Triple Your Facade's Lifespan with FN NANO® Self-Cleaning Coating

The facade makes the house. That's an old truth. In most cases, over time, the front of the house will get dirty, grow algae, and fade due to UV radiation, which can completely "bury" the appearance of the entire building. So how do you keep the facade clean and in good condition even after 10 or more years? What reliably prevents the growth of moss, mold, and green algae? And how do you extend the overall lifespan?



How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Facade?

You must regularly care for your regular facade. After just a few months, or in better cases, years, the building's envelope usually begins to accumulate soot, dust, and fine particles from the air. Algae, moss, and mold often settle especially on the northern side. In addition to all this, the facade also takes a beating from the sun.

Repeated cleaning is inevitable. But every time you remove dirt, it costs you time, effort, and money. What's more, you must also consider another aspect that specialized companies don't talk about much. During mechanical and chemical cleaning, you may get rid of the "unwanted guests" on your wall, but at the same time, you contribute to the wear and tear of the facade's surface.

Gradually, tiny cracks will form on your facade, which will continue to enlarge over time. Consequently, erosion leads to greater heat loss, damp walls, and the subsequent formation of health-threatening molds.

The once-smooth surface turns into a "lunar landscape" full of tiny craters and cracks, which further accelerates re-soiling and damage. Then you get into an endless cycle of constant cleaning and renovations.

Therefore, nowadays, more and more people are turning to modern self-cleaning coatings with nanoparticles, which can help you avoid such troubles.

Self-Cleaning Coating FN NANO® Will Keep Your Facade in Great Condition

This special self-cleaning coating, which by the way comes from the Czech Republic, will help you maintain your house facade in great condition thanks to the photocatalytic effect. The manufacturer believes in its product so much that they offer customers a 10-year warranty on its protective functions.

After a simple application on the walls, you don't have to worry about anything else. The FN NANO® product reliably protects almost all types of facades, from regular plaster to stone, ceramics, concrete, wood, and other materials. Additionally, surfaces maintain their high breathability and vapor permeability even after the application of FN NANO®.

The protective layer with TiO2 nanoparticles actively prevents:

  • Deposition of impurities,
  • Growth of green algae, moss, and harmful molds,
  • Undesirable effects of UV radiation (color fading, surface damage, etc.),
  • Excessive heating of the facade (in the summer, it can cool the surface by up to 30%, saving on air conditioning).

In practice, this means that with FN NANO®, you won't have to constantly deal with unsightly stains and repairs. You'll have a completely maintenance-free facade that won't require any investment in the coming years.


If you have a building in the city, you will also appreciate another feature of the self-cleaning coating. A strong layer (about 6 to 7 coatings) can protect your property very well against graffiti. The treated surface does not adhere well to spray paint. And if vandals manage to create something on your facade, you can easily remove the image mechanically with a hard brush.

It's no coincidence that FN NANO® coatings are also used on historical monuments.

How Does Photocatalytic Facade Coating Work?

While reading, you may have suspected that such properties can only be achieved with a coating full of chemicals. The reality is quite the opposite. In the self-cleaning (photocatalytic) effect, nature plays the main role, aided only slightly by nano TiO2 particles.

Under normal sunlight, a natural breakdown of molecules occurs. This is due to a physical phenomenon known as photolysis. Thanks to this, nature continuously cleans itself of various substances. Some things disappear, while others are created. It's the circle of life.

A catalyst in the form of titanium oxide (TiO2) simply accelerates and enhances this natural cleaning process on your facade.

After applying the FN NANO® coating, a highly porous microstructure forms on the facade of your house, containing nano-sized titanium oxide particles. These are numerous, tiny protrusions that are invisible to the naked eye. 1 square meter of facade suddenly transforms into 500 square meters of photoactive surface, where the cleaning effect takes place. Additionally, the photocatalytic coating also provides protection, so UV radiation will not damage the facade's surface.

When the sun shines on the facade (UV light), bacteria, spores, particles of dirt, allergens, carcinogens, and other unwanted substances are rapidly oxidized into primary components. When it comes to organic impurities, they essentially break down into a few molecules of water and carbon dioxide.

TIP: Get to know photocatalytic coatings here.

One significant advantage of FN NANO® coating is that the catalyst (layer of TiO2 nanoparticles) is not consumed during the reaction. Therefore, the facade can clean itself (and its surroundings) for a virtually unlimited time without your intervention. You simply coat the building once, and then you don't have to worry about it for many years. That's why the manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty on the self-cleaning function.

System Solutions Ensure Maximum Efficiency

FN NANO® offers a complete system solution for your facade. You don't have to combine products from different manufacturers. If you apply all the recommended preparations to your house's facade, you will achieve the maximum self-cleaning effect.


  • PENETRATION is primarily responsible for strengthening unstable foundations, unifying surface absorbency, and increasing adhesion. Many craftsmen still underestimate penetration even today, but it actually helps achieve much better results. The penetration coating that serves this purpose in the FN NANO® range is called FN NANO® Primer Acrylic.
  • PAINT. The next layer of the functional coating system is paint. You have two options: you can use either acrylic exterior paint labeled FN NANO® Paint Acrylic, or silicate paint for both exterior and interior, known as FN NANO® Paint Silicate. Both of these paints create an invisible protective nanolayer on the surface, enhancing resistance to mold, reducing the risk of allergic reactions, and supporting the self-cleaning effect.
  • SELF-CLEANING COATING. This mineral layer with TiO2 nanoparticles effectively protects your buildings, sculptures, and other surfaces. As mentioned a few lines above, the FN NANO® coating eliminates all impurities on its surface through the photocatalytic effect. As a result, your home's exterior will remain perfectly clean even after years. Moreover, this nanolayer also protects your walls from unwanted UV radiation, which can mar a regular facade. You can choose between FN NANO® 1 and the upgraded version FN NANO® 2.

If you don't want to become a slave to your facade in the coming years, the FN NANO® system solution is the right choice for you. Finally, you'll break free from the endless cycle of cleaning and renovation that your fathers and grandfathers surely told you about. Fortunately, you don't have to endure such hardships today.

Tip: Use a special foam roller for application; it doesn't drip, doesn't leak, and makes working with nano coatings easier for everyone.

What Sets FN NANO® 1 Apart from FN NANO® 2?

Everything is gradually moving forward. Companies strive to improve and innovate their products to better meet customer needs. That's why you can currently choose from 2 self-cleaning coatings from the FN NANO® brand.

FN NANO® 2 is significantly less transparent compared to FN NANO® 1. At the same time, you can expect much greater (self)cleaning efficiency, including the surrounding air. The manufacturer claims that 1 m2 of facades treated with functional coating FN NANO® 2 can remove up to 3 million cubic meters of air pollutants in a year. 

You'll relieve yourself of facade worries and simultaneously help the environment.


Main Benefits of the FN NANO® Façade System

While we've mentioned some benefits in various places throughout the article, for greater clarity, we'll summarize the key advantages of self-cleaning facade coatings in 7 points:

  • Extends Lifespan (up to 2 to 3 times for insulated facades). It protects against harmful influences that typically affect facades.
  • Attractive Appearance Without the Need for Cleaning. The nanolayer actively cleans the surface of the house facade from dust, spores, moss, algae, and other impurities.
  • Saves You Money. A facade treated with FN NANO® coating requires no maintenance, so you don't have to spend on cleaning and renovations in the following years.
  • 10-Year Warranty on Protective Functions. The catalyst in the form of TiO2 nano-particles does not get consumed during (self)cleaning, so it can essentially have an unlimited lifespan.
  • Helps Improve Air Quality. Just 1 m2 of facade treated with FN NANO® coating can clean up to 3 million cubic meters of pollutants in a year.
  • 100% Eco-Friendly Product. The coating utilizes a physical effect that naturally occurs in the environment. Scientists have simply accelerated and enhanced it using nanotechnology.
  • Easy Application on the Facade. You can easily apply the product with a brush, low-pile roller, or sprayer.

Application of FN NANO® on the Facade in 5 Steps

If you follow the official instructions, which you can find with the product, you'll handle the entire application with ease. There's really nothing complicated about it, something even a moderately skilled person with a little effort can manage.


Remove all algae, moss, and accumulated dirt from the facade. If it's an older facade with deeply ingrained dirt, you can use a high-pressure cleaner with a rotating disc and water to evenly wash the surface.


Before proceeding with additional layers, you must strengthen unstable surfaces, unify the surface's absorbency, and improve adhesion through penetration.


Now apply a suitable paint from FN NANO®.



Allow the facade paint to mature for at least 24 to 48 hours.


You'll achieve the desired effect by applying 3 layers of FN NANO® coating gradually onto the facade. Before applying each subsequent layer, allow the previous one to dry thoroughly. Aim for each layer to be as thin as possible yet symmetrical.

What to Watch Out For?

Rule number 1: Never dilute FN NANO® coatings! The product is sold in its ideal composition, so you should not add anything to it. Otherwise, it may lose its unique functionality, which you certainly don't want. 

Read the technical and safety data sheet of the product before application.

Shake the coating thoroughly before each use. Ideally in the original container for at least 30 to 40 seconds. This ensures even distribution of non-soluble particles throughout the volume, which is crucial.

However, over time, these particles will start settling in one place again. Therefore, you should always work with a small amount of well-mixed coating. And before each refill, shake the product with TiO2 nanoparticles thoroughly again.

And one last piece of advice. Never apply self-cleaning coatings on the facade when it's raining.

How Much Functional Coating Is Needed for 1m2?

It depends on the type, roughness, and absorbency of the substrate. However, in general, 1 liter of FN NANO® functional coating typically covers 7 to 10 m2 of surface in 3 layers.

How Long Does the Functional Coating Last?


We're almost tempted to say that the functional coating can last forever. And we wouldn't be far from the truth. When sufficient sunlight (UV) hits the surface, continuous cleaning and renewal of the protective nanolayer occur. As a result, the facade will continue to shine with cleanliness even after years.

During the cleaning process, the active substance is not consumed, so the lifespan of the coating can theoretically be almost unlimited.

However, in practice, the protective coating is expected to extend the lifespan of the underlying paint by approximately three timesThat's why it's not surprising that FN NANO® offers customers a 10-year warranty on the performance of protective functions.

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