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European made face mask for general use with nanofiber membrane tested to trap more than 99% of viruses, bacteria, mites, mould, smog or fly dirt.

  • Bendable wire-reinforced edge.
  • European made by Sen World s.r.o.
  • pack of 50 protective nano masks with strings.

Please note: N4H products are not medical devices and are intended for general use. For hygienic reasons, the masks cannot be returned or exchanged.

Detailed information

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The largest seller of nano products
More than 400 nanotechnology products under one roof.
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Czech production
We manufacture nanoSPACE brand products in the Czech Republic

Product detailed description

Bacteria detection test
Virus filtration test

The manufacturer is a member of the European Nanotechnology Industries Association.

Do you need a nano mask for your children? Take a look at the SPUR children's nano mask.

The nano mask's extremely dense nanofiber membrane can trap the most common and known biological threats to human health, such as viruses, dust, allergens and smog. The disposable filters are made of nanofiber material with an efficiency of 98.69%

How Does the Nanofiber Membrane in the YourMask Antivirus Mask Work?

The nanofiber is 1000X thinner than a human hair and is invisible to the naked eye. In the European, we are experts in nanofibers and were the first in the world to develop a device for the industrial production of nanofibers in 2004 in Liberec. Most manufacturers today use meltblown technology to produce nanofibers, but the European company SPUR produces nanofibers by electrospinning. Thanks to this, they are able to produce fibers much thinner and achieve the highest filtration capabilities.

The nanofibers are spun into a nanofiber membrane, which can be imagined as a very dense net or filter. The holes in this filter are so small that an air molecule can pass through, but a bacteria, virus or allergen cannot. The nanofiber membrane has been tested for trapping sub-micron particles (10-400 nm) and is therefore ideal for capturing a wide variety of bacteria and viruses (the SARS-CoV-2 virus is reported to have a realistic size of 80-150 nm).

The Nano Mask Works on the Principle of: I Protect You and Myself at the Same Time

The extremely dense nanofiber membrane captures the most common biological threats currently known to human health, such as viruses, dust, allergens or smog. The disposable nano mask is made of a unique nanostructured filter material and provides effective active respiratory protection, especially in the capture of ultra-fine particles between 10 and 400 nm in size (i.e. bacteria and viruses).

Thanks to the low pressure resistance, the masks remain perfectly breathable and allow easy breathing. The ergonomics of the respirator have been designed to ensure not only protection from the environment but also perfect user comfort. The mask has a specific cut, which is complemented by a bendable edge.

The Advantages of the Economical Packaging of YourMask Face Masks:

  • Affordable price and tested sub-micron particle capture of 99.80% for bacteria and 99.86% for viruses.
  • The membrane can capture COVID-19/flu viruses as well as bacteria, dust and allergens.
  • It is suitable for allergy and asthma sufferers.


How Long Can the Nanofiber Mask Be Worn for?

Nano masks are disposable, normally they can be worn for 3-8 hours depending on the environment you are in. Most people associate wearing protective gear with an uncomfortable feeling of restriction. YourMASK is made of a highly breathable nano fabric that retains the properties of utility textiles while providing protection unmatched by any other barrier protection. We offer two attachment solutions - not only traditional strings, but also a handy elastic band. This will be especially appreciated by professionals in cosmetic or catering operations

The Nano Material Used in the Mask Has Been Tested by Nelson Laboratories USA

The manufacturer has been involved in nanotechnology for more than six years. The effectiveness of the nano masks was tested in April 2020 by the world-renowned institution Nelson Laboratories, LLC, 6280 S. Redwood Rd., Salt Lake City, UT 84123, U.S.A. and their measured average filtration efficiency is 99.80% in catching bacteria and 99.86% in catching viruses.

Maintenance of the Mask

The nano mask is designed to be disposable, but if not degraded, it can be sterilized 2-3 times for future use. How to sterilize the mask:

  • in a hot air oven for 20 minutes at 75 °C.
  • using a germicidal lamp for 15 minutes.
  • using an ozone steriliser for 15 minutes.
  • using a suitable disinfectant.

How to Put on and Use the Mask (According to WHO Recommendations)?

Putting on the Mask:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water, wipe your hands with a disposable towel and use disinfectant.
  2. Check the packaging of the mask, remove the mask from the packaging and check the integrity of the mask.
  3. Grasp the mask so that the folded edge is at the top.
  4. When using the strings - hold the mask at the root of the nose and tie the top strings at the top of the head with a bow. Then grasp the bottom strings and tie them at the nape of the neck. Shape the edge of the mask to the shape of your nose.
  5. When using the elastic bands - grasp the elastic bands in both hands and pull them taut behind your ears. Pull the mask as high as possible to the root of your nose and pull it into the desired shape.
  6. Grasp the bottom edge of the mask and pull over the mouth and chin.

Removing the Mask:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water, wipe your hands with a disposable towel and use disinfectant. Do not touch the front of the mask.
  2. When using the strings - untie the bows at the back of the head, then at the top of the head and remove the mask holding only the strings.
  3. When using the elastic bands - grasp the elastic bands in both hands and remove the mask holding only the elastic bands.
  4. Dispose of the mask in a specially designated waste receptacle. Wash hands with soap and water, wipe with a disposable towel and use disinfectant.

Dimensions of the YourMASK Mask

  • 90 mm x 170 mm (approximate dimensions folded).
  • 90 mm x 170 mm (approximate dimensions unfolded).


N4H products are not medical devices and are intended for general use.

Additional parameters

Category: Nano Face Masks
Attachment: Straps
Intended for: Men, Women
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Avatar of author | 12.12.2021
+ are breathable

Avatar of author | 11.5.2021
+ I ordered masks for the umpteenth time, they are very breathable

Avatar of author | 7.3.2021
+ Good breathability, so it doesn't offer as much resistance when exhaling as a respirator or a standard mask.
marking that would indicate that it is a nano mask.

Avatar of author | 15.2.2021
+ lehké a příjemne se nosí

Avatar of author | 30.11.2020
+ It fits me the best of all the protective equipment I tried and I can breathe the best in them.

Avatar of author | 14.11.2020
Avatar of author | 27.10.2020
+ Lehoučká, dobře se přes ni dýchá

Avatar of author | 9.10.2020
+ spojení výhod běžné chirurgické roušky s vynikajícími vlastnostmi nano materiálu pro kvalitní ochranu nejen ostatních osob, ale i nositele roušky

Avatar of author | 5.10.2020
+ výrobek s certifikátem, lehce se přes něj dýchá,
- výrobek mám krátce, tak jsem žádnou nevýhodu neobjevila

Avatar of author | 1.10.2020
roušky vypadají jako obyčejné 2 vrstevné roušky,nikde není český certifikát
Avatar of author | 1.10.2020
Super cena
Avatar of author | 1.10.2020
Levná verze. Hůře sedí na obličeji, protože je strojově šitá, ale sedí. Tomu nakonec odpovídá skvělá cena. Určitě doporučuji!
Avatar of author | 29.9.2020
The nanomask is meant to protect both sides, i.e. me and others, and based on tests it guarantees almost 99.9% effectiveness. Everything can be downloaded on the website. It is a Czech company and a member of the Czech Nanotechnology Industry Association, so we will believe :-). I ordered 100 pcs. The mask is white, light and extremely breathable, so it does not dry out the neck like other masks when used for a long time. I also ordered a disinfectant spray and I am satisfied.
Avatar of author | 28.9.2020
+ high quality at an affordable price

Avatar of author | 25.9.2020
+ vyšší ochrana
+ lehká, dobře prodyšná
+ dobře sedí

Avatar of author | 24.9.2020
+ Dobře drží na obličeji,lehce se dýchá

Avatar of author | 23.9.2020
+ příjemné na nošení

Avatar of author | 21.9.2020

Avatar of author | 20.9.2020
+ dýchá se v ní lépe než v obyčené roušce

Avatar of author | 20.9.2020
As a 1st grade teacher, a nano face mask gives me at least a little bit of protection in this day and age when no one else is doing it. I can easily last the whole morning in the nano-roast, even at current temperatures of around 25 degrees.
Avatar of author | 11.9.2020
+ Light mask,
+ breathes well through it,
+ can be used 3 times after disinfection according to the instructions
+ The price corresponds to the quality.
+ shaping wire

Avatar of author | 6.9.2020
dobra priedusnost
Avatar of author | 31.8.2020
+ longer use
+ light, suitable for warm environments

Avatar of author | 30.8.2020
- The masks are only loose in the box, so they are not protected from the outside environment in any way, which seems very unhygienic to me.

Except for the packaging, it's OK.
Avatar of author | 29.8.2020
A light mask, it breathes well through it.
Avatar of author | 28.8.2020
An excellent ratio between the high quality of the product and its price. I recommend.
Avatar of author | 21.8.2020
+ good price, the mask is breathable, I recommend the product

Avatar of author | 19.8.2020
+ universal size, good fit

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L Avatar of author roušky Your Mask vs Nano Med. Clean 5.10.2020 11:52
Dobrý den, chtěl bych se zeptat, zda je nějaký významný rozdíl mezi těmito rouškami a rouškami Nano Med. Clean ( Děkuji, Lukáš
T Avatar of author Balení 12.8.2020 08:34
Dobrý den, uvažujete i o menším balení? Stačí mi 1 na měsíc, takže bych využila balení třeba jen 5 ks. Tato nabízená balení nevyužiji a rodina využívá šité s filtrem, které nevyhovují mně. Krásný den, Tereza
P Avatar of author prodysnost? 9.8.2020 13:15
Dobry den, jak jsou prosim rousky prodysne (v porovnani s ostatnimi vyrobky jako napr. rouskami Safety nano protect, ktere jsou oznacovany za velmi tenke a prodysne a vhodne i do letniho pocasi)? Moc dekuji.
LN Avatar of author prodysnost? 9.8.2020 13:43
Dobrý den, prodyšnost je zde téměř totožná, nanovlákenná membrána má nízký tlakový odpor, proto se přes nano roušky obecně skvěle dýchá a jsou vhodné do letního počasí, největší rozdíl je ve tvaru roušky. Safety Nano Protect je šitá ručně, má unikátní tvar, který lépe těsní. Tyto roušky jsou vyráběny strojově a jsou podobné těm chirurgickým.

Nano4Health (N4H) is a brand of Sen World, which has been producing protective equipment based on nanotechnology since 2014. The development and production of aids takes place in the Czech Republic, products are regularly tested in the American company Nelson Laboratories.

How do N4H products work?

N4H's main products are disposable textile masks and disposable filters woven from nanofibers with a diameter one-thousandth of a human hair. The structure of the material is so dense that bacteria, viruses or any other pathogenic particles cannot pass through it. The degree of filtration corresponds to this – 99.9%.

Some disposable masks and N4H inserts are additionally enriched with silver nanoparticles, which actively eliminate microorganisms caught on the masks and (in the case of bacteria) prevent their further reproduction.

Disposable filters are placed in the pocket of a cotton mask and replaced after a few hours of wear. 

More information:

► Everything You Should Know About Silver Nanoparticles

Which N4H product to choose?

If you want a regular, disposable nanofiber mask (standard protection):

Economical packaging of YourMask nanomasks

If you want a cotton mask with a pocket and filters made of nanofibers and with silver nanoparticles (maximum possible protection):

► version for adults and children from 7 years old in basic colors (YourPOCKET) - gray mask with pocket (+ 10 filters), pink mask with pocket (+ 10 filters) or set of 2 gray masks with pocket (+ 25 filters),

► version for adults and children from 7 years old with colorful patterns (YourFASHION) - blue or pink face mask with a pocket figures motif (+ 10 filters) or camouflaged mask with a pocket (+ 10 filters).