Black Skirt Golf nanoSPACE by LADA

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Looking for a designer golf skirt that's both elegant and practical? Look no further than Black Skirt Golf nanoSPACE. It has roomy pockets big enough to store a golf ball, making it perfect for the course. But it also looks great for any other occasion. It looks great with any top or turtleneck as well.  With its advanced nanotechnology fabrics, Black Skirt Golf nanoSPACE provides superior comfort and breathability on the golf course.

  • Made in Europe,
  • UV protection,
  • breathable, wrinkle-resistant,
  • enriched with antibacterial silver nanoparticles, which are firmly anchored in the fibers and are therefore permanent and do not loosen.
  • Colour: red, blue, black

Detailed information

Výhoda 1
The largest seller of nano products
More than 400 nanotechnology products under one roof.
Výhoda 2
Czech production
We manufacture nanoSPACE brand products in the Czech Republic

Product detailed description

It is infused with silver nanoparticles, which provide antibacterial protection. The nanoparticles are permanently anchored in the fabric, so you can enjoy long-lasting protection against bacteria and odors, it is also super safe for environment. 

Features of the material nanoSPACE by LADA

  • Antibacterial,
  • Eliminates odor,
  • UV filter,
  • Moisture transport, and suitable for excessive physical activity,
  • high thermoregulatory properties,
  • material tested in Amoené cosmetic production.

Thermoregulating properties of the material - what does it mean?

The material has been chosen to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. It transports heat and moisture well, is comfortable on the body and soft.

Why invest in clothing from nanoSPACE by LADA

The nanoSPACE by LADA collection was designed on the principle of slow fashion, and was designed and made in the Europe. The materials we used for our collection will pamper you and protect your skin. They are comfortable, transport sweat away from your body, and the silver nanoparticles also help eliminate odor.

The material properties are patented, permanent and fully functional for an unlimited number of washing cycles compared to conventional antibacterial materials. Our materials have been tested in the extreme conditions of the Dakar Rally and Africa Eco Race.

How do our clothes save nature?

We're slow-fashion enthusiasts and love timeless, stylish pieces that are kind to nature. That's why we've set out to make clothes that are stylish today and decades from now. We've taken inspiration from decades of fashion to create pieces that will be part of your essential wardrobe.

So we looked for materials that will be long-lasting and easy to maintain. The material that this piece of clothing is made from has a hydrophobic surface. This makes it easy to clean, dirt doesn't penetrate deep into the fibers, and minimal water and detergents are needed to remove it. The antibacterial properties of the silver nanoparticles eliminate excessive bacterial growth and odor.

Low maintenance makes the dress eco-friendly, eliminating water, detergent and energy consumption.

nanoSPACE by LADA clothing by European designer

Lada Vyvialová is one of the leading European designers and has won numerous European awards, including the Elle Edition, Patrizia Gucci Selection and Gentleman's Essentials by MINI. Lada Vyvialová is one of the few designers in the world who use functional materials enriched with nanotechnology in design.

nanoSPACE by LADA is a Slow-fashion brand

Lada Vyvialová designed our collection based on the principle of slow fashion. We take into account ecological and ethical aspects of production.

When producing our collection, we keep in mind that the pieces should be produced ecologically, that they should be timeless and of high quality. All of our designs are made locally in the Europe.

As a slow-fashion fashion manufacturer, we prefer high quality over quantity. We believe that investing in a refined quality piece is not an investment for a month, but that our pieces will be in your wardrobe for years to come.

The function of nanotechnology in the material

The material is enriched with silver nanoparticles, which are bound directly in the fibre by special technology so that the material retains its properties even after dozens of washing cycles. Thanks to the silver nanoparticles, the material is antibacterial, suitable for high intensity activities and ideal for those who have a problem with sweating.

About the material

Patented functional antibacterial material that combines nanotechnology-enriched polyester and elastane. It meets all demands for functionality, yet the material is extremely flowing, smooth to shiny and looks very elegant.

The material has a hydrophobic surface and thus achieves an easy-care self-cleaning effect. This prevents dirt from penetrating the structure. Dirt remains on the surface and rolls off easily with water. The functional fibre profile transports moisture away from the body and dries quickly on the surface, has UV filter and thermoregulating properties - cooling in summer, warming when covered with another layer. The antibacterial properties of silver nanoparticles eliminate excessive bacterial growth and odours.

The material properties are patented, permanent and fully functional for an unlimited number of washing cycles. Material tested in Amoené cosmetic production.

Size chart

Sizing provided in cm

 Size  Hips Lenght
S 64 cm 62,5 cm
M 68 cm 62,5 cm
L 73 cm 62,5 cm
XL 77 cm 62,5 cm


Material composition

92% nano-polyester
8% elastan

Maintenance and washing

Can be washed normally at 40°C, for gentle washing we recommend these products.



Additional parameters

Category: Skirts
Colour: Black
Intended for: Women
Pattern / Print: No pattern / print
Size: S, M, L, XL
Style: City, Basic, Summer, Formal
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H Avatar of author | 20.11.2021
Finally a nice golf skirt. So I wear it not only for golf... but the ball fits in my pocket

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The Czech company nanoSPACE has been operating on the market since 2012 and focuses primarily on products where nanofiber textiles are used. In 2012, it became the first manufacturer to use a nanofibrous membrane in barrier covers for allergy sufferers. Since then, it has expanded its portfolio to include nano duvets and nano pillows, which are especially suitable for people with dust allergies.

In 2016, it was the first in the world to present functional bed linen that can fully replace barrier coatings. This product line, which bears the name Nanocotton®, was able to combine the functionality of the material with organic cotton and is suitable not only for allergy sufferers, but also for atopic patients.

During the coronavirus epidemic in 2020, nanoSPACE used its long-term knowledge in the field of nanofiber materials and started the production of anti-virus neck gaiters  and protective masks made of nanofiber. From 2021, it also produces designer washable nano masks.

In 2021, the nanoSPACE company founded the subsidiary nanoSPACE Technology, which is dedicated to development, research and innovation in the field of nanofiber textiles.