StopBac STERILE Normal Antibacterial Patch 7,5 x 5 cm 4 pcs

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Stopbac antibacterial patches are based on an innovative nanotechnology solution using silver. Stopbac patches are suitable for wound treatment where sterile coverage is not required. The patches are designed for single treatment of minor wounds and deeper ones. It contains active silver ions that reduce bacteria and prevent the penetration of external bacterial infection. It significantly contributes to better wound healing.

  • Patch size: 7,5 x 5 cm.
  • Packaging: 4 pcs.

Detailed information

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Product detailed description

Unique Effects of Silver

Stopbac patches are based on a unique nanotechnology solution of a hybrid polymer matrix with bound silver cations in a colloidal solution containing silver nitrate. Silver is a substance that occurs naturally in trace amounts all around us. For many years, silver has not only been used in jewellery and electronics, but has also found its way into the medical field due to its disinfectant properties.

In the field of human healthcare and hygiene, the antibacterial effect of silver and its salts is essential. The active Ag+ ions act on bacterial cells and cause their destruction, leading to the complete death of the microorganism. This mechanism is effective not only for all common bacterial strains but also for most fungi. Moreover, unlike many other products, the effect of silver-containing products is long-lasting.

This unique antibacterial effect of silver together with a unique nanotechnology solution is used in all innovative products of the StopBac range, which are designed for modern healthcare and hygiene. StopBac products are treated with an active nanolayer using a unique European patented technology, which, thanks to a hybrid polymer matrix with bound silver salts, ensures its antimicrobial properties for a very long time.


How Do Silver Ions in StopBac STERILE Normal Antibacterial Patch Works?

Silver ions can act:

  • on specific chemical receptors of a number of proteins important for the bacteria cells, due to this effect the cell structure changes, the cells separate and the bacteria dies (apoptosis)
  • on bacterial enzymes, thereby disrupting other processes necessary for the survival of the bacteria, such as nutrient processing,
  • on the genetic information (DNA) of some bacterial cells, thereby interfering with their division and reproduction.

Is It Safe?

Yes, 100% safe. All Stopbac products have been properly tested and proven to be effective and safe.

A hybrid polymer containing these cations has been tested and proven to be negatively cytotoxic at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the CAS.

Contraindications - When Not to Use the Patch

The patch must be removed before application of imaging examination methods, e.g.

  • X-RAYS
  • SONO
  • ECG

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Since 1995, Grade Medical has been developing and manufacturing nanotechnology wound healing agents. It has its own research facility in Prague's Vinohrady Hospital and cooperates, for example, with the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University or the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the Czech Technical University.

The main products of the company are covering medical materials and shoe inserts of the brand StopBAC.

How do StopBAC products work?

The basis of all StopBAC products are silver nanoparticles that eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms. This suppresses the infection, prevents their multiplication and accelerates healing. In the inserts, silver nanoparticles contribute to the elimination of odors.

More information:

► Everything You Should Know About Silver Nanoparticles


Which StopBAC product to choose?

Choose the appropriate product according to the nature of your problem:

covering and sterilizing a small wound on the surface of the body -StopBac STERILE Normal antibacterial patch 7,5 x 5 cm 4 pcs, or StopBac STERILE Aquastop antibacterial water resistant patch 7,5 x 5 cm 4ks,

elimination of foot odor - antibacterial shoe inserts with StopBac ORTO TREND silver.