Cotton Face Masks with Nanofilter

Cotton face masks with a pocket for a nanofiber filter are an ideal option for all who are looking for washable masks with a nanofiber filter. You simply place a nanofiber filter (included) in the cotton mask to help protect you from inhaling viruses and bacteria. Cotton masks can be boiled or steam sterilized. We offer cotton masks made of 100% cotton for children and adults

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Rouška maska s filtrem NANO MED.CLEAN | 1 rouška + 10 filtrů (Varianta Bílá S/M)
Medical device

Pack of 10 nanofilters + 1 fabric mask with pocket in an elegant cut of 100% cotton. NANO MED.CLEAN nanofiber filters have a tested 99.9% capture rate for viruses, bacteria and...


How to choose a cotton mask with a pocket for a nanofiber filter?

We offer cotton masks (100% cotton) with a pocket for a nanofiber filter, which are either in the mouthpiece cut or in the mask cut, either Nano Med. Clean or YourFASHION, which has harnesses and rubber bands. Cotton masks in a drape cut are larger and a filter is easier to insert into them (suitable for work and for people with a larger face and for anyone who prefers practical use). Design masks are more elegant and look better on the face. We sell them in sizes S / M and L / XL. For people who need XL or XXL, we recommend YourPOCKET masks.

We now also offer cotton masks with SilverPlus treatment, this SILVERPLUS® active silver ion technology adds antibacterial and antifungal properties to masks. They are suitable for people with sensitive skin who become common acne or rashes.

Don't forget to buy spare nanofiber filters for the masks.

Main disadvantages

Main advantages

  • Replaceable nanofiber filter (included)
  • Reusable without material degradation
  • More economical, more aesthetic
  • A clear choice for environmentally minded people
  • Sizes even for larger faces

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