How to Take Care of The Eye Area

The skin on the face is most exposed to negative influences, such as ultraviolet radiation. This affects its appearance and aging. If you want to maintain a youthful appearance into old age, you should regularly take care of the skin on your face, especially the eye area. It is better to prevent problems rather than solve them later.



When to Start Caring for the Eye Area

The skin around the eyes is very delicate, thin, and sensitive. Unfortunately, it is prone to swelling and dark circles, which usually appear when you lack sleep or go through a stressful period. Additionally, as you age, fine lines start to appear more and deepen if not properly taken care of.

It is possible to slow down the aging of the eye area. However, it requires regularity and suitable cosmetic products. The sooner you start with prevention, the longer you will maintain a youthful appearance.

It is important to provide hydration to the skin around the eyes, which should be maintained from the age of twenty when skin problems due to lack of moisture first appear. Recommended are light hydrating gels in roll-on form. It is also essential to maintain proper hydration by drinking enough water. In your thirties, you should also focus on nutrition to provide the skin around your eyes with all the necessary nutrients.

Which Substances Help Reduce Wrinkles

In your twenties, deep wrinkles around the eyes are not a concern. A certain milestone is reached at the age of thirty. At this age, our lifestyle, stress, and lack of sleep start to show on the skin, resulting in the formation of fine lines around the eyes. These lines create a typical fan shape when smiling and unfortunately add years to your appearance.


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The effectiveness of certain substances that can slow down wrinkle formation in the eye area has been proven. These include:

  • Hyaluronic acid: Positively affects skin elasticity and hydration. It contributes to the production of intercellular matrix, where collagen is deposited. It has anti-inflammatory properties, promotes wound healing, and binds water. It creates a thin film on the skin, making it soft to the touch.
  • Vitamin CIt is an effective antioxidant that acts against the formation of free radicals and protects against ultraviolet radiation.
  • Vitamin ESlows down cell and tissue aging, rejuvenates the skin, acts as an antioxidant, and protects against sun rays.
  • Argan oilDerived from the fruits of the argan tree. It is rich in tocopherols, carotene, essential fatty acids, vitamins A, E, and F. It is one of the most valuable cosmetic oils.
  • Shea butterIt is a fat extracted from the seeds of the African shea tree. It has a high moisturizing effect, helps treat skin conditions, itching, and sunburn.

How to Properly Care for the Eye Area

The skin around the eyes is much thinner than in other parts of the face. It lacks sebaceous glands, making it prone to dehydration and showing signs of aging faster. Taking care of it has its rules. Thorough makeup removal and cleansing of the skin are essential.

When using a cotton pad, be gentle to avoid excessive rubbing. Rather, apply the makeup remover gently and wipe it off. Consistency is crucial. There should be no trace of makeup left on the skin. For cleansing the eye area, you can use a probiotic gentle cleansing foam without parabens. For toning the skin, use a cleansing and moisturizing tonic.

Once the skin around the eyes is cleansed, it is ready for the next step, which is its nourishment using eye serum, preferably with hyaluronic acid. Apply it mainly on the cheekbone, not too close to the eyes. An applied serum should be followed by an eye cream - use a hydrating one in the morning. In the evening, it is suitable to use under-eye masks to support tired skin.


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Apply the eye cream gently in circular motions using the ring finger, moving towards the inner corner across the bridge of the nose and under the brow bone. The skin absorbs the necessary amount of cream on its own. If you apply the cream directly under the eyes, it can enter the eyes and cause irritation.

Tip for a Quality Facial Mask

Facial masks play an important role in facial skincare. They can intensely hydrate, nourish, and provide effective ingredients that give the skin freshness and promote collagen production. You can opt for a facial mask with hyaluronic acid, which is left on for only 8 minutes. Mature women should use a mask for tired skin.

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Infuse Brightness and Freshness into the Eye Area

Probiotics and prebiotics can help the delicate skin in the eye area, combating dark circles and fine lines. Eye cream with probiotics also contains vitamin E and is suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Dark circles under the eyes are a common problem. They are mainly caused by lack of sleep and dehydration. Therefore, you could get rid of them by following sleep hygiene and maintaining hydration. However, if you already have unsightly dark circles, you can also aid their elimination by using a lightweight cream for under-eye circles with hyaluronic acid and without fragrance.


How to Quickly Reduce Wrinkles and Dark Circles under the Eyes?

If you are heading to the theater or a party and need to reduce wrinkles or unsightly circles under your eyes, there is an immediate solution - Nano Eye Lift under-eye mask that can reduce up to 75% of wrinkles.

The application of the under-eye mask results in an immediate visible effect - smoothing of wrinkles, under-eye bags, and reduction of dark circles. According to clinical studies, the highest effect occurs 48 hours after application. The key advantage is the immediate effect of the product. After application, the user immediately feels the tension caused by the mask, and after removing the mask, they see visibly reduced wrinkles and other signs of skin aging.


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Treat Your Face and Eye Area to a Massage

A gentle massage helps slow down skin aging on the face by improving blood circulation in the skin and muscles. It helps relax the muscles, thereby reducing the formation of wrinkles. It improves blood circulation, promotes collagen production, and gives the skin a radiant appearance. Massage also helps cosmetic products applied to the face to be absorbed better and faster.

You should massage both the cleansed face and the eye area. For massage, you can use coconut, almond, cucumber, or jojoba oil, or serum. Start by massaging your forehead with your fingers. Then move on to the area under the eyes and the area around the ears. Finish with a gentle tapping motion on the entire face. Gently massage the eye area in circular motions with your fingers around the eyes.

During the massage, your hands should be clean, and you should not apply too much pressure to the skin. Consistency in massaging is essential to achieve the desired results.

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