Set of Nanocosmetics for Your Car - Ceramic for cars

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Set of nanocosmetics for your car - Ceramic for comprehensive protection of the car body and windows for one year. Triple protection compared to the original formula.Provides hydrophobicity - even twice as much for new glass Resists temperatures up to 550°C Increases surface slip resistanceIncreases car value 

The set includes

  • Shampoo (150 ml)
  • Armour Body Protector (50 ml)
  • Degreaser and polisher (40 ml)
  • Glass Protector (35 ml)
  • 2x microfiber application cloth
  • Protective gloves and information brochure, all from the Ceramic range

Detailed information

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Czech production
We manufacture nanoSPACE brand products in the Czech Republic

Product detailed description

The set of nanocosmetics for your car - Ceramic will provide reliable long term protection to your car. Patented technology with the addition of nanoparticles of silicon oxides and zirconium multiply increases the hardness of treated surfaces, so that the paint and glass of the car are then much more resistant to scratches, scrapes and damage to the paint due to UV radiation. The particles are a billionth of a metre in size, so they reliably fill even the smallest irregularities in the paintwork and smooth it almost perfectly. The result is excellent gloss, water repellency and less dirt adhesion for up to one year. Not only thanks to this, the car body is then protected from salt, other chemicals and, above all, from corrosion.

Features of Set of Nanocosmetics for Your Car - Ceramic

  • Smoothes the paint and glass surface
  • Provides high gloss and depth of paint
  • Reduces aerodynamic drag
  • Effective for up to 12 months
  • Protects against scratches from small stones and dust
  • Prevents cracking and embrittlement of paint
  • Protects against UV rays,against pollen and tree resin
  • Prevents paint damage from bird and insect droppings

Application of Nanocosmetics for Your Car

The application of the products is not at all complicated. It only takes 5 steps. The surface must first be thoroughly cleaned and degreased. Then apply the protective polish, leave it on for a few minutes and then buff with a cloth. Finally, a week to 14 days after application, the car should be washed to wash off any residual grease. Always read the actual instructions.

Even More Durable with the New Formula

We have reached another major milestone in surface protection and improved the structure of the protectors to make their properties even more perfect.

Comparing the Properties of Pikatec Ceramic and Pikatec Diamond

Not sure about your choice of cosmetics and want the best for your car? We have prepared a clear comparison of Ceramic and Diamond series to help you decide.

Comparing the Properties

 The silicon and zirconium nanoparticles contained in both lines are enriched with titanium nanoparticles and other chemicals in Diamond. These increase its protective properties by tens of percent compared to the Ceramic range. Besides the better grip and softness of the Diamond series, the differences are best illustrated by a graphic comparison.


We do not recommend to spread Pikatec polyurethane with pure Isopropyl alcohol! Isopropyl alcohol is the carrier part of our product "Degreaser and polisher", but only partially. It also contains other ingredients and additives which serve to partially dissolve and spread the surface layer. By using pure Isopropyl alcohol, the still fresh polish is wiped off the surface in a cloth, leaving a maximum of residue on the surface! This will render the coating non-functional.

Hazard Types:

Flammable liquids with possible eye damage, skin irritation, inhalation hazard and toxicity to specific target organs.

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I don't know yet, it will be a gift. The information from a friend is impeccable.
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It was a gift, so I don't know, maybe a good one

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PIkatec is a Czech nanotechnology company that focuses in cooperation with the Technical University of Liberec on the development of nanotechnologies for surface protection. It launched a range of products aimed at cars and motorbikes that protect paintwork, wheels and glass, while also offering a group of products for protecting surfaces in the home (wood, leather, lacquered surfaces, stone). One of the latest products developed is Nano Strong Antibacterial, an effective disinfection that is gentle on surfaces and effectively destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi. Pikatec is a member of the Nanotechnology Industry Association of the Czech Republic.