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  • Recommended roller specially developed for the application of nanocoatings FN NANO®.
  • Makes the application significantly easier and simpler.
  • The coating does not drip from the roller and the roller forms an even and homogeneous layer.

Detailed information

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The largest seller of nano products
More than 400 nanotechnology products under one roof.
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Czech production
We manufacture nanoSPACE brand products in the Czech Republic

Product detailed description

This is a special foam roller that makes it easier for everyone to work with nano paint. It has been tested and developed for interior applications on smooth walls. It can be used on commonly supplied attachments.

After thorough shaking, the nano paint is poured in the original packaging into the paint tub, where the roller is dipped and allowed to soak. It is then lightly squeezed against the tub so that it is evenly soaked and no more material remains on the sides. We do not recommend a painting grid, because it is necessary to have a continuous layer of nano material on the roller.

Everyone can handle the application with this roller. In the video you can see the application in the interior of an attic apartment, where it can be seen that if you are skilled, you can apply the roller without covering other surfaces, because the roller does not drip. However, we recommend that the surfaces be covered, as is usual with any painting.
When applying, it is only a matter of creating a continuous thin layer. Always proceed in accordance with the technical sheet of the given nano coating.

Main Advantages:

  • easy and fast application
  • does not drip or flow
  • creates an even and homogeneous layer
  • ensures ideal distribution of nanomaterial on walls and ceilings

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The FN NANO company develops and manufactures nanotechnological functional coatings and self-cleaning water coatings that eliminate microorganisms (including algae), organic impurities, allergens and odors.

The effectiveness of FN NANO products was confirmed by independent studies conducted by the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, the Technical University in Ostrava and other research organizations.

How do FN NANO coatings work?

The main effective component of FN NANO products are photocatalytic crystals of titanium dioxide (TiO2). After exposure to sunlight, they are activated and – in cooperation with oxygen – create a strong oxidizing environment in their surroundings, which decomposes organic molecules into oxides of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and water.

The high efficiency of coatings in the form of coatings is ensured by a patented binder that increases the functional area of the TiO2 crystals to the maximum. It prevents the further settlement of microorganisms and at the same time protects the substrate on which they are applied from UV radiation.

FN NANO preparations do not contain any organic substances and are not dangerous for the environment.

Which FN NANO product to choose?

Choose the coating according to the material of the wall and the intended function.

Exposed concrete, plaster, and masonry in exterior with the aim to preserve most of the original color (transparency 60 to 65%) - Photocatalytic coating FN NANO®1 for outdoor  use (suitable also as a base layer for other types of FN NANO coatings)

► Concrete, plaster, stone masonry in exterior and interior with the goal of ensuring higher effectiveness of air cleaning (transparency of coating 50%) - Photocatalytic coating FN NANO®2,

► Plaster and concrete masonry in interior with the goal of maximizing air cleaning (white color of coating, transparency of coating 30 to 40%) - Photocatalytic coating FN NANO®3.

► Stone and natural cladding in exterior with the goal of preserving the maximum original color (transparency of coating around 80%) and structure of the substrate - FN NANO® Transparent functional coating.

► Plaster and concrete masonry in interior with the goal of maximizing antimicrobial and biocidal function (transparency of coating 60 to 65%) - FN NANO® BioMax Functional coating.

► Wood and wooden cladding in exterior and interior with the goal of preserving the appearance and structure of the material and preventing its degradation (transparency of coating around 80%) - FN® WOOD functional coating

For cleaning the pool without chemical products, choose the eco-friendly pool cleaner FN® AQUA, which is gentle even to the skin of allergy sufferers and people with skin problems.