Nano Med. Clean FFP2 Nanofiber Respirator - White summer respirator

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Extremely breathable black Nano Med. Clean nanofiber respirator with a filtration efficiency of FFP2. The respirator has been measured for 98.1% paraffin oil retention and 99.9% virus and bacteria retention by Nelson Labs in the USA.

  • FFP2 respirator with European nanomembrane.
  • Very low pressure resistance.
  • Lightweight, excellent sealing and highly breathable.
  • Ideal for summer weather.
  • Hygienic packaging of 1.
  • Packs of 5 pcs, 10 pcs and 25 pcs, also available in nude and black.

Purchased respirators, hoods and filters cannot be exchanged or returned for hygiene reasons.


Detailed information

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Czech production
We manufacture nanoSPACE brand products in the Czech Republic

Product detailed description

Nano respirator with nanofiber membrane with proven capture of submicron particles including virus-sized particles. The Nano respirator is suitable for anyone who needs a higher level of protection (medical personnel, chronically ill, at-risk groups, allergy and asthma sufferers) than a conventional respirator provides. Nanofiber respirators are disposable and have a reinforced, bendable brim that easily adapts to any face shape.

Nano Med. Clean nanofiber respirators are disposable but can be reused for virus protection when necessary using ethanol disinfection. They comply with FFP2 and are fully certified to EN 149:2001+A1:2009.

Benefits of the Nano Med. Clean FFP2 Nanofiber Respirator - White:

  • European nanofiber membrane,
  • very low pressure resistance,
  • suitable for summer weather,
  • excellent sealing and easy breathing,
  • European made,
  • without exhalation valve,
  • simple and practical elastic band fastening,
  • moldable noseband.

How Long Can I Use the Nano Med. Clean FFP2 Nanofiber Respirator for?

Nano Med. Clean nanofiber respirators. can be safely used for a full working shift (12 hours). However, if the respirator is used in a highly microbially active environment (bacteria/viruses), this time may be significantly reduced depending on the contamination of the working environment due to the concentration of harmful particles on the surface of the respirator.

Nano Med. Clean FFP2 Nanofiber Respirator Is Suitable for Summer Weather

Nano Medical's nanofiber respirator is extremely lightweight and breathable, so it is suitable not only for everyday use, but also for use at higher temperatures.

Maintenance of the Nano Med. Clean FFP2 Nanofiber Respirator

The product is declared as disposable, but in case of necessity (e.g. lack of protective respiratory equipment during epidemics or pandemics) when working in a microbially highly active environment (bacteria, viruses), the respirator can be emergency sterilized using germicidal (UV-C) lamps and reused (3-5 times). The respirator can also be sterilized with Disinfectant for respirators and respirators spray 100 ml 70% ethanol. Multiple use is not recommended for dust protection in highly dusty environments. Disinfection does not remove dust.

Other methods of emergency sterilization should be consulted with the manufacturer. Steam sterilization, ironing or washing is not recommended.


The vendor accepts no liability, direct or indirect, for damages (including loss of profit or loss of reputation) caused by improper application or use of the material.

About Nano Medical

Nano Medical is a subsidiary of the European company Triola s.r.o. and is based in Liberec. The company is backed by Marcela Munzarová, a prominent European nanotechnologist and co-author of dozens of patents and utility models. Marcela Munzarová has been involved in nanotechnology and the industrial use of nanofibers for more than 15 years

Additional parameters

Category: FFP2 Nano Respirators
Colour: White
Efficiency: FFP2
Dimensions: height ±15.5 cm width ±10.5 cm
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Avatar of author | 9.2.2022
Everything was fine.
JK Avatar of author | 22.1.2022
It breathes well, I will probably buy another one soon.
Avatar of author | 19.1.2022
Pleasant, does not bother breathing much.
Avatar of author | 10.1.2022
I was really happy with the Nano Med Clean FFP2 nanofiber respirator. It arrived quickly and the price was great. The quality was excellent, too. I would definitely recommend this product to others.
Avatar of author | 28.12.2021
light, suitable for the warm season - breathable
ZV Avatar of author | 27.10.2021
great nano respirator, easy to wear, breathes well in it. We are already ordering for the umpteenth time and full satisfaction. We recommend it. Have a nice day.
Avatar of author | 20.9.2021
Lightweight nanorespirator.
Avatar of author | 8.9.2021
Specifically, I have this product in stock, but I have tried previous respirators from NanoSpace, they are comfortable, they wear well and they are made of nano material, so they have my trust. On the company's website, there is a detailed description of the material and a comparison with other non-nano products, so that the customer is well informed. I also tried nano scarves, which are pleasant and can be used repeatedly, which is an advantage. Unfortunately, their price is still quite high. Otherwise, they are practical mainly in the colder periods of the year, and therefore they also warm a person.
Avatar of author | 4.9.2021
A respirator that can breathe quite well. We use more often, I disinfect PURE 100%, a product of Nanolab in the Czech Republic.
Avatar of author | 14.8.2021
I use this respirator at work, it breathes well, I wear it for 8 hours.
PO Avatar of author | 2.8.2021
The summer respirator is excellent for summer, it is not as hot as the others, it is thinner and more comfortable to wear.
Avatar of author | 13.7.2021
Adequate size and breathability of the respirator.
Avatar of author | 15.6.2021
it is pleasant for the summer months, fits well on the face.
Avatar of author | 12.6.2021
Easy breathing in summer temperatures, meets the description
Avatar of author | 12.6.2021
+ light and very breathable respirator
+ -

Avatar of author | 21.5.2021
+ great fit, high breathability, light.
- no disadvantage.

Avatar of author | 14.5.2021
It is pleasant to wear, it breathes better than in classic FFP2 respirators
Avatar of author | 26.4.2021
Light, pleasant on the skin, just great
Avatar of author | 25.4.2021
+ Light, breathable
- Little scratches on the skin< /div>

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The NANO MEDICAL company develops and manufactures respirators of the Nano Med.Clean brand, nanofilters and disposable and cotton masks. The company is based in Liberec (Czech republic), the center of the domestic nanotechnology industry.


How do NANO MEDICAL products work?

Respirators, nanomasks and nanofilters of the NANO MEDICAL brand prevent the penetration of 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic particles. Microorganisms that pass through the fabric are in such small quantities that the probability of infection is very small.

Disposable filters are placed in the pocket of a cotton mask and replaced after a few hours of wear. 

More information:

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Which NANO MEDICAL product to choose?

If you are looking for a quality FFP2 class respirator:

white FFP2 nanofiber respirator, black FFP2 nanofiber respirator, or FFP2 nude nanofiber respirator

If you are looking for a quality nanomask:

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If you want a cotton mask with a pocket and nanofiber filters:

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If you are looking for a replacement package of nanofilters for cotton masks:

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