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Ceramic nanocosmetic kit for the preparation and protection of motorbikes and bicycle surfaces. The products are designed for frames as well as for painted and chrome-plated parts of single-track vehicles, which after treatment are less dirty, very easy to maintain and protected from damage.

The Kit Contains

  • Strong Degreaser (50ml)
  • Degreaser and polisher (50ml)
  • Armour Motorcycle and Bike Protector (25ml)

Detailed information

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Czech production
We manufacture nanoSPACE brand products in the Czech Republic

Product detailed description

The Pikatec MotorBike Ceramic Protection Pack will reliably and long term protect your single-track vehicles. Patented technology with the addition of silicon oxide and zirconium nanoparticles increases the hardness of treated surfaces many times, so that painted parts, plexi and motorcycle or bicycle frames are much more resistant to scratches, abrasions and UV damage to surfaces. The particles are a billionth of a metre in size, so they reliably fill even the smallest surface irregularities and smooth them out almost perfectly. As a result, the painted parts have an excellent gloss, the treated surfaces repel water, dirt and grime and are very easy to maintain. Want to know more about the technology?

The MotorBike Ceramic Protection Pack contains products for degreasing motorcycle and bicycle surfaces before applying nano protection, the polish itself and an application cloth. Always apply to surfaces free of any dirt.

Application of Nanocosmetics

Application of the products is not at all difficult. It only takes 4 steps. The surface must first be thoroughly cleaned and degreased. Then apply the protective polish, leave it on for 30 minutes and then buff with a microfiber cloth. Always read the actual instructions.

Maintenance of Surfaces after Application

Motorcycle and bicycle surfaces treated with Pikatec nanocosmetics are smoother, much more resistant to damage and in most cases only a rinse with water is sufficient to maintain them. Treated surfaces will still look like new and maintenance of the motorcycle or bike is very easy. How to care for a treated motorcycle/bike properly?

The Products in the Kit 

  • Strong Degreaser - Nano Strong Degreaser (50ml)

The product is designed for the initial removal of grease stuck on frames and other parts of motorcycles and bikes after previous treatments of chains, etc. On motorcycles it is also used to remove fuel residues from affected parts. Start working with the product only after washing and drying the motorcycle or bike.

  • Degreaser & Polisher - Nano Degreaser & Polisher (50ml)

Nanotechnology Ceramic Nano Degreaser & Polisher penetrates deep into the pores of the surface and can remove a wide range of grease that could affect the adhesion and functionality of the protective polish on motorcycles and bikes. It is therefore used as a final degreaser before application. As grease that causes temporary water repellency restrictions does not avoid the treated surfaces, the product is also suitable for degreasing treated surfaces, be it frames or other components. It is thus a suitable supplement for the maintenance of motorcycles and bicycles after application.

  • Protection for motorcycles and bikes - Nano Armour Ceramic (25ml)

Nano Armour Ceramic smoothes the surface of painted parts, frames and creates an extremely hard and flexible layer on them, which, among other things, resists mechanical damage caused by small stones and dust. It also seals the surfaces perfectly so that the motorcycle or bike gets less dirty, has a self-cleaning effect and is very easy to maintain. The product will provide finish enhancement, protection from scratches, protection from the effects of salts and asphalt, protection from pollen and tree resin, protection from bird droppings, and above all, protection from UV rays. The shield can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 550°C.

The included cloth is only used to apply the polish, preferably use this microfiber cloth to spread the protection.

The quantity of products in the kit is sufficient to treat one motorcycle/bike.


We do not recommend to spread Pikatec polyurethane with pure Isopropyl alcohol! Isopropyl Alcohol is the carrier part of our product "Degreaser and polisher", but only partially. It also contains other ingredients and additives which serve to partially dissolve and spread the surface layer. By using pure Isopropyl alcohol, the still fresh polish is wiped off the surface in a cloth, leaving a maximum of residue on the surface!

Flammable liquids with possible eye damage, skin irritation, inhalation hazard and toxicity to specific target organs.

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PIkatec is a Czech nanotechnology company that focuses in cooperation with the Technical University of Liberec on the development of nanotechnologies for surface protection. It launched a range of products aimed at cars and motorbikes that protect paintwork, wheels and glass, while also offering a group of products for protecting surfaces in the home (wood, leather, lacquered surfaces, stone). One of the latest products developed is Nano Strong Antibacterial, an effective disinfection that is gentle on surfaces and effectively destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi. Pikatec is a member of the Nanotechnology Industry Association of the Czech Republic.