placed on the technological equipment that we have developed - i.e. the production line for the preparation of nanofibers SPIN Line. We also presented the SpurTex nanostructured filter materials. Spur is a member of the European Nanotechnology Industries Association and a partner in the European is Nano education project.


Additional parameters

Category: Nano Face Masks for Kids
Attachment: Rubber bands
Intended for: Children
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Avatar of author | 31.1.2022
In this mask, as in the only one, the child can get through the whole school day without any problems. Excellent Czech product.
KP Avatar of author | 24.11.2021
They sit very well on the face, they do not pull, my daughter praises them very much (of course, it would be better without them, but what can be done). I recommend.
Avatar of author | 18.11.2021
The veil fits my 11-year-old daughter perfectly
IB Avatar of author | 30.10.2021
It shapes well, the Junior S variant fits a seven year old very well, it is comfortable enough to wear. My experience with the same material is that you need to pay attention to wetting, for example in severe frost, then the permeability will be significantly reduced.
Avatar of author | 1.10.2021
Fits well.
Avatar of author | 2.8.2021
+ daughter tolerates him well
+ does not strangle behind the ears, or so far my daughter is not complaining
+ relatively soft material
+ shapeable on the nose - metal insert
+ Czech manufacturer

functional + tolerable for my daughter, so good for us
Avatar of author | 3.6.2021
nice material, fits well, does not stretch
Avatar of author | 4.4.2021
+ Quality for small children
- Rather for children up to 2 years - smaller rubber bands behind the ears

Avatar of author | 2.2.2021
+ breathable
- tight for the given age

We will use it for a smaller age group - up to 6 years.
Avatar of author | 2.2.2021
+ The only mask in which my baby breathes well

Avatar of author | 25.1.2021
Velikostně na 6letého sedí, ale stěžuje si, že se mu v ní špatně dýchá, hlavně že při nádechu se mu posunuje do pusy a vadí mu to.
Avatar of author | 13.12.2020
+ It is said to be very breathable, you can handle school lessons in it.
+ It can be shaped well around the nose, fits well.
- Smaller. An eight-year-old child pulls his ears a lot.

The masks are rather smaller - the eight-year-old son's ears are pulled a lot. On the other hand, they fit a five-year-old perfectly and a three-year-old decently too - with a clip behind the head, they are great (even though they are intended for the 6+ category). I got a little used to the evaluation on the D-Test, where according to the tests they put it in the FFP1 category. I invested mainly for the best possible protection of school-age children, and thus also other family members. The question of efficiency is quite fundamental.
Avatar of author | 24.11.2020
They are tight for my 4-year-old son because of the short elastics, but he got used to it. We will probably be moving to size 6+ soon
Avatar of author | 22.11.2020
+ my grandson's favorite mask - he breathes well in it

JD Avatar of author | 17.11.2020
The mask fits our 2-year-old daughter perfectly, she breathes well through it, she has no problem staying with it for quite a long time. We are satisfied, thank you :-)
Avatar of author | 12.11.2020
Koupila jsem roušku pro 6lete dítě a je malá,bylo by vhodné uvádět vzdálenost od špičky nosu k usim
Avatar of author | 7.11.2020
+ Practical fitting with rubber bands
- Rubber bands could be a little longer, my four-year-old son has them quite tight. But maybe the mask seals better that way.

My son hasn't gotten used to the scarf yet (handling it is more difficult for a child), but he wears these masks without a problem.
Avatar of author | 26.10.2020
Když se vůbec vyjadřujeme k rouškám .... Věřím vysoké kvalitě roušek od této firmy, nestojím o čínské roušky s pochybnými certifikáty. Dobře se přes ně dýchá.
Avatar of author | 22.10.2020
+ Příjemné, dobře se přes ně dýchá
+ Dobře sedí

Sedí dceři 11let i 5 letému synovi. Menší velikost bych doporučila pro děti tak do 3 let.
Avatar of author | 22.10.2020
+ Comfortable to wear
+ Breathes quite well through them

Size 2-6 I bought it for my 5-year-old son and they are small for him, I would say more for children up to 3 years old. The larger fits my son and daughter 11 years old.
Avatar of author | 6.10.2020
Roušky jsou lehoučké a dobře sedí.
Avatar of author | 5.10.2020
Avatar of author | 29.9.2020
+ It fits well on my son's (7 years old) face and according to him, he breathes much better with the mask than through a cloth mask
- Slightly higher price compared to disposable masks - perhaps justified by the filtering ability

Avatar of author | 29.9.2020
- pro devítileté dítě malá, krátké gumičky

Avatar of author | 28.9.2020
+ Dobre pro deti

Avatar of author | 27.9.2020
I have 2 children - 8 and 10 years old, and both of them have small headscarves.
Avatar of author | 26.9.2020
+ Uzpůsobeno dětskému obličeji

Avatar of author | 26.9.2020
+ rychlost

Avatar of author | 21.9.2020
+ They are very convenient for children due to their lightness and high protection.

Avatar of author | 21.9.2020
We haven't taken off the masks yet. We have them as an addition to home-made masks with an inserted filter. Because the amount we need for school is really large. 2 masks per day for one child.... I don't have time to sew or wash :-)
Avatar of author | 19.9.2020
+ Vhodná velikost pro děti

Avatar of author | 18.9.2020
The quality of the masks is fine, but they are certainly smaller in size than for children and six-year-olds. They are small for us even at less than 4 years old. We donated to a 2-year-old girl.
Avatar of author | 18.9.2020
The mask is of good quality, but the size seems a little small for the indicated age.
Avatar of author | 16.9.2020
Sedí přesně na obličej, je prodyšná.
Avatar of author | 9.9.2020
Fits well, from a trusted manufacturer
KB Avatar of author | 27.7.2020
Fits well, but more for smaller children under 6 years old. Fast shipping.

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A Avatar of author nanoroušky 9.7.2020 19:12
Dobrý den, uvažuje výrobce o nanorouškách pro menší děti ( od dvou let). Děkuji .

The nanotechnology company Spur from Zlín has been operating on the market since 1992, when it mainly dealt with the production of plastic products. After several years of intensive research in the field of nanotechnology, she presented the results to the public at the NANOTECH 2012 fair in Japan.

Since 2018, SPUR has continued research and testing within the Center for Polymer Systems at UTB, where it continues to develop and produce its own nanofibers. Serial production of the nanomaterial began in March 2020 with significant advisory and consulting support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade and CzechInvest.

The production program of protective equipment includes, in addition to certified respirators and nanofiber masks produced on machines, also special sewn NANO masks SpurTex for adults and children, which are 97% BIO-based, i.e. made of natural material - viscose. They are breathable, ensure a comfortable and at the same time tight fit to the face and provide maximum protection against viruses and bacteria.

We also presented filter materials with SpurTex nanostructures. Spur is a member of the Nanotechnology Industry Association of the Czech Republic and part of the popularization project Czechia is nano.

About nano respirators

SPUR a.s. is a company based in Zlín, which in 2012 developed its own line for the production of nanofibers SPIN Line and since then has been developing filtration nanomaterials of the Spurtex series. In February 2020, it brought to the market a new type of nanomembrane, Spurtex VS, which meets the standards for the production of medical masks functional for the capture of coronavirus. 

Spurtex VS material captures 70 to 95% of particles and does so at low pressure resistance (45 to 85 hPa), which makes end products highly breathable. SPUR respirators and masks meet FFP2 capturing requirements.

SPUR masks

SPUR nanofiber masks are disposable and serve as professional protection against viruses, bacteria, smog and allergens.

The material SpurTex® VS L2 V1, from which the nano mask is made, fully complies with the material requirements of the European standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009 for filtering half-masks against particles and meets the quality class FFP2. However, thanks to the unique properties of the nanofiber filter layer, the SpurTex® VS L2 V1 material also exhibits excellent capture efficiency in the ultrafine particle range (10-400 nm) and is therefore ideal for the capture of a wide variety of bacteria and viruses (the SARS-CoV-2 virus has a reported realistic size of 80-150 nm).

SPUR offers masks for children and masks for adults.

SPUR respirators

SPUR respirators have a proven capture of 98.5% and meet quality class FFP2 and FFP3 (the latter requires capture of at least 94%). They are cheap, light and very breathable. Respirators are valveless and suitable for professional and home use.

Filters for masks SPUR

SPUR also produces disposable filters for cotton masks from the same material.