Children's Respirator Shaped Face Mask NANOSIK® for children aged 6 to 8 years (age is approximate)

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Children's certified nano mask in the shape of a respirator, which was developed specifically for the protection of children. Children's respirators are not recognized by legislation and therefore cannot be certified according to the standard for respirators. The membrane capture is eq. FFP2.

  • children's 4-layer NANOSIK® respiratory protection 
  • for children aged 6 to 8 years (age is approximate)
  • excellent breathability
  • made of pleasant material
  • in a practical resealable package
  • different motifs
  • the package contains 5 pcs

In case of emergency decontamination, SPURTEX® Unisanol disinfection can be used.

Detailed information

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Product detailed description

Children's 4-layer respiratory protection NANOSÍK® made of nanostructured filter material SPURTEX® PP. This is a new generation of SPURTEX® PP filter material, which is used for the production ofSPURTEX® nanoproducts. NANOSIK® fits perfectly to a small child's face, is comfortable and extremely breathable. Thanks to the internal nanofiber membrane, it effectively protects your children from any pathogens in the air.

Why Do Children's Respirators Not Exist and Cannot Be Certified as an FFP2 Respirator?

Class FFP2 and FFP3 respirators were intended for protection in paint shops or coal mines. They are tested on adult lungs, it is not tested on children at all. Children have a much smaller lung capacity. This means that these protective work equipment are not intended for children at all, because children do not work. The standard for testing respirators is not adapted to test and certify children's sizes.

NANOSIK® Is a Children's Designer Mask in the Shape of a Respirator.

We combined the lightness and easy breathability of the mask with the fit factor and safe tightness of the respirator.

The respirator (FFP2) is exclusively defined as protective work equipment in polluted operations and is tested according to EN 149:2001 +A1:2009 on adults. It is commonly characterized by having a high filtration efficiency, but associated with a higher pressure resistance, making it difficult for the wearer to breathe. For children who have less lung capacity, wearing these protective work equipment all day cannot be beneficial.

For that reason, we decided to present the NANOSÍK® compromise - a specially developed design mask for easy breathing with an effective filter nanomembrane that prevents the inhalation of pathogens. At the same time, there is no approach when the child breathes around the edges of the respirator, and not through the filter itself, due to the strong filter in FFP2 respirators.

How to Use NANOSIK®

Always check the expiration date and package integrity before use.

  • Before application, check the integrity of design mask and its packaging.
  • Put the design mask on your face so that it covers your nose and mouth and fasten it with rubber bands.
  • Seal the mask with an adjustable metal nose clip



What Is the Size of the Respirator?

Dimensions: 13 cm from the bridge of the nose to the end of the elastics, 13 cm from the bridge of the nose to the chin (bottom edge)

Long Life

NANOSIK® masks are permanently effective, which is why they have a lifespan of 5 years, which is completely unique compared to other products on the market, which have a limited filter effectiveness. The nanomembrane used inNANOSIK® design masks works only on the principle of mechanical capture thanks to nanofibers, not electrostatic charge as in the case of ordinary masks and respirators, which of course lose their filtering efficiency over time, and therefore the ability to capture ultrafine particles.

How Does the Nanofiber Membrane in NANOSIK® Work?

The nanofiber is 1000 times thinner than a human hair and is invisible to the naked eye. In the European, we are experts in nanofibers and were the first in the world to develop a device for the industrial production of nanofibers in 2004 in Liberec. Most manufacturers today use meltblown technology to produce nanofibers, but the European company SPUR produces nanofibers by electrospinning. Thanks to this, they are able to produce fibers much thinner and achieve the highest filtration capabilities.

The nanofibers are spun into a nanofiber membrane, which can be imagined as a very dense net or filter. The holes in this filter are so small that an air molecule can pass through, but a bacteria, virus or allergen cannot. The nanofiber membrane has been tested for capturing sub-micron particles (10-400 nm) and is therefore ideal for capturing a wide variety of bacteria and viruses (SARS-CoV-2 virus is reported to have a realistic size of 80-150 nm).

About the Material

NANOSIK® is made of SpurTex® PP material, which is a 4-layer laminate consisting of non-woven polypropylene fabrics and a specially developed active nanofiber filter layer made of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) polymer prepared using the latest technology of polymer solution softening in an electrostatic field.

NANOSIK® does not contain any of the highly fragile borosilicate microfibers sometimes used in standard respiratory protective devices, which have negative environmental but above all health qualities. The nanofiber filter polymer layer is firmly fixed between the surface layers, which both guarantees good final mechanical properties of the final product and eliminates the possibility of damage to the very fine polymer nanofibers during handling and use.

The surface layers consisting of non-woven polypropylene fabrics in contact with the skin do not contain any significant skin irritants and have the necessary expertise.

No Chemicals

NANOSIK® with nanofibers works on the principle of a mechanical barrier. No chemicals are used here.


Washing or ironing the material is not recommended. Due to the content of the metal nose clip, we strongly do not recommend sterilizing in a microwave oven. Do not store in direct sunlight.

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Category: Nano Face Masks for Kids
Efficiency: FFP2
Intended for: Children
Size: For children
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SH Avatar of author | 14.1.2022
MH Avatar of author | 14.1.2022
Satisfied, fits my son well.
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Handy even for adults, small faces :) They stick nicely.
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Very light, comfortable to wear.

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The nanotechnology company Spur from Zlín has been operating on the market since 1992, when it mainly dealt with the production of plastic products. After several years of intensive research in the field of nanotechnology, she presented the results to the public at the NANOTECH 2012 fair in Japan.

Since 2018, SPUR has continued research and testing within the Center for Polymer Systems at UTB, where it continues to develop and produce its own nanofibers. Serial production of the nanomaterial began in March 2020 with significant advisory and consulting support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade and CzechInvest.

The production program of protective equipment includes, in addition to certified respirators and nanofiber masks produced on machines, also special sewn NANO masks SpurTex for adults and children, which are 97% BIO-based, i.e. made of natural material - viscose. They are breathable, ensure a comfortable and at the same time tight fit to the face and provide maximum protection against viruses and bacteria.

We also presented filter materials with SpurTex nanostructures. Spur is a member of the Nanotechnology Industry Association of the Czech Republic and part of the popularization project Czechia is nano.

About nano respirators

SPUR a.s. is a company based in Zlín, which in 2012 developed its own line for the production of nanofibers SPIN Line and since then has been developing filtration nanomaterials of the Spurtex series. In February 2020, it brought to the market a new type of nanomembrane, Spurtex VS, which meets the standards for the production of medical masks functional for the capture of coronavirus. 

Spurtex VS material captures 70 to 95% of particles and does so at low pressure resistance (45 to 85 hPa), which makes end products highly breathable. SPUR respirators and masks meet FFP2 capturing requirements.

SPUR masks

SPUR nanofiber masks are disposable and serve as professional protection against viruses, bacteria, smog and allergens.

The material SpurTex® VS L2 V1, from which the nano mask is made, fully complies with the material requirements of the European standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009 for filtering half-masks against particles and meets the quality class FFP2. However, thanks to the unique properties of the nanofiber filter layer, the SpurTex® VS L2 V1 material also exhibits excellent capture efficiency in the ultrafine particle range (10-400 nm) and is therefore ideal for the capture of a wide variety of bacteria and viruses (the SARS-CoV-2 virus has a reported realistic size of 80-150 nm).

SPUR offers masks for children and masks for adults.

SPUR respirators

SPUR respirators have a proven capture of 98.5% and meet quality class FFP2 and FFP3 (the latter requires capture of at least 94%). They are cheap, light and very breathable. Respirators are valveless and suitable for professional and home use.

Filters for masks SPUR

SPUR also produces disposable filters for cotton masks from the same material.