Ultimate Guide: What to Wear for Golfing

Golf, a sport known for its traditions, comes with a specific dress code that varies across courses. Proper attire is not just about appearance; it's a crucial part of golf etiquette and can impact your performance.

Whether you're a man or a woman, understanding the rules for golfing attire is essential. For men, collared shirts, tailored pants or shorts, and golf shoes are standard. Women often opt for collared or sleeveless shirts, golf skirts, shorts, or pants, along with appropriate footwear. Adhering to the dress code not only shows respect for the sport's traditions but also contributes to a positive golfing experience. In the following sections, we'll explore the key rules and suitable clothing for both men and women to ensure you're well-prepared for the golf course.



How to Choose Appropriate Clothing for Golf?

Historically, golf has been very strict when it comes to clothing, and any deviation was considered disrespectful to the golf club, course, other players, and the game itself. Although previously banned habits on golf courses are now commonly seen, you should still follow basic rules.

It is also important to choose the right clothing based on the weather. Among golfers, it is joked that there is no bad weather for golf, only badly dressed golfers. Nevertheless, anyone who has played golf in the rain or winter knows the truth. The golf season in central Europe begins in late March and April and ends in November. Most golfers in our region start playing in April and the highest number of players can be seen in May and September when the weather is most suitable for golf.

Basic Rules for Golf Attire

There are many options for dressing for golf. You can choose between very sporty and elegant clothing. However, you should always dress comfortably. Although you should avoid clothing with slogans and prominent logos, golf is one of the most colorful sports. Bold models can be seen at both professional and amateur levels. Golf is a game of gentlemen with a long tradition, and you should never go to the course in jeans or denim.


Here Are Some Tips on How to Dress for Golf:

  1. Collared shirt: A collared shirt is a must when it comes to golf attire. It can be a polo shirt, turtleneck, or button-down shirt, but it must have a collar. The shirt should be tucked in, and it should not be too tight or too loose.

  2. Shorts or pants: Shorts or pants are acceptable as long as they are made of golf-appropriate materials. Shorts should be Bermuda length, and pants should not be too tight or too loose. Make sure that your pants are not too long and do not touch the ground, as this can cause tripping and is considered disrespectful on the golf course.

  3. Golf skirt: Skirts are definitely an option for women when it comes to golf attire. They should be golf-appropriate in length, typically reaching just above the knee or longer. Additionally, they should be made of a breathable, lightweight material that allows for ease of movement during swings. It's also recommended to wear shorts or compression leggings underneath for added comfort and modesty. As with all golf attire, it's important to follow the dress code of the specific golf course you'll be playing on.
  4. Golf shoes: Golf shoes are designed to provide stability, traction, and comfort on the golf course. They should have soft spikes or rubber soles to avoid damaging the turf. If you are unsure about the dress code, opt for a classic pair of white or black golf shoes.

  5. Hat or visor: Wearing a hat or visor can protect you from the sun and keep sweat out of your eyes. Baseball caps and visors are the most common types of headwear in golf, and they should be worn with the bill facing forward.

  6. Gloves: Golf gloves can provide a better grip on your club and prevent blisters. They should be worn on your non-dominant hand, and you should remove them when not playing.

  7. Layers: Weather conditions can change quickly, so it's a good idea to wear layers that you can easily remove or put on. A light jacket, sweater, or vest can be a great addition to your golf attire.

  8. Avoid denim and athletic wear: Jeans, sweatpants, and athletic shorts are not appropriate for golf. It is best to stick to golf-specific clothing made of breathable, lightweight materials.

The Best Golf Shirts for Women and Men

The most visible and striking element of a golf outfit is undoubtedly the polo shirt, which is a shirt with a collar. In the past, men wore shirts with ties for golf, which are now replaced by polo shirts.

In warm weather, it's essential to choose shirts made of suitable materials. Most golfers prefer cotton, but in recent years, antibacterial nano materials have become increasingly popular. These materials have a special fiber cross-section that cools the skin by up to 2 degrees and eliminates odor when sweating. Polo shirts with ventilation are also suitable and can be appreciated on hot summer days. For cooler days, you should have polo shirts with long sleeves in your wardrobe.

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Collared Tank Tops or Mock Necks

In hot summer days, you will definitely be looking for other alternatives to polo shirts. You can, for example, choose a sports tank top with a collar or mock neck.

How to Choose Golf Skirts and Dresses for Golf

Many women choose short sports skirts for tennis. However, if you don't feel comfortable in these types of skirts, you can opt for a special golf skirt that has pockets just the right size for golf balls and doesn't interfere with your movements. Women should avoid wearing mini skirts on the golf course.


The Best Golf Dresses

In the summer, dresses may be the most comfortable option for women to wear on the golf course. The dress should be sportier and have a collar or mock neck. It can be made of cotton or nanomaterials, which have both antibacterial and thermoregulatory properties. This means that in the summer, they can cool the skin by up to two degrees and eliminate the odor of sweat.

The Best Golf Apparel Materials

If you're playing in the spring or fall, you can opt for cotton golf apparel. However, if you have a problem with sweating, we recommend a combination of cotton and nanomaterials.

In the summer months, it's best to wear clothing made of synthetic fibers that wick away sweat well or materials enriched with nanotechnologies that help with better body thermoregulation. If you're looking for pants, you should look for linen, which is the most suitable for golf.

Summary: What to Wear for Golf

If you're going golfing for the first time, don't experiment too much and go for a classic polo shirt and linen pants or golf dresses. It's essential to feel comfortable and enjoy playing. Therefore, don't forget to choose clothing based on the weather. If you know you have a sweating problem, look for nanomaterial pieces.


What is the dress code for golf courses?

The dress code for golf courses can vary depending on the course and country club. However, a general rule is to wear proper golf attire, which includes collared shirts or golf-specific shirts, golf pants or shorts, and golf shoes or sneakers.

Are jeans and denim shorts acceptable to wear for golfing?

Jeans and denim shorts are generally not acceptable attire for golfing. Most golf courses require proper golf attire.

Can I wear athletic clothing, like gym shorts or yoga pants, for golfing?

Athletic clothing like gym shorts or yoga pants are not recommended for golfing, as they may not be suitable for the specific movements and requirements of the sport. Proper golf attire is recommended.

What type of shoes are appropriate for golfing?

Golf shoes or sneakers with soft spikes are appropriate for golfing. Avoid wearing running shoes or other types of shoes with a flat sole.

Are there any restrictions on the colors or patterns of clothing for golfing?

Most golf courses do not have strict restrictions on the colors or patterns of clothing for golfing. However, it's recommended to avoid wearing anything too flashy or distracting to other players.

Should I wear a hat or visor when golfing?

It's recommended to wear a hat or visor when golfing to protect your face from the sun. It can also help keep your head cool and improve visibility on sunny days.

Can women wear skirts or dresses when golfing?

Yes, women can wear skirts or dresses when golfing as long as they are appropriate and within the dress code guidelines of the golf course or country club.

Is it necessary to wear a collared shirt when golfing?

Most golf courses require a collared shirt or golf-specific shirt as part of their dress code. However, some courses may allow turtlenecks or mock necks as alternatives.

What should I wear in colder weather when golfing?

In colder weather, it's recommended to wear layers of clothing to keep warm, such as a sweater or jacket over a collared shirt. You can also wear golf-specific outerwear, like a windbreaker or rain jacket.

Are there any guidelines for accessorizing when golfing, like wearing gloves or sunglasses?

Yes, there are guidelines for accessorizing when golfing. It's common to wear a glove on your non-dominant hand to improve grip and protect your hand. Sunglasses are also recommended to protect your eyes from the sun and improve visibility on bright days.