Nanocotton® Revolutionary Anti-Dust Mite Bedding

Are you tired of sleepless nights due to allergies and asthma flare-ups? Imagine a world where your bedding not only provides luxurious comfort but also acts as a shield against dust mites, allergens, and irritants. Welcome to the world of Nanocotton®, the revolutionary bedding solution specifically designed for allergy sufferers and those seeking relief from asthma symptoms.



Nanocotton® Bed Sheets and Bedding

Dust mites are microscopic creatures that thrive in our homes, particularly in our beds. For allergy sufferers and individuals with asthma, these tiny creatures can wreak havoc on their health and disrupt their sleep. But fear not! Nanocotton® offers a groundbreaking solution.

By incorporating advanced nanofiber technology, Nanocotton® creates a formidable barrier against dust mites. Nanocotton® is a groundbreaking sandwich textile that replaces traditional anti-dust mite covers and linens. Its unique composition integrates highly sought-after cotton satin, known for its exquisite softness, with functional nanofiber fabric. Together, they create a barrier that effectively blocks dust mites, viruses, and bacteria, ensuring a clean and hygienic sleep environment.


The Power of Nanofiber Technology

Nanocotton® harnesses the power of nanofiber technology to provide an unprecedented level of protection. The nanofiber fabric forms an impermeable shield, preventing the intrusion of allergens and pathogens into your bed. With Nanocotton®, you can bid farewell to sleep disturbances caused by dust mite allergies and enjoy a worry-free slumber.


Unparalleled Protection against Dust Mites,Allergens and Irritants

Beyond its dust mite-resistant properties, Nanocotton® goes above and beyond to create a safe haven for allergy sufferers. The nanofiber fabric acts as a highly efficient filter, capturing and blocking allergens such as pollen, pet dander, and mold spores from settling on your bedding. This remarkable capability ensures that you can enjoy a clean and allergen-free sleep environment, promoting improved respiratory health and minimizing the triggers that exacerbate asthma symptoms.

Luxurious Comfort Tailored for Allergy Sensitivities

Nanocotton® doesn't compromise on comfort in its pursuit of allergen protection. Crafted from premium cotton satin, Nanocotton® bedding envelops you in a cocoon of softness and elegance, providing a truly indulgent sleep experience. The hypoallergenic properties of Nanocotton® make it an ideal choice for individuals with sensitive skin and those prone to allergies or asthma. Finally, you can experience the luxurious comfort you desire without sacrificing your health or compromising your well-being.


The Benefits of Nanocotton®

  • Complete Protection: Nanocotton® forms an impenetrable barrier against dust mites, viruses, and bacteria, providing comprehensive protection for your sleep environment.
  • Enhanced Comfort: The luxurious cotton satin offers an indulgent sleep experience, elevating the comfort of your bedding.
  • Hygienic Sleep: With Nanocotton®, you can enjoy a clean and hygienic sleep surface, free from allergens and pathogens.
  • Convenience: By replacing traditional anti-dust mite covers and linens, Nanocotton® simplifies your bedding routine, saving you time and effort.


Embrace a New Era of Restful Sleep

Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to uninterrupted, allergy-free sleep with Nanocotton®. This revolutionary bedding solution combines cutting-edge technology, superior protection against dust mites and allergens, and luxurious comfort—all tailored to meet the unique needs of allergy sufferers and asthma patients. Embrace the future of bedding and transform your sleep environment into a sanctuary of tranquility and relief.

Don't let allergies and asthma dictate your sleep quality any longer. Invest in Nanocotton® bedding today and experience the difference it can make in your health, well-being, and overall sleep satisfaction. Your journey to a restful, allergen-free sleep starts now with Nanocotton®—your ultimate solution for a serene and rejuvenating slumber.


Is Nanocotton® suitable for sensitive skin?

Absolutely! Nanocotton® is crafted from premium cotton satin, which is gentle on the skin and suitable for sensitive individuals.

How does Nanocotton® protect against dust mites?

Nanocotton® features a functional nanofiber fabric that creates a barrier, preventing dust mites from passing through and infiltrating your bedding.

Can Nanocotton® be washed like regular bed linen?

Yes, Nanocotton® can be machine-washed like traditional bedding. Follow the care instructions provided for optimal maintenance.

Does Nanocotton® retain its protective properties after washing?

Yes, Nanocotton® maintains its protective qualities even after multiple washes, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Is Nanocotton® available in different sizes and colors?

Yes, Nanocotton® bed sheets are available in various sizes to fit your mattress dimensions. It also comes in a two colors to suit your style.

Can I use Nanocotton® bed linen for children's beds?

Certainly! Nanocotton® is suitable for all beds, including those of children. It provides a safe and hygienic sleep environment for the entire family.

Does Nanocotton® have any certifications or accreditations?

Yes, Nanocotton® has undergone rigorous testing and holds certifications for its quality, including STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certificate.

Is Nanocotton® eco-friendly?

Nanocotton® is designed with sustainability in mind. It uses environmentally friendly production processes and materials, ensuring a reduced carbon footprint.

Can I use Nanocotton® bedding in all seasons?

Absolutely! Nanocotton® bedding adapts to various temperatures, providing breathability in warm weather and insulation during colder months.

Where can I purchase Nanocotton® bedding?

Nanocotton® bedding is available for purchase on this website and through authorized retailers. 


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Josef Handrejch from nanoSPACE
Josef Handrejch graduated from the Technical University in Liberec and at nanoSPACE he is engaged in research and development of new nanofiber products. He has extensive experience in the field of textile production and the use of nanofibrous materials.