Anti-Dust Mite and Allergen Proof Mattress Encasement

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Simply cover the mattress with an anti-allergy encasement and after the first night you will see that the allergy to dust mites has been alleviated. It's that simple. Underneath the soft and breathable fabric on top there is a thin layer of nanofabric that prevents dust mites from collecting and multiplying. For 100% functionality, we recommend equipping your bed with an anti-dust mite pillowcase and duvet cover.

  • Material nanoSPACE: STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certificate
  • Zippered

Detailed information

Výhoda 1
The largest seller of nano products
More than 400 nanotechnology products under one roof.
Výhoda 2
Czech production
We manufacture nanoSPACE brand products in the Czech Republic

Product detailed description

How Does Nanofabric Work?

The nanofabric captures all dust, even its invisible particles, and the duvet remains clean at all times. Yet the material is 100% breathable. A nanometer is a thousand times smaller than a micrometer. Imagine this layer as a spider's web, with holes between the individual fibres that are only 80 nm in size. The dimensions of a dust mite are around 420,000 nm, its allergen is 1,000 nm in size, bacteria 100 - 10,000 nm, a virus around 100 nm and scabies 300,000 nm. Thus, they have no chance to pass through the fabric. They cannot collect in the duvet, multiply and cause allergic reactions and respiratory diseases. The holes in competing microfiber textiles and natural materials are in micrometers, the holes in nanofabric are in nanometers; the difference is similar to that between a hole in the wall caused by a ball lightning and a hole in paper pierced with a pin.


Instructions for Use

 1) (optional) Vacuum the mattress before using our anti-dust mite sheet


2) If you have a zippered encasement, put the mattress in it. / If you have a sheet with an elastic band or a plain sheet, drape it over the corners of the mattress.


3) Lay your regular sheet over the encasement or the anti-dust mite sheet.


4) When changing the sheet, you can wipe the anti-dust mite encasement/anti-dust mite sheet with a damp cloth or vacuum it.


5) Wash the nanoSPACE® anti-dust mite encasements and sheets once a year without fabric softener at 60°C in a chlorine and phosphorus-free detergent gel or powder. The eco-friendly washing products is also suitable for washing nanofiber materials. Encasements must not be ironed or tumble dried.


 The Effectiveness of the Nanofiber Layer Was Tested by:

  • Textile Testing Institute in Brno (penetration of microorganisms)
  • Technical University in Liberec (penetration of dust particles of 1 micrometer)
  • Public Health Institute in Prague (skin tolerance and possible allergic reactions)

Test Results:

  • Effective capture of microorganisms was proven ≥  99.0 %
  • Effective capture of dust particles was proven ≥  99.9 %
  • No negative reactions in contact with human skin were proven

We Guarantee: 

  • 100% efficiency in capturing allergens produced by dust mites for ten washing cycles. We recommend washing once a year.

Composition of nanoSPACE® Material:

  • 99.9% polyester - microfiber fabric
  • 0.1% polyamide 6 - nanofiber membrane

Material Certification

The used nanoSPACE fabric is certified by the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

Recommendation for People Suffering from Severe Allergies or Asthma

We recommend treating the ceiling in the bedroom, and possibly other rooms, with FN NANO® self-cleaning coating, which will eliminate allergens, bacteria and viruses from the air. An equally effective solution is a portable ozone generator, which effectively cleans the air of mould, allergens, viruses (including COVID-19), bacteria and odours...  

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Avatar of author | 7.2.2022
My son stopped coughing, but we did several other measures in the house, so the result is definitely the result of several measures.
S Avatar of author | 28.1.2022
100% satisfaction :-)
Avatar of author | 27.1.2022
have really bad allergies, so I was excited to try out the nanoSPACE anti-dust mite mattress encasement. It's been great! I haven't had any problems with allergies since I started using it. The zipp closure is really easy to use and makes it really easy to get the encasement on and off.
L Avatar of author | 9.12.2021
My daughter (2.5 years old) suffers from atopic eczema and, according to the ALEX test, she is not allergic to dust mites either. For the last 3 months, I had to administer corticosteroid ointments almost every week due to the worsening of her condition. We recently thought that the eczema probably started to manifest itself when the daughter started sleeping in a bigger bed (even when the mattress was new). So we decided to try nanocoating. I bought a pillowcase and a pillowcase, a mattress cover and a duvet cover. We have only had it for a week, but during that week her condition slowly started to improve. It's been two and a half weeks since we stopped using corticosteroids, and the condition of the skin is more or less good. So it probably works.
JM Avatar of author | 30.11.2021
SK Avatar of author | 8.11.2021
very satisfied
Avatar of author | 17.9.2021
We did not find any disadvantages.
Avatar of author | 8.9.2021
I use it for a short time, but I am completely satisfied. Well made and the material is perfect.
Avatar of author | 19.7.2021
+ Super product
Avatar of author | 12.6.2021
We have been using the product for a short time so far. For that reason, I cannot evaluate possible disadvantages.
Avatar of author | 12.12.2020
We bought bigger than the mattress, but it's not a problem, well made
Avatar of author | 21.9.2020
+ the coating is breathable, doesn't rustle, I don't even know about it + Czech product + dries well after washing I will be able to review the functionality later when the duvet covers arrive.
Avatar of author | 6.7.2020
+ my daughter's allergy is really gone!!!+ a simple measure that solves the allergy without medicine :-)- the cover, the cover under the bed sheet is a bit soft, we have a bigger cover than the mattress, but somehow it doesn't matter, my daughter doesn't complain - higher price
Avatar of author | 31.5.2020
+ ideal for allergy sufferers

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PS Avatar of author Povlak Nanospace comfort na matraci výšky 27cm 23.5.2020 10:30
Dobrý den, kupujeme nové matrace a chceme je ochránit Vašimi povlaky. Můžete nám ocenit přípravu povlaku na matraci výšky 27cm? Jaká je dodací doba a cena buď 1ks povlaku 180x200x27, nebo 2ks povlaků 90x200x27? Děkuji předem za rychlou odpověď. Pavel S.

The Czech company nanoSPACE has been operating on the market since 2012 and focuses primarily on products where nanofiber textiles are used. In 2012, it became the first manufacturer to use a nanofibrous membrane in barrier covers for allergy sufferers. Since then, it has expanded its portfolio to include nano duvets and nano pillows, which are especially suitable for people with dust allergies.

In 2016, it was the first in the world to present functional bed linen that can fully replace barrier coatings. This product line, which bears the name Nanocotton®, was able to combine the functionality of the material with organic cotton and is suitable not only for allergy sufferers, but also for atopic patients.

During the coronavirus epidemic in 2020, nanoSPACE used its long-term knowledge in the field of nanofiber materials and started the production of anti-virus neck gaiters  and protective masks made of nanofiber. From 2021, it also produces designer washable nano masks.

In 2021, the nanoSPACE company founded the subsidiary nanoSPACE Technology, which is dedicated to development, research and innovation in the field of nanofiber textiles.