How to Sterilize Respirators and Face Masks

Respirators and masks have become our daily accessory. However, in order for them to serve their purpose well, it is necessary to handle them correctly and disinfect them. Do you know how to handle your nano respirator?

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Disinfection of the BreaSAFE ANTI-COVID FFP2 Face Mask

BresaSAFE ANTI-COVID is a respirator proven to capture up to 99% of virus-sized particles. In addition to FFP2 certification, it also has a COVID-19 certification, which guarantees sufficient protection against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. In addition, silver nanoparticles are used in BreaSAFE ANTI-COVID respirators, thanks to which microorganisms cannot survive and reproduce in the structure of the respirator. 
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How Long Can I Wear the Respirator?

BreaSAFE ANTI-COVID can be used safely for up to 14 days if properly handled and sterilized, as long as it is not contaminated. 

How to Sterilize the Respirator?

After each use, the respirator must be disinfected using a disinfectant based on 70% alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. It is possible to use our special disinfection for masks and respirators. Do not use hand or skin disinfectants for sterilization! They contain glycerin, which can clog the respirator and reduce its life, and it is also not safe to inhale. Also, avoid using products with hydrogen peroxide, which can damage the nanofibrous membrane in the respirator. The respirator must not be soaked in water or any other liquid. Boiling or steam sterilization as with cloth masks is therefore out of the question. 

When to Replace the Respirator?

If it becomes clogged with dust or other dirt, or if you feel that it is more difficult to breathe with the respirator, replace it immediately. Otherwise, it should last at least 2 weeks with proper sterilization. 


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SPURTEX Respirator Disinfection 

The SPURTEX Nano Respirator is proven to capture 98.5% of virus-sized particles and meets the FFP2 quality class. It is easy to breathe through thanks to the low pressure resistance and is very light and breathable. 

How Long Can I Wear the Respirator?

SPURTEX respirators are sold as disposable, but can be sterilized 3-5 times if necessary, as long as they are not damaged or clogged.

How to Sterilize the Respirator?

After use, the respirator can be sterilized in an emergency using a germicidal (UV-C) lamp for 15 minutes. The respirator can also be sterilized using alcohol or isopropyl alcohol disinfection. It is possible to use our special disinfection for masks and respirators. Steam sterilization, ironing or washing is not recommended for this respirator either. As in the previous case, do not use hand sanitizer or hydrogen peroxide disinfection.

When to Replace the Respirator?

SPURTEX nanofiber respirators can be safely used throughout the entire work shift (8 hours), they are also suitable for traveling by plane, bus or train. In normal use, the respirator can be sterilized 3-5 times. However, if it becomes clogged with dust or other impurities, replace the respirator immediately. Also change the respirator if you have been in a heavily contaminated environment.


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