Anti-Odor Knee High Compression Socks – Reflective Blue

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Elevate your active lifestyle with our Reflective Orange Anti-Odor Knee High Compression Socks. These high-performance socks not only provide optimal compression for your legs but also feature advanced anti-odor technology, keeping your feet fresh and odor-free throughout the day. The vibrant reflective orange color adds a stylish touch while ensuring visibility in low-light conditions. Experience comfort, support, and odor-fighting benefits with these premium knee-high compression socks. Perfect for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone seeking ultimate performance and style.

  • reduce swelling, increase blood circulation
  • antibacterial and anti-odor treatment - prevents the proliferation of bacteria - the source of odor
  • Reflective - suitable for running in the city
  • sizes S(35-38),M(39-42),L(43-46),XL(47-49)

Detailed information

Výhoda 1
The largest seller of nano products
More than 400 nanotechnology products under one roof.
Výhoda 2
Czech production
We manufacture nanoSPACE brand products in the Czech Republic

Product detailed description

Why Wear Compression Running Knee Socks Even in Pregnancy

Compression knee socks are especially popular with runners because they promote blood flow and thus increase oxygenation in the tissues, reduce muscle damage during prolonged exercise, allow for faster breakdown of lactic acid and also aid in faster recovery. Our compression knee socks also have an anti-odor and anti-bacterial treatment that keeps you feeling fresh even after a long run. The silver contained in the nanosilver socks serves as a prevention of certain fungi, mycoses and eczema and helps to eliminate them. Clients also praise their use for better blood circulation in the legs and the beneficial effect on blood circulation disorders. Compression knee socks and stockings are also used for leg pain and problems with swelling of the legs (venous insufficiency, varicose veins, varicose veins). Their function is to reduce leg swelling and muscle pain, increase performance and minimize muscle vibration during sports activities. They are also popular for longer journeys in various means of transport as a prevention against swelling. They are also indispensable in pregnancy when there is a lot of swelling and pain in the legs - suitable for mothers-to-be.

The Main Advantages of nanosilver® Compression Knee Socks

  • Antibacterial and anti-odor treatment
  • Prevention of fungus, mycoses and eczema
  • Prevention of swelling
  • Faster muscle recovery during running
  • Faster breakdown of lactic acid
  • Suitable for runners, for long journeys against swelling and for women in advanced pregnancy

Who Are Compression Socks with Silver for?

  • For runners and other athletes
  • For people who suffer from swollen limbs
  • For women in advanced pregnancy against swelling


  • 52% polyamide
  • 36% elastane (Lycra®)
  • 7% polyester (antibacterial nanosilver® fibre)
  • 5% polypropylene
Polyamide - strength and durability
The excellent properties of polyamide include high dry and wet strength, high abrasion resistance, high elasticity, low specific gravity, high specific volume, very easy maintenance (washing, drying) and more. It is mainly used for hosiery and sportswear. Each washing increases the durability of polyamide fabrics or knits. Any symptoms of hypersensitivity of human skin when wearing polyamide products are not caused by the properties of the fibre but by dyes, detergent residues, etc.

Lycra® - elasticity and pliability
Gives the material greater flexibility (pliability) and elasticity. The stretch of these fibres is up to eight times their length.

nanosilver® - antibacterial
The silver molecules are firmly attached to the polyester fibres. Silver is known for its antibacterial effects - it eliminates bacteria produced in sweat, which are the source of odour. Once the socks are dry, they do not smell. However, this process is not endless. After the first few uses, the odor is suppressed, but after multiple uses, the odor may appear. Therefore, these materials also need to be washed. However, compared to conventional socks, the intensity of the odour is incomparably lower, as is the speed of its onset.

Polypropylene - water repellency and thermal insulation
The properties of polypropylene - PP - are now well known: absolute water repellency, strong thermal insulation, low weight. Polypropylene's properties, which are used for the production of functional sportswear, are superior to any other synthetic fibre.


Nanosilver® does not require any special treatment. It is exactly the same as for normal socks.

Maintenance of compression socks with silver

We recommend washing at 40°C.

We do not recommend bleaching.
Ironing Ironing is not necessary.

Chemical treatment
No chemical treatment.

We recommend drying up to 60°C.
Do not use fabric softener!

To preserve the functionality of nanosilver® technology, we do not recommend the use of fabric softener. The fabric softener forms a film on the fibres which creates a barrier preventing direct contact between the skin and the material. The silver molecules need to be in direct contact with the skin for perfect effectiveness.

If you happen to have mistakenly treated your clothes with fabric softener during washing, remove this protective film during the next wash.

Additional information:

""Customers are advised of possible negative reactions and damage to the material of nanosilver garments to the aggressive components of sweat, anti-perspirants and creams before and after sunbathing. For example, anti-perspirants containing DEET can dissolve synthetic fibres, including PES.""

Additional parameters

Category: Compression Socks with Silver
Colour: Blue
Cut: Knee socks
Intended for: Men, Women
Pattern / Print: No pattern / print
Size: S 35/38, M 39/42, L 43/46
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PF Avatar of author | 6.1.2022
It was a gift for my granddaughters, active sportswomen, that's why I'm rating late. They are very satisfied, the knee pads fulfill all the promised functions, I can recommend them to other customers.

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Nanosilver® is a product brand of Nanotrade, one of the largest Czech sellers of nanotechnology goods. The nanosilver brand also includes functional clothing, including socks.

How do Nanosilver products work?

Nanosilver brand socks are enriched with silver nanoparticles that actively eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms. This prevents their further reproduction and fights against the smell.  

More information:

► Everything You Should Know About Silver Nanoparticles

Which Nanosilver product to choose?

Choose a suitable product according to the purpose of using the socks:

► medical socks – např. white medical socks with silver,

► party socks – např. black dress socks with silver,

► cycling socks – např. light green cycling socks with silver,

► sports socks with low ankle – např. black/pink low sport socks with silver,

► compression knee socks – např. green reflective knee socks with silver.