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The respiratory tract is the gateway to the body not only for the air we breathe, but also for various microorganisms or allergens. Saline nasal rinses with a Rhino Horn pot are one way to eliminate the risk of infection and to relieve the symptoms of respiratory diseases, including covid-19.

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Product detailed description

The Rhino Horn pot in combination with saline solution is a great and natural way to keep the nasal mucosa clean and fine. And it is the nasal mucosa that can bother us the most during colds and allergies. The nose is rinsed with a saline solution that does not contain any substances unnatural for the body. Simply dissolve the saline solution, which is sold in sachets, in the pot. The solution is suitable for daily hygiene and also for children.

How Does the Rhino Horn Nose Rinse Pot Work? 

The saline solution is poured into one nostril using the teapot and allowed to flow out through the other nostril. Repeat the procedure for the other nostril. Gently blow the nose to remove the excess solution. Suitable for children from about 5 years of age in the presence of an adult.

Why Use Rhino Horn Nose Rinse Pot?

Our nose has an important function. It warms, moistens and filters the air from the dangerous particles we breathe. And like any filter, we should clean our nasal filter. Especially if we have a cold or suffer from allergies. The rinse is proven to be a very effective prevention of viruses and a great way to help the body fight allergic reactions.

The Benefits of Rinsing Your Nose with a Rhino Horn Nose Rinse Pot

  • Removes dry bits of mucus, dust, allergens or other impurities
  • Moisturizes dry mucous membranes
  • Stimulates cilia activity
  • Contributes to the relief of the so-called "posterior rhinitis"
  • Eliminates allergy and cold symptoms
  • Helps sleep apnoea patients treated with the nasal pressure ventilation (CPAP) method

What Solution to Use with the Rhino Horn Nose Rinse Pot

The environment inside the nose is naturally salty and warm, so slightly salty water that is warmed to about body temperature is used to rinse the nose. Body fluids contain 0.9% salt, which is equivalent to 2.7 g of table salt (1 scoop) per 3 dl of water in a Rhino Horn pot. If you are unsure of the quality of the hot tap water, we recommend using boiled water. Pre-prepared salt solutions are far more practical and convenient. These are usually treated sea water or mineral water from inland sources. The solution can also be prepared at home from table salt and drinking water, but a purchased salt solution is safer because it guarantees an exact concentration. If the concentration is wrong, irritation or damage to the mucous membrane may occur.

Professional rinses are safer because they are pH balanced and contain no preservatives. Among the most popular among in the European is the isotonic Sinus Rinse from NeilMed. Thanks to the easy to squeeze bottle, a simple and thorough cleaning of the nasal cavities from allergens, bacteria and viruses is ensured.

Rinsing is suitable even for children who can handle the process;, i.e. from about 5 years of age, but the rinsing should be done under adult supervision.


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MC Avatar of author | 13.2.2022
Great satisfaction.
AV Avatar of author | 6.2.2022
Avatar of author | 24.1.2022
+ It is a great helper in the treatment of colds and flu. I have been using it for a long time, I bought a new one for my son.

LK Avatar of author | 6.11.2021
-it's amazing that someone would come up with something like this -it helps my husband a lot
Avatar of author | 3.11.2021
After rinsing the nose without a runny nose and with a relaxed airway. Great.
Avatar of author | 25.2.2021
I take the teapot as a useful thing for rinsing the nose, nasal mucosa with a saline solution, especially now in the time of prevention against infection with covid - 19. Of course, it is a practical tool for other types of diseases, e.g. colds, etc., but now its update in prevention has certainly increased against covid-19 infection. So far, I can't manipulate it so perfectly, effectively, but it will work. It's the first day I have it, so I can't be so used to it. I believe it will work well.
AP Avatar of author | 5.2.2021
Classic teapot, I like this shape. We use the whole family. I therefore appreciate the 4 color version

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Rhino Horn is a well-known brand of nasal irrigation bottles owned by the international company VLX International.


How do Rhino Horn products work?

The jug is simply filled with an isotonic or hypertonic nasal irrigation solution and placed against the nostril. After tilting to the side, the liquid starts to flow through the nose.

The package also includes a practical spoon for preparing your own solution for rinsing the nose.



Which Rhino Horn product to choose?

Choose the product according to who will use it:

► children under 5 years old Rhino Horn kids,

► children from 5 years and adults Rhino Horn kids and adults.