Antiviral Gaiter for Summer: Cooling Fabric and FFP2 Efficiency

Introducing the ultralight nanoSPACE Gaiter: a versatile solution for hot summer days. With its breathable design and tested particle capture efficiency ranging from 97% to 99%, this gaiter offers both comfort and protection against various airborne contaminants. Ideal for repeated use, it comes in a variety of colors to suit individual preferences, ensuring both style and functionality in warmer weather.



Thanks to high-quality European nanomembrane, the antiviral gaiter offers its wearer versatile protection. That's precisely why allergy sufferers, asthmatics, travelers, and athletes frequently opt for the nano gaiter. By wearing the tubular neck gaiter, you effectively prevent inhaling polluted air and allergens, thus protecting your health. This gaiter is often chosen by people with weakened immune systems who need reliable protection against infection.

Breathable Gaiter for Summer in Various Colors

The novelty for hot summer days is made of highly breathable microfiber material MICRO MESH. This elastic knit efficiently wicks away sweat and water vapor, which is why it is also used in the production of sportswear designed for extreme conditions. You'll particularly appreciate the microfiber knit in warm summer months as it pleasantly cools to the touch. However, the gaiter is perfectly suitable for year-round wear.


The protective layer of the neck gaiter consists of an embedded nanomembrane, which we'll delve into a few lines below.

The antiviral gaiter in its summer version takes the form of a tunnel, making it easy to put on by pulling it over the head. Compared to the classic version you may have encountered, the summer variant of the nanoSPACE gaiter is slightly shorter and more tapered around the neck area. This slight change contributes to an even more pleasant wearing experience.

But now it's not just about comfortable wear and reliable protection. Appearance matters too. After all, a mask or gaiter complements your overall outfit. That's why on our e-shop, you can choose summer gaiter nanoSPACE in several colors – from classic black to popular blue and even pink.

Get yourself a stylish antiviral gaiter in which you'll feel truly comfortable in every way.


Nanomembrane Works on the Principle of Mechanical Barrier

The diameter of nanofibers is about a thousand times smaller than a human hair, which means we're talking about tens to hundreds of nanometers at most. From these fibers, a extremely dense nanofiber membrane is spun using special technology, which can mechanically prevent the penetration of submicron particles from both sides. 

Nanofibers are so close together that there is hardly any space between them. An air molecule can easily pass through the miniature holes, but bacteria, viruses, or pollen cannot pass through the gap.

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Enlarging everything, you can imagine the nanofiber membrane as a volleyball net, air molecules as ping pong balls, and unwanted particles (viruses, bacteria, pollens, molds, smog, etc.) as volleyball balloons.

Tested Particle Capture Efficiency 97% to 99%

Summer nanoSPACE gaiters feature high-quality European nanomembrane from PARDAM NANO4FIBERS, which has been tested to capture particles sized between 100-300 nanometers with an efficiency of 97% to 99%.

To give you a better idea, let's list some sizes:

  • viruses typically measure 20-400 nanometers
  • SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus virion has an average size of 120 nanometers
  • bacteria range in size from 200-1000 nanometers
  • pollen grains commonly range from 15,000 to 200,000 nanometers

It's important to mention additional information that will help you interpret the test results correctly.

The nanomembrane can effectively prevent the penetration of even smaller particles than those tested. During laboratory tests, particles sized 200-300 nm are intentionally used because these particle sizes typically pass through air filtration materials most easily.

When particles are smaller, Van der Waals forces start to play a crucial role, helping to improve the capture efficiency of the membrane.

It's also good to know that bacteria and viruses in the air always adhere to additional aerosol or dust particles. Therefore, the actual size is much larger, making it much easier for particles to adhere to the membrane.

nanoSPACE Gaiter is Suitable for Repeated Use

The nanofiber membrane used in summer antiviral nanoSPACE gaiters has several advantages over competing products.

You might have wondered: "What happens to microorganisms that get trapped in the gaiter's structure?" You definitely don't need to worry. The PARDAM NANO4FIBERS membrane is enriched with silver nanoparticles labeled Nanosilver®, which prevents the survival and multiplication of microbes inside the material.

Another advantage of the European nanomembrane labeled PARDAM NANO4FIBERS is its long lifespan, during which it maintains excellent particle capture efficiency. The membrane exhibits above-average strength and resistance to damage. If you wash the gaiter gently and follow the manufacturer's recommendations, the nanomembrane will retain its filtration efficiency even after 15 washing cycles.


If you want to see the quality of the nanomembrane used, read dTest magazine (specifically issue 12/2020), which presents the results of independent testing. For nanoSPACE gaiters, FFP2 filtration efficiency was measured, and it was confirmed by testing that the efficiency does not decrease even after washing.


This is exactly what distinguishes the summer nanoSPACE gaiter from competing products. During our long-term testing, we encountered a large number of nanofiber membranes. However, most of the time, there was a significant reduction in filtration efficiency after just one washing. Often from 99% to as low as 10%.

The difference in quality is truly vast. Some things are simply not worth saving on. If you want nanomaterial that will truly protect you, you must buy from a trusted seller.

Main Benefits of Antiviral nanoSPACE Gaiter in Summer Version:

  • a nanomembrane with a tested capture efficiency of 97% to 99.9% is sewn into the nose and mouth area
  • the nanofiber membrane successfully captures viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen, and smog particles
  • the high-quality European nanomembrane is enriched with antibacterial Nanosilver® particles
  • the exceptionally breathable MICRO MESH material pleasantly cools to the touch, making it perfect for summer weather
  • ideal for sports and everyday wear
  • an ideal solution for allergy sufferers, asthmatics, and individuals with weakened immune systems
  • can be used repeatedly
  • the specially shaped cut covers the face and neck, providing excellent protection
  • thanks to the elastic material, nose clip, and adjustable elastic band, the gaiter can be easily adjusted to fit perfectly on every face

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Hot summer days are approaching, so prepare thoroughly for them, so you won't have to unnecessarily sweat. Get yourself a comfortable gaiter with a nanomembrane, in which you will truly feel good in every way. Nowadays, you don't have to compromise!

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Lucie Konečná, from nanoSPACE
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