Test Set: Nasal Filter for Pollen Allergy Sufferers - Rhinix 1x S, 1x M, 1x L

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Test the correct size of Rhinix nasal filters. In this package you will find one piece of each size. If you are tired of sneezing and an itchy nose, try the RHINIX nasal filter to make your day more pleasant. Nasal filters are designed to allow free breathing and protect the nose from pollen, airborne allergens, viruses, bacteria and other substances that cannot be transferred to the nasal mucosa and subsequently trigger an adverse reaction. It's so simple.

  • You will ensure the highest effectiveness if you start wearing Rhinix before the first signs of allergy appear.
  • The package contains: Sizes 1x S, 1x M, 1x L
  • In clinical trials, more than half of Rhinix users experienced complete relief from sneezing and watery eyes.

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Product detailed description

Rhinix is a small filter that you can place in the nostrils, preventing pollen grains from settling on the nasal mucosa and subsequently triggering an allergic reaction. The filter adapts to the nostrils, so after a while you stop perceiving it (as if you were wearing contact lenses). You can wear it indoors or outdoors, relaxing or working.

Advantages of Nasal Filters

  • Immediate relief from allergic reactions
  • Discreet
  • Ease of use

Why Is It Enough to Protect the Nose and Not Necessary to Protect the Mouth?

When wearing Rhinix filters, you can breathe normally even through your mouth when an allergic reaction is triggered, because it is the nasal mucosa through which the triggers of the allergic reaction enter the body. Rhinix is able to block the attachment of other allergens than just pollen. You can wear Rhinix daily or during special activities (mowing the grass, walking in the park - anything where you know that you are at a higher risk of triggering an allergic reaction).


Rhinix does not contain any drugs and does not cause drowsiness, which is a side effect of many antihistamines.

Rhinix Nasal Filter - Instructions for Use

Nosní filtr Rhinix - návod k použití

Thanks to its sophisticated design, Rhinix is only minimally visible to those around you, most people won't even notice it.

Nosní filtr Rhinix

Using the Rhinix Filter

The filter is intended for individual, one-time use. The nasal filter must be changed at least once a day, but can be removed and reinserted within 24 hours.

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The Danish brand Rhinix was founded in Aarhus, Denmark in 2011 and focuses primarily on products for allergy and asthma sufferers. It strives to find ways to relieve allergies that do not require medication. The brand was founded by Peter Sinkjaer Kenney, MD, PhD, whose uncle suffered from very strong allergic reactions and the only help on the market was relatively strong medication, which made him drowsy and did not work 100%. He decided to make a nasal filter that could help allergy sufferers from allergic reactions to pollen and dust without having to take pills or go for injections.