FFP2 Nano Respirators

All of the FFP2 respirators in our offer contain a European nanofiber membrane and are fully EU certified as per the EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 standard.

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Nanovlákenný respirátor FFP2 BreaSAFE® béžový | 5ks (Barva béžová, Velikost L)

Ultra-lightweight nanofiber beige BreaSAFE COMMUNITY MASK FFP2 respirator tested to capture 99.9% of bacteria and virus sized particles (VFE and BFE tests) lightweight and...

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Nanovlákenný respirátor FFP2 Nano Med. Clean - tělový (Barva tělová, Balení 10 ks)
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Extremely breathable black Nano Med. Clean nanofiber respirator with a filtration efficiency of FFP2. The respirator has been measured for 98.1% paraffin oil retention and 99.9%...

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We offer nano respirators from three European manufacturers:

Why a nanofiber membrane?

FFP standards (FFP2, FFP3) test the capture of 360 nm particles. However, the viruses are smaller, specifically the coronavirus has a size of about 100 nm to 180 nm. Thus, the FFP2 or FFP3 certificate alone does not guarantee that the respirator is adequately protected against coronavirus.

The nanofiber membrane in the respirator ensures the capture of these ultrafine particles. Thanks to a very dense network of nanofibers, nano respirators are extremely effective in catching viruses and bacteria that conventional respirators do not filter out.

FFP3 respirators with nanomembrane

We also sell FFP3 nanofiber membrane respirators with proven particle capture of over 99%.

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