Pigmented Penetration Coating FN® Primer Acrylic

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Pigmented penetration coating FN® Primer Acrylic for interior and exterior

By painting the wall with a penetrating paint, you strengthen the base before applying FN® Sensitive Silicate silicate paint. With the penetration coating, you create an invisible layer that not only strengthens the substrate, but also reduces and unifies its absorbency, significantly increases the adhesion and covering ability of the top layers. The coating is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is recommended to apply to all walls on which you want to subsequently apply the products FN® Sensitive Silicate and self-cleaning coatings FN® NANO .

Part of a functional photocatalytic coating system ensuring active self-cleaning of the surface, resistance to microorganisms, perfect protection of the substrate against UV radiation and effective air purification.

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Product detailed description

Unlike chemical preparations, the functionality of the coating is practically inexhaustible. Functional penetration coating FN® Primer Acrylic > is an aqueous suspension of patent-protected mineral substances with a high content of photoactive titanium dioxide (TiO2). The high content of TiO2 and the optimized mineral binder in the coating layer guarantee extremely effective protection of the substrate. It is also intended for extreme conditions in healthcare, industrial production and toxic operations. We supply it in a basic white form and it cannot be colored.

What Can a Functional Photocatalytic Coating System Do?

  • The application of all three products creates functional self-cleaning surfaces.
  • Preventing the growth of mold and other microorganisms.
  • Cleans the air from allergens, viruses, bacteria.
  • Reduces the risk of disease transmission.
  • Actively removes NOx, SOx, VOC and other pollutants from the air.
  • Effectively eliminates viruses and bacteria.
  • Eliminates yeast, fungi, spores.
  • 1 m² of coating can clean 3 million  of air per year. 
  • Removes odors (cigarette smoke, exhaust gases, feces...).

Advantages of the Penetration Coating FN® Primer Acrylic:

  • Strengthens the base. 
  • White shade.
  • Reduces and unifies the different absorbency of the substrate.
  • significantly increases the coverage and adhesion of top layers.
  • ready to use immediately.
  • Part of a functional photocatalytic coating system ensuring active self-cleaning of the surface, resistance to microorganisms, perfect protection of the substrate against UV radiation and effective air purification 

Rules for Applying a Penetrating Coating - What to Watch out for

1) The substrate must be cohesive, dry, non-greasy, free of dirt and biological attack (mold, algae), unsalted - New plasters must be ripe, the check can be done with a pH tester. 

2) Always mix before applying the suspension - when applying, ideally use a tub, not a bucket. If you use a bucket, it is necessary to have someone constantly stirring the suspension. Never let the coating stand for a long time without stirring. 

3) Apply a layer of penetration - in one layer undiluted or diluted max. 0.05 l of water per 1 kg of product. The product must not be diluted! The coverage of the coating is 2.5 - 8 m2 from 1 kg depending on the absorbency and structure of the substrate.

4) Never apply the coating to waterproof surfaces - after drying (min. 24 hours), surface treatment with FN® Sensitive Silicate facade paint follows >. 

Appearance of Coatings

FN® Primer Acryli is white. The layer is active immediately after exposure to daylight or artificial light with a portion of the UVA spectrum. The maximum effectiveness of the coating is at 365 nm. The coating is mature after 24 hours.

Use Options 

  • households
  • suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics
  • waiting rooms, nurseries, schools to reduce the spread of diseases

It is not suitable for application on the base of clay-based paints! It must not freeze!


How to Apply FN® Primer Acrylic

The coating must be thoroughly mixed before each application. Perfect mixing is necessary to achieve uniform mixing of the insoluble dust component in the coating. This is necessary to ensure the correct function of the protective paint layer.

It is important to keep the paint moving. In practice, this means that we only pour a small amount of already thoroughly mixed paint and only then apply it. Mix again before the next pour.
To achieve the appropriate appearance, we always apply the thinnest possible, but continuous and even layer, which we let dry completely before the next coat.

Roller application, optimally in one coating layer, is suitable for practically all surfaces. Even application requires some skill.

  • Well cover all areas that will not be treated with the FN layer.
  • Do not apply in the rain.
  • For a better effect, we recommend cleaning the surfaces thoroughly before applying the layer.
  • After drying (min. 24 hours), surface treatment with FN® Sensitive Silicate facade paint follows.

Do not apply to a water-repellent (hydrophobic) surface.


Does not dilute!


50-150 ml/m², typically 1 liter = 10 m² of protective surface in three paint layers. of the surface, we must expect greater consumption - on average 6-10 m² of painted surface from 1 l in 3 paint layers.

Tool Cleaning:

With water - as soon as possible after use


Plastic containers of 5 kg


Minimum 2 years from the date of production at a temperature of +3 to +30 °C, in unopened original packaging. Before use, the mixture must be thoroughly mixed by shaking in the original packaging. Store in a dry place, do not freezeand protect from direct sunlight. Possible mild sediment is not a problem.


Observe the safety measures in accordance with the safety data sheet and valid occupational safety regulations. Keep out of reach of children. Do not eat or smoke while working with the coating. Use a respirator or other suitable equipment for respiratory protection when spraying. Do not inhale spray mist, use safety glasses and hood or other means to protect eyes, face and skin. In case of contamination, rinse the area thoroughly with water and treat with cream. In case of irritation, seek medical attention.

Waste Disposal

Deliver the used empty packaging to the packaging waste collection point.
Deposit the packaging with product residues at the place designated by the municipality for the disposal of hazardous waste or hand it over to a person authorized to manage hazardous waste. Follow the rules stated in the safety data sheet and local ordinances.
 VOC: ≤0.2 wt. %. Limit value of VOC cat. A (h) VŘNH: 30 g/l. Max. VOC content in the product in a ready-to-use state: ≤3 g/l. Density: about 1.44 g/cm3

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The FN NANO company develops and manufactures nanotechnological functional coatings and self-cleaning water coatings that eliminate microorganisms (including algae), organic impurities, allergens and odors.

The effectiveness of FN NANO products was confirmed by independent studies conducted by the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, the Technical University in Ostrava and other research organizations.

How do FN NANO coatings work?

The main effective component of FN NANO products are photocatalytic crystals of titanium dioxide (TiO2). After exposure to sunlight, they are activated and – in cooperation with oxygen – create a strong oxidizing environment in their surroundings, which decomposes organic molecules into oxides of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and water.

The high efficiency of coatings in the form of coatings is ensured by a patented binder that increases the functional area of the TiO2 crystals to the maximum. It prevents the further settlement of microorganisms and at the same time protects the substrate on which they are applied from UV radiation.

FN NANO preparations do not contain any organic substances and are not dangerous for the environment.

Which FN NANO product to choose?

Choose the coating according to the material of the wall and the intended function.

Exposed concrete, plaster, and masonry in exterior with the aim to preserve most of the original color (transparency 60 to 65%) - Photocatalytic coating FN NANO®1 for outdoor  use (suitable also as a base layer for other types of FN NANO coatings)

► Concrete, plaster, stone masonry in exterior and interior with the goal of ensuring higher effectiveness of air cleaning (transparency of coating 50%) - Photocatalytic coating FN NANO®2,

► Plaster and concrete masonry in interior with the goal of maximizing air cleaning (white color of coating, transparency of coating 30 to 40%) - Photocatalytic coating FN NANO®3.

► Stone and natural cladding in exterior with the goal of preserving the maximum original color (transparency of coating around 80%) and structure of the substrate - FN NANO® Transparent functional coating.

► Plaster and concrete masonry in interior with the goal of maximizing antimicrobial and biocidal function (transparency of coating 60 to 65%) - FN NANO® BioMax Functional coating.

► Wood and wooden cladding in exterior and interior with the goal of preserving the appearance and structure of the material and preventing its degradation (transparency of coating around 80%) - FN® WOOD functional coating

For cleaning the pool without chemical products, choose the eco-friendly pool cleaner FN® AQUA, which is gentle even to the skin of allergy sufferers and people with skin problems.