FFP2 BreaSAFE® Nanofiber Respirator FFP2 - Beige | 5 pcs

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Ultra-lightweight nanofiber beige BreaSAFE COMMUNITY MASK FFP2 respirator tested to capture 99.9% of bacteria and virus sized particles (VFE and BFE tests)

  • lightweight and sleek.
  • sizes M and L.
  • unique anatomical shape for a better seal.
  • reusable when disinfected with nanofiber solution.
  • CE tested to EU standard EN 149:2001 + A1:2009.
  • Manufactured by PARDAM NANO4FIBERS.
  • 1 pack contains 5 pcs | Price 1 pack = 229 CZK (VAT exempt).
  • Also available in white and black.

Detailed information

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Výhoda 2
Czech production
We manufacture nanoSPACE brand products in the Czech Republic

Product detailed description

Benefits of the FFP2 BreaSAFE® Nanofiber Respirator FFP2 - Beige:

  • Contains nanofiber membrane NnF - MBRANE BreaSAFE® by Pardam Nano4fibers of the European.
  • Reusable - the half mask can be disinfected (min. 5 disinfection cycles).
  • Nose clip for better fit on the face.
  • Lightweight (only 4g).
  • Unique shape for better seal.

Why Can I Use the FFP2 BreaSAFE® Nanofiber Respirator FFP2 for Several Days?

Internal testing has shown that the FFP2 BreaSAFE® nanofiber respirator FFP2 half mask maintains its filtration capabilities even after 5 disinfection cycles. This ability is due to the innovative nanofiber membrane NnF MBRANE - BreaSAFE®.

How to Maintain the FFP2 BreaSAFE® Nanofiber Respirator FFP2?

After each use, we recommend applying disinfectant in the form of an aerosol spray to the outside and inside of the half mask. The respirator cannot be cleaned from dust clogging. We therefore recommend that when used in dusty environments, it should be changed after each use.


Differences between the Industrial Respirator and theFFP2 BreaSAFE® Nanofiber Respirator FFP2 before COVID-19

Many people strive to provide themselves with the most robust protection from respiratory infection. They or their loved ones are often among the immunocompromised risk groups, or are at high risk of viral illness on public transport and at work. These people choose respirators as a preventive health aid.

Industrial respirators capture the smallest particles on electrostatically charged meltblown non-woven fabric. The moisture in the breath discharges the electrostatics. Therefore, the industrial respirator loses effectiveness through the breath of the wearer. Nanofiber respirators also contain an electrostatically charged metlblown nonwoven fabric filter. However, the loss of efficiency due to moisture need not bother their users. The meltblown nonwoven filter filters out the largest contaminants, but the smallest particles of dirt, including viruses, are filtered out by the much more efficient nanofiber membrane, which is approximately 100 times denser than the meltblown nonwoven. Thus, with a nanofiber respirator, the user is getting at least two effective filters in one product at the same time.

Why Don't Conventional Respirators Address Virus Capture?

Industry certifications are completely irrelevant for virus protection. For example, laboratory workers in industrial certification also examine whether paraffin oil will flow through the respirator or whether dolomite dust will clog it. If you are not going to work in respirators in mines or in the most heavily polluted industrial plants, but are buying them for protection against respiratory infection, ask about virus protection certificates.

Nanofiber respirator manufacturers must test their products to the same standards, i.e. FF2 and FFP3. If a respirator contains a nanofiber membrane, it can protect its wearer from viruses just as effectively whether it has an industry label of FFP2 or FFP3.

Does the FFP2 BreaSAFE® Nanofiber Respirator FFP2 Protect against COVID-19?

The filtering half-mask contains the NnF BreaSAFE® MBRANE nanofiber membrane, which has been tested by Nelson Labs, a global testing laboratory in the USA who officially confirmed that the nanofiber membrane captures 99.9% of viruses and bacteria (VFE and BFE tests).


  • size L - 17.5 cm from the root of the nose to the end of the elastic bands, 16 cm from the root of the nose to the chin (bottom edge).
  • size M - 17 cm from the root of the nose to the end of the elastic bands, 15 cm from the root of the nose to the chin (bottom edge).

About FFP2 BreaSAFE® Nanofiber Respirator FFP2

The FFP2 BreaSAFE® nanofiber respirator FFP2 filtering half mask is manufactured by the European company PARDAM NANO4FIBERS s.r.o., a proud member of the European Nanotechnology Industries Association and a partner in the European is Nano project. PARDAM NANO4FIBERS s.r.o. is one of the world's largest manufacturers of inorganic nanofibers. The man behind the products of PARDAM NANO4FIBERS s.r.o. is Jan Buk, an internationally recognized expert in the field of inorganic nanofibers.

Additional parameters

Category: FFP2 Nano Respirators
Attachment: Rubber bands
Colour: Nude
Efficiency: FFP2
Intended for: Men, Women
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ST Avatar of author | 14.2.2022
The best respirator on the market, I only buy this one. I recommend!
BP Avatar of author | 13.2.2022
Light, breathable, fits well, ordered repeatedly.
AN Avatar of author | 2.2.2022
DC Avatar of author | 31.1.2022
great satisfaction
K Avatar of author | 26.1.2022
Fits well, finally the ears don't stick out ....
B Avatar of author | 16.1.2022
I am very satisfied with the fast delivery. I ordered repeatedly.????
Avatar of author | 14.1.2022
Very satisfied, it is light and breathes well through it
H Avatar of author | 13.1.2022
the perfect respirator
Avatar of author | 11.1.2022
The Brea Safe respirator is in good condition, fits well on the face and breathes well with it. 5 stars. I am not satisfied with the SPURTEX respirator. 0 stars. He presses my face. Waste of money. Customer service did not help me at all, although I called and wrote an email before sending the order. No response .Elena
L Avatar of author | 10.1.2022
I'm really happy with my FFP2 BreaSAFE nanofiber respirator! It's so comfortable to wear, and I love the fact that I can choose the size that fits me best. It's also great that this respirator is gender neutral, so it can be worn by anyone. I would definitely recommend this respirator to anyone looking for a quality product!
Avatar of author | 9.1.2022
light, breathable, fits well on the face, color as in the picture
MF Avatar of author | 5.1.2022
I recommend the product, it's light, it breathes freely, it copies the face beautifully, it doesn't make a so-called duck:-) the rubber bands don't rub and the makeup stays put. Don't hesitate to buy!
Avatar of author | 3.1.2022
+ Breathable, reusable respirator. Our whole family uses this type in different colors.

Avatar of author | 30.12.2021
It is probably not possible to evaluate the hygienic protection, but the speed before the holidays was great.Hodnotit hygienickou potřebu asi nelze , ale rychlost před svátky byla super.
TZ Avatar of author | 20.12.2021
I only wear these. Absolute satisfaction!
E Avatar of author | 12.12.2021
The respirator fits well and breathes well through it, unlike others.
Avatar of author | 11.12.2021
it's more for summer, but I use it all the time
Avatar of author | 10.12.2021
+ Breathes well, holds well on the face, is light, does not burden

JJ Avatar of author | 9.12.2021
Thin, great shape, rubber bands don't tighten, doesn't cause mischief on my skin ????. I also have it in white. I am satisfied with the product. I recommend.
JK Avatar of author | 9.12.2021
It is light, breathable and comfortable to wear. I am very satisfied.
Avatar of author | 5.12.2021
+ The respirator is breathable and comfortable.

Avatar of author | 25.11.2021
Lehký, dobře prodyšný.
RB Avatar of author | 25.11.2021
Super breathable and fits well.
Avatar of author | 23.11.2021
I am very satisfied. They breathe perfectly, they are light, they do not push or pull anywhere. Super shape that fits well and reduces the risk of "snorting" the glasses. I have a larger face so size L which is actually quite large and would probably fit a large male face well.
Avatar of author | 23.11.2021
+ Well breathable, good to wear.

Avatar of author | 18.11.2021
I have been using it for a long time, I am satisfied, it breathes very well through the respirator
Avatar of author | 18.11.2021
It fits well and breathes well. I have tried several types of respirators from different manufacturers and these suit me best.
Avatar of author | 17.11.2021
due to the need to use a respirator, it is the least unpleasant on the face
Avatar of author | 14.11.2021
It is light, it breathes well and, perhaps, with a nanomembrane of good quality.
Avatar of author | 9.11.2021
The respirator is excellent, breathable, fits well and you can breathe in it. I recommend
M Avatar of author | 8.11.2021
I have an atypical face or something that few respirators fit on. This one seals the best so far.
LT Avatar of author | 6.11.2021
Fits great
D Avatar of author | 3.11.2021
The respirator is excellent, breathable, fits well and you can breathe in it.
VH Avatar of author | 2.11.2021
MP Avatar of author | 1.11.2021
It is light, pleasant to wear.
M Avatar of author | 31.10.2021
JM Avatar of author | 31.10.2021
Great fit, breathable
DB Avatar of author | 31.10.2021
I should have ordered size M, otherwise very satisfied
Avatar of author | 30.10.2021
a very comfortable respirator that seals and is comfortable to wear
Avatar of author | 29.10.2021
+ It breathes significantly better than in other respirators on the market
+ For a longer life, ethanol disinfection is possible
+ Decent price
- Unfortunately, the nose strip cannot be deformed in any way, so it is sometimes useless with glasses
< /div>
A Avatar of author | 28.10.2021
very good, weak - you don't choke in
Avatar of author | 28.10.2021
+ The product is breathable, wears very well.

AK Avatar of author | 28.10.2021
I am very satisfied with the product. It is breathable and wears well.
IK Avatar of author | 25.10.2021
It's great to breathe through it.
Avatar of author | 21.10.2021
I recommend or they are good, I only order here and these
DM Avatar of author | 17.10.2021
Lightweight, easy to wear
JM Avatar of author | 12.10.2021
Very satisfied
Avatar of author | 8.10.2021
+ light, airy, good to wear, good size

airy, good shape
HS Avatar of author | 5.10.2021
Dobře se přes ni dýchá
Avatar of author | 1.10.2021
Fits well, breathes well.
I Avatar of author | 26.9.2021
The best respirator on the market, easy to breathe, fits well on the face
Avatar of author | 24.9.2021
The respirator is light, comfortable to wear, size M is suitable for a smaller face.
Avatar of author | 23.9.2021
+ Výborná prodyšnost.

Avatar of author | 20.9.2021
+ lightness

Breathable and light respirator. Fits well.
Avatar of author | 20.9.2021
Lehký ,dobře se přes něj dýchá.Spokojenost.
Avatar of author | 17.9.2021
+ Very good quality, breathes well, reusable,

Avatar of author | 9.9.2021
+ Fast delivery, excellent product.

Avatar of author | 27.8.2021
+ I am very satisfied, comfortable, the right size,

Avatar of author | 17.8.2021
+ option to choose two sizes

light, breathable, pleasant to wear, great fit
Avatar of author | 16.8.2021
- Nothing yet

Tried, the respirator is really very light, thin and you can breathe through it even in very hot weather weather. Fits perfectly on the face. I always have to adjust the length of the elastics, but here they fit really well, size M.
IK Avatar of author | 9.8.2021
The best respirator I've tried. It breathes well even on the tram in the scorching summer heat. I order repeatedly.
Avatar of author | 8.8.2021
+ Very breathable. A decent price.
+ Repeated experience.
- I don't know about her.

Perhaps the best breathability of the nanorespirators, it breathes well even on hot days, it seals very well.
Avatar of author | 3.8.2021
+ light, breathes well, fast delivery

Avatar of author | 29.7.2021
Je super!
Avatar of author | 26.7.2021
+ Light, airy and pleasant to wear.

Avatar of author | 22.7.2021
Je nejlepší
Avatar of author | 21.7.2021
I recommend ordering a second time
Avatar of author | 7.7.2021
pleasant, breathable, breathes better in it, fits well
Avatar of author | 2.7.2021
+ It breathes well

Avatar of author | 1.7.2021
I bought these respirators for the second time. It fits perfectly and breathes well through them.
Avatar of author | 30.6.2021
+ dobře prodyšný, výborně sedí

Avatar of author | 30.6.2021
+ Suitable for a wide face

Avatar of author | 28.6.2021
Avatar of author | 15.6.2021
+ Výborná prodyšnost, příjemně se nosí.

Avatar of author | 11.6.2021
+ lehké příjemné

Avatar of author | 9.6.2021
+ Well-shaped respirator, fits nicely.
+ Well breathable.
+ Does not press behind the ears.
- They don't seal completely, my glasses are fogging up.

Avatar of author | 6.6.2021
Respirátory jsem kupil pro starší rodiče a chválí si že přes ně mohou volněji dýchat než přes jiné ....jsou spokojeni...
Avatar of author | 1.6.2021
it is light and breathes well during an eight-hour shift
Avatar of author | 31.5.2021
satisfaction: light, can be shaped according to the nose..
Avatar of author | 26.5.2021
+ I'm a teacher, I have to talk with a respirator and this one from NanoSpace is ok! I also use disinfectant for respirators, which I am also satisfied with. Ecological!

Avatar of author | 26.5.2021
+ breathability
+ quality
+ possibility of repeated use
+ price
+ Czech product

Great product, very breathable and also suitable for people with respiratory insufficiency. At the same time, its repeated use is also possible thanks to the nanotechnologies used. The price/quality ratio is amazing. For me personally, it is important that it is manufactured in the Czech Republic and is not a classic Chinese shunt.
Avatar of author | 25.5.2021
+ Light
+ Breathable
+ It breathes well through it (I couldn't believe that it really that's enough :D )
+ Size M fits perfectly.
+ Super price

Avatar of author | 23.5.2021
light, breathable, high quality
Avatar of author | 21.5.2021
+ Lightweight
+ Well breathable
+ Different sizes, ie smaller for women

They stick well to the face thanks to different sizes, they fit well on the nose. They are super breathable, you don't even know you have them on.
Avatar of author | 19.5.2021
Avatar of author | 16.5.2021
+ Breathes well in it
+ Sits on the face
+ Lasts

I recommend
Avatar of author | 14.5.2021
+ the advantage is that this respirator is produced in different sizes and colors
+ comfortable to wear
+ advantageous price
- there is no disadvantage

I definitely recommend
Avatar of author | 13.5.2021
excellent, wears very well and breathes beautifully in it
Avatar of author | 12.5.2021
+ Sedí dobře

Avatar of author | 11.5.2021
I had a hard time looking for smaller ones to fit me.
Avatar of author | 10.5.2021
It breathes well. Suitable for public transport
Avatar of author | 9.5.2021
+ Good shape and material. Breathable, fits well on the face. Very high quality and cut in a certain arc, which is anatomically more pleasant and gentler on the face. Unlike other competing products, it also offers different sizes. Complete satisfaction.

Perhaps it's just that the respirators are not individually packaged?
Avatar of author | 8.5.2021
+ Excellent breathability. Overall, I am very satisfied with the product.

Avatar of author | 6.5.2021
Fits well, light, thin, good for summer.
Avatar of author | 24.4.2021
+ .

Avatar of author | 20.4.2021
It suits
Avatar of author | 15.4.2021
+ It breathes well, is comfortable to wear and can be used repeatedly.

Avatar of author | 15.4.2021
+ good breathability, possibility of repeated use
- I would welcome even size S for a small female face

Avatar of author | 13.4.2021
+ Fits great, is light and breathes well. I don't buy others anymore.

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The PARDAM NANO4FIBERS s.r.o. company is the world's leading producer of inorganic nanofibers and nanotechnology products. The company is a member of the Nanotechnology Industry Association of the Czech Republic and part of the project Czechia is nano.


PARDAM produces and sells FFP2 and FFP3 respirators with nanofiber membrane, which works 

Respirators are designed for comfortable use during demanding physical activity as well as for everyday use. They are suitable for working in a dusty environment, with organic solvents, but also for protection against allergens, viruses and bacteria.

Microorganisms, including viruses and bacteria, that get caught in the nanofiber filter will die in a short time thanks to the silver nanoparticles used. Therefore, users can use the respirator repeatedly and wait with it in health and well-being, even a possible several-week epidemic of a serious respiratory disease. 

What is "COVID-19 Certification"?

In response to the new coronavirus pandemic, the European Union has issued a recommendation that regulates the way the market (especially medical and protective equipment) is supervised in relation to COVID-19. A new official certification type (alongside the FFP series) for COVID-19 has been created to test products against the new standard. As a result, users of COVID-19 certified products can be confident that the respirators are sufficiently effective against SARS-COV-2.